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Elizabethan Chip Shop

+44 1506 632227
Elizabethan Fish & Chicken Bar, 29 Elizabeth Dr, Bathgate EH48 1SJ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Called to place order for delivery , excellent phone manner and very helpful , food arrived promptly , everything we ordered was hot and delicious ( pizza , burger and a kebab ). Portions were big really can't say a bad word about it , will definitely be using again
This is our go to chip shop. We've tried 99% of the menu so far I'm sure of it and the food is always delicious. Fast service. Friendly staff who are by the way always working so fast everytime I go to the shop. 10/10 for us. Never let's us down.
Waited 1 and half hours and when food came was cold. Told they were busy after I called. Waste of money will get from another takeaway next time. You could tell food had been lying waiting on the delivery person to deliver.
Recently changed from my local chippy as standards have declined. Tried this one a few weeks ago and their fish and haggis suppers are great. Now happy to travel the extra distance for better quality.
Absolutely disgusted just ordered macaroni for my father in law who has parkinsonism. They sent a ready meal that cost £1, didn't even try to hide it was a ready meal. MY mother in law called to Complain the woman in charge was not interested . Shocking I will be calling trading stardards Charging £3,50and then cheek to charge for extra cheese. Absolutely shocked at response so rude
Food was amazing, fish cakes are the best I've tasted & price's are great.
Would highly recommend!!!!
We go in to the chippy now and then, and what I've said before is that there's a certain person in there who is running the place and not got a good reputation for there attitude and people who came in and out and the reason iam complaining is that when I came home last week with our chippy dinner they again had it wrong so back I went and was told that I didn't ask for what I ordered as I was right and didn't argue about it and just waited for the write order
Shocking service, ordered a delivery 1/8/22, realised I wouldn't have time to eat it so cancelled my order, where I had a call back saying, (from a member of staff) who was really rude
(Why have a cancel option on your website). Realised I have been charged for a delivery I have been charged £11.80, which I never received, disgusting service,£11.80 is a lot of money for me,

Quick Facts About Elizabethan Chip Shop

The Elizabethan Chip Shop has received mostly positive comments, highlighting its strengths in terms of phone manner, helpfulness, prompt delivery, and delicious food. These comments praise the excellent service and quality of the menu items, such as pizzas, burgers, kebabs, fish, and haggis suppers. The portions are also mentioned as being generous. These positive aspects contribute to the chip shop's reputation as a go-to place for many customers.
Prompt delivery is an important strength of the Elizabethan Chip Shop. Multiple comments mention that the food arrived quickly, indicating efficient service. This is likely to be appreciated by customers who are looking for a timely delivery, especially if they are hungry and eager to eat. Quick delivery can also contribute to customer satisfaction and increase the likelihood of repeat business.
Another strength emphasized in the comments is the delicious taste of the food. The customers praise the various menu items, including pizzas, burgers, kebabs, fish, and haggis suppers. This positive feedback suggests that the chip shop has successfully achieved a high level of quality in terms of taste. This can be a significant advantage in a competitive market, as customers are more likely to return if they consistently enjoy the food they order.
Portion sizes are also mentioned as a strength by one of the comments. Customers appreciate receiving generous portions, as it can make them feel like they are getting their money's worth. This can be particularly enticing in a fast-food or takeaway setting, where customers often expect hearty portions.
However, there are a few weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One customer complained about a long wait time of one and a half hours, and when the food finally arrived, it was cold. This indicates issues with the delivery service, such as delays and lack of attention to food temperature. This negative experience can lead to dissatisfaction and loss of customers if the issue is not addressed promptly.
In addition, there is a complaint about receiving a ready meal instead of the ordered macaroni, which suggests a lack of attention to detail and potentially misleading pricing. The customer expressed shock at the response from the person in charge and mentioned their intention to contact trading standards. This incident highlights the importance of transparent pricing and ensuring that customers receive what they have paid for.
There is also a comment mentioning a specific staff member who has a bad reputation for their attitude. This indicates a potential issue with customer service and employee behavior. Poor customer service can be detrimental to the reputation of a business and can lead to negative word-of-mouth.
Furthermore, there is a complaint about a rude phone call received when attempting to cancel an order. This negative interaction with a staff member can leave a lasting impression on the customer and may result in the loss of their future business. Disrespectful or unprofessional behavior can significantly impact a customer's perception of a business and deter them from returning.
In conclusion, the Elizabethan Chip Shop has several strengths, including excellent phone manner, helpfulness, prompt delivery, delicious food, and generous portions. However, there are also weaknesses highlighted in the comments, such as long wait times, cold food upon delivery, issues with order accuracy, and instances of poor customer service. Addressing these weaknesses is crucial to maintaining customer satisfaction and ensuring repeat business.