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Faded Traditions

+1 513-280-6033
8 N Beech St, Oxford, OH 45056 United States of America
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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
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  • Gender-neutral restroom
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  • LGBTQ+ friendly

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Best haircut experience of my life. I wish I got the barbers name. He did a stellar job. Took his time with each little detail! It turned out to be the best haircut I’ve ever gotten! Didn’t have to wait. Love the music they had playing and very cool atmosphere. I felt very welcomed.
I had a last second cancel at my usual spot and this place came in clutch! Definitely the one and ONLY place to go to for a haircut as a male and I will certainly be a regular from now on. Their walk in policy is so nice and they seat you fairly quick. It's a great environment with awesome music, and filled with barbers that know and love what they're doing! Devon did great work! I love my hair when I left here, and so did my girl. Highly recommend for the males of Oxford
All the guys are fantastic! It's my son's favorite place to go for a haircut. He is comfortable there and actually enjoys going! That's a very big deal for a 2 year old.
Best haircut I've ever had. Welcoming to all and highly professional. Carson was my barber. His craftsmanship is excellent.
This barbershop is the best I’ve been to they got mad skills my newphew went there an I like his cut it looked sharp so I been going there ever sense I don’t get my hair cut anywhere else
The barbers that work there are all very nice! Chris is the one that cut my grandsons hair.
I explained in the beginning - explicitly- that I do not want my hair too shorten, just a little bit. I even showed him a picture. But he cut my hair more than half - very short - not even close to what I expected. and at the end when I told him that it is too short he was telling me that I should have told him not to touch the top. ???? It is one of the worst haircut experience I had. I regret not going to the other guy (the younger man), since I thought Chris might be more experienced but he cut my hair too bad that I do not want to look at the mirror now.
I love this barber shop! Everyone is always so friendly and welcoming. Such a great atmosphere with great vibes.

Quick Facts About Faded Traditions

Faded Traditions place seems to have several strengths based on the positive comments from customers. One of its main strengths is the quality of the haircuts provided by the barbers. Multiple customers mentioned that this was the best haircut they have ever had, and they were particularly impressed with the attention to detail and craftsmanship displayed by the barbers. This indicates that the barbers at Faded Traditions place are highly skilled and dedicated to their craft.
Additionally, the customer service and atmosphere of Faded Traditions place are also mentioned as strengths. Customers felt welcomed and comfortable in the shop, and they enjoyed the music and overall vibe. The barbers were described as friendly and nice, creating a positive environment for customers. This indicates that the shop has a strong focus on customer service and creating a pleasant experience for their clients.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is the convenience and efficiency of Faded Traditions place. Customers appreciated the walk-in policy and the fact that they didn't have to wait long to be seated. This suggests that the shop is well-managed and organized, making it easy for customers to get their haircuts in a timely manner.
The shop's ability to cater to different demographics is also mentioned as a strength. One customer mentioned that their 2-year-old son enjoys going to Faded Traditions place for a haircut, indicating that the shop is able to create a comfortable and enjoyable experience for young children as well.
However, there is also a negative comment that highlights a potential weakness of Faded Traditions place. The customer complained that their haircut did not meet their expectations and that the stylist cut their hair too short despite their explicit instructions. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of the haircuts provided and that some stylists may not fully understand or execute customer requests accurately.
In conclusion, Faded Traditions place has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. The shop is known for providing high-quality haircuts with attention to detail and craftsmanship. The barbers are friendly and create a welcoming atmosphere for customers. The shop's walk-in policy and efficiency are also appreciated by customers. However, there may be some inconsistencies in the quality of the haircuts provided, as highlighted by a negative comment. Overall, Faded Traditions place seems to be a popular choice for male haircuts in Oxford, but improvements could be made to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

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