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This experience was amazing. She did my hombre, and made sure that my nail wasn’t too chunky and she was truly treating it like a piece of art.!!! The environment was amazing, seemed very clean and classy.
I’ve gotten my nails done a fair amount of times but this place is my go to whenever I want them done for a special occasion. I’ve gotten my nails done here for my graduation and my trip out of state. They treat you very very kind the staff is wonderful and do everything in their ability to make you comfortable. If I could recommend one place to get your nails done I’d recommend this place. As their technique and service is the best I’ve ever had. My nails have gotten so much compliments every time I get them done here as they are done amazing. I get simple nails as I don’t like much on my nails due to my job but they make sure to make them look amazing chic and simple! I could go on and on about this place and how much I love it and their service but words can’t describe how amazing it is!
I am new to the area and decided to give Dynamic Nails a try a couple weeks ago for my birthday. I walked in at 9:30 when they opened with no appointment. There was only 2 techs in the salon at the time. I was able to get in right away for a pedicure and fill. I had an older gentleman do my pedicure & it was the WORST pedicure I’ve ever had. He cut my toenails way too short & then proceeded to dig into the side of my nails causing pain. I had to pull back several times when he was filing since he had cut them too short. I finally got the older lady sitting next to him‘s attention that was doing another customer’s pedicure. She asked me what was wrong and I told her he was hurting me. When he attempted to massage my legs it was not relaxing at all. He scratched my legs in a circular motion instead of massaging them.
After my pedicure I had to wait about 15 or 20 minutes before somebody was available to do my nails. Kevin did my nails and I found that there was rough edges that were not filed down. He kept insisting that I relax my hands. He failed to glue my underneath nail to keep them from lifting from the tips. When painting my nails he was not very steady and applied too much polish making it super thick.
I also noticed the lady that appeared to be the owner and answered all the business calls on a cell phone was very rude when speaking to customers on the phone. All the phone calls she took were on “speaker” for the entire Salon to hear. When customers called in to make appointments she rarely asked for a name and seemed to be in a hurry to get off the phone. Customer service and cleanliness at the salon could definitely be improved along with the quality of services they provide. Their nail polish color selection was okay but could definitely add more. Hoping there is a better salon I can try next.
I stopped by while in the area for work. Service was terrible. The male has the worst attitude & talk to the customers any kind of way. Couldn’t even finish getting my full set done. Would NOT recommend anyone to go there.
I love coming here! They always give me what I want. Even if they are busy they do their best to work you in!
I got a gel French manicure from them and the guy who was doing it cut me on almost every single finger. Not really happy with the service but the nails look decent.
Andy did these nails and I'm so beyond happy with them!! Amazing work!! I know I must have annoyed him a bit because I couldn't make up my mind on what I wanted but he was very kind and I just love my nails! He's definitely my new nail provider and he's definitely worth seeing to get your nails done also!!
I am always so pleased with the service and also the quality of my nails when i come here!! They are very good at what they do!! I 100% recommend Dynamic Nails!!

Quick Facts About Dynamic Nails & Spa

Dynamic Nails & Spa has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, customers praised the salon for its attention to detail and artistic approach to nail services. The technician took care to ensure that the nails were not too chunky and treated them as a piece of art. This shows that the salon values quality and craftsmanship in their work. Additionally, the environment was described as amazing, clean, and classy, indicating that the salon provides a pleasant and comfortable setting for customers.
Furthermore, the salon was commended for its excellent customer service. Customers mentioned that the staff at Dynamic Nails & Spa treated them kindly and went out of their way to make them feel comfortable. This level of care and attentiveness creates a positive experience for customers and contributes to building customer loyalty. The salon was especially recommended for special occasions, as customers felt that the technique and service provided were the best they had ever experienced.
On the other hand, there are some weaknesses that were identified in the comments. One customer had a negative experience with a pedicure. The technician cut the customer's toenails too short and caused pain by digging into the side of the nails. Additionally, the massage was not relaxing and resulted in scratches on the customer's legs. This highlights a lack of skill and attention to detail from the technician. Another customer complained about the quality of their gel French manicure, stating that they were cut on almost every finger. While the nails looked decent, it is evident that the salon needs to improve the precision and care taken during services.
Another weakness mentioned in the comments is the rude behavior of the owner when interacting with customers on the phone. The owner was described as being in a hurry to get off the phone and did not provide the best customer service experience. This reflects poorly on the salon and suggests that there may be a lack of professionalism and attention to customer needs.
One customer also had a negative experience with a male technician who had a bad attitude and spoke disrespectfully to customers. This indicates a problem with employee behavior and suggests that staff training and management may need improvement.
In terms of product offerings, one customer mentioned that the nail polish color selection was only okay and could be expanded. This suggests that the salon may benefit from offering a wider range of colors to cater to different customer preferences.
In conclusion, Dynamic Nails & Spa has strengths in its attention to detail, artistic approach to nail services, and excellent customer service. However, there are weaknesses in terms of the quality of some services, employee behavior, and the limited nail polish color selection. Addressing these weaknesses could help the salon improve its overall reputation and customer satisfaction.

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