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Diva Nails

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237 Louise Ave, Lathrop, CA 95330 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 05:00 PM

Quick Facts About Diva Nails

Diva Nails Place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Let's explore them in detail.
1. High-level customer service: Many customers praised Diva Nails Place for its excellent customer service. They mentioned that the staff is friendly, welcoming, and goes above and beyond to make customers feel comfortable and valued. This positive aspect contributes to creating a pleasant atmosphere in the salon.
2. Skillful and reliable nail services: Some customers expressed satisfaction with the quality of the nail services provided. They mentioned that their nails came out cute, and they appreciated the way Diva Nails Place did their gel nails and pedicures. This indicates that the salon has skilled technicians who can deliver satisfactory results consistently.
3. Clean and hygienic environment: Several customers appreciated the cleanliness of Diva Nails Place. They mentioned that the salon takes proper steps to ensure the safety and cleanliness of their customers. This attention to cleanliness in maintaining the salon's chairs and stations creates a positive impression and reassures customers.
4. Friendly and familiar staff: Some customers highlighted that Diva Nails Place's staff recognizes them, even when they call to schedule appointments. This friendly and personalized approach can make customers feel valued and appreciated. It also indicates that the salon has a strong relationship with its customers.
1. Inadequate communication and customer complaints: One customer experienced a burning sensation during the nail filing process and noticed a white spot on the nail after getting acrylics at Diva Nails Place. When the customer went to another salon to remove the acrylics, the white spot remained, potentially indicating permanent damage. This suggests a lack of proper communication during the service and the inability to rectify the issue promptly. The customer expressed regret and mentioned that the problem could not be fixed. Such complaints highlight a weakness in the salon's ability to address customer concerns effectively.
2. Inconsistent quality and responsiveness: A customer claimed that their acrylics and pedicure came out sloppy at Diva Nails Place. When they asked to fix it, they encountered resistance from the staff, who argued that there was nothing wrong. This lack of understanding and failure to acknowledge the customer's concerns reflects poorly on the salon's customer service and responsiveness. Such incidents point to inconsistencies in the quality of services provided.
3. Price discrepancies and unsatisfactory experience: One customer had a negative experience due to a price discrepancy at Diva Nails Place. They felt that they were being taken advantage of when the nail technician charged a different price than what was advertised. Additionally, the customer mentioned that the nail technician attempted to change the color they had requested. This made the customer feel unsatisfied and dissatisfied with the overall experience. Such incidents highlight a lack of transparency and customer-centric approach in the salon.
4. Negative comparison with other nail shops: One customer expressed disappointment with Diva Nails Place and labeled Manteca/Lathrop nail shops as "trash." This negative comparison indicates that the customer had better experiences at other nail shops, suggesting that Diva Nails Place may not meet the customer's expectations or provide a superior service compared to competitors.
In conclusion, Diva Nails Place has strengths in terms of high-level customer service, skillful nail services, a clean environment, and friendly staff. However, the salon also faces weaknesses related to communication, price discrepancies, inconsistent quality, and negative customer experiences. These weaknesses should be addressed to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Got my nails done there and it was filed strongly that it burned the nail. It pained the first couple of days but I thought it was because I’m new to acrylic nails. One month after, I removed the acrylic at another salon but the ring finger had a white spot in the middle. I didn’t pay attention and got hard gel on top of it thinking that it will grow and white area will move up and get cut. Unfortunately, the nail grow with the same spot in white and I believe it was permanently damaged.
Sadly, those little mistakes when done, can’t be reversed. I thought of posting to warn others. Though it won’t fix my problem.
I really love the service! My nails always come out super cute and they have very high level customer service. Everyone is really friendly and I intend to continue getting my medi/pedi here regularly.
I’ve came here about three or four times now and I really like the way they do my nails :) I keep it simple with the gel nails but they do a good job every time and with the pedicure too!
Acrylic and pedicure came out very sloppy. I asked them to fix it and the lady tried to argue with me saying there’s nothing wrong with it. Clearly, it’s sloppy and not what I wanted. Paid $91.
This was my first trip here and definitely won't be my last . I will definitely be a repeat customer This place is awesome. The ladies here are amazing they go above and beyond to make you feel welcome . The Salon is very clean and they are taking proper steps to make sure their customers are safe . They cleaned the chair and station that the customer before me used .
I had tried 2 different nail salons before coming here and tried it once and now im a client of theirs. Every time me and my mother in law go in they're always nice and welcoming, when I call to schedule my appointment they already know who I am which is nice and easier. I do my nails with Tina she's super sweet, and when I don't know what color to choose she helps me out which I love that. I will keep on coming to Diva nails!
Wonderful as always. Been coming here for about a year after moving to Lathrop. Ladies are very friendly. They take there time with my services. I feel like a queen with their deluxe pedicure.
Today is 05/14/22, I WILL NEVER EVER COME BACK TO THIS ESTABLISHMENT AGAIN. I asked for a manicure the price list states $27, the nail tech tells me it’s $30, so I asked her why are they advertising a different price. She starts speaking in her language LIKE THEY ALWAYS DO, the lady she spoke to mention a sticker was ripped off but what she fail to realize is I looked at a different price list and it stated the same thing $27. So I guess someone is ripping off the price sticker on all the price lists. Don’t get me wrong the price isn’t the problem, it’s the feeling of them getting over on me. Then when I showed the nail tech the color I want she decided to tell me that she was going to do something else. I told her no I want the color I asked for then she goes to say that it’s just example and they can’t make the color on my toes look exactly like the one they are advertising because it’s JUST AN EXAMPLE. ???? WORST EXPERIENCE of my life. NEVER BEEN TO A NAIL SHOP LIKE THIS BEFORE! I swear these Manteca/ Lathrop nail shops are TRASH!!!! back to Stockton I go, because every nail shop I have come across out here I NEVER WALKED OUT SATISFIED!!!!

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