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Dillons Hair Salon

+353 86 042 0377
64 Main St, Swords Glebe, Swords, Co. Dublin, K67 NP52 Ireland
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Dillons Hair Salon

1. Good atmosphere: The salon has a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, creating a positive experience for customers. This contributes to overall customer satisfaction and makes them more likely to return.
2. Great service always: The salon is known for providing excellent service consistently. This is a major strength as it ensures that customers receive a high-quality experience each time they visit.
3. Top class hair stylists: The comment mentions that Katherine, a stylist from Moldova, is a top-class hair stylist. Having skilled and talented stylists is a significant strength as it attracts customers who are looking for professional and expert services.
4. Friendly and chatty staff: Customers appreciate the friendly and sociable nature of the staff, as mentioned by the reviewer. This not only makes the experience more enjoyable but also helps build a rapport between the stylist and the customer, leading to customer loyalty.
5. Reasonably priced: The salon is considered to be reasonably priced, which is a strength. Customers appreciate good value for money, and it encourages them to visit the salon more frequently.
1. Inconsistent customer service: One customer had a negative experience with a stylist from Moldova who was perceived as rude. This highlights a weakness in customer service, as the stylist did not handle the customer's request well and made a disrespectful comment. It is important for the salon to address this issue to avoid negative word-of-mouth and potential loss of customers.
2. Miscommunication with customers: Another customer complained about not receiving the desired haircut and feeling unsatisfied with the service. This suggests a weakness in effectively understanding and executing customer requests. Clear communication and meticulous attention to detail are essential in a hair salon to ensure customer satisfaction.
3. Overcharging: One customer claimed to have been overcharged for a haircut. This indicates a weakness in the salon's pricing policy or potential miscommunication between the stylist and the customer. It is important for the salon to ensure transparent and accurate pricing to avoid customer dissatisfaction.
Overall, Dillons Hair Salon has several strengths, such as a good atmosphere, great service, skilled stylists, friendly staff, and reasonable pricing. These factors contribute to a positive customer experience and attract repeat business. However, the salon needs to address weaknesses in customer service, miscommunication, and pricing to maintain its reputation and prevent the loss of potential customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Good atmosphere... Great service always.. Sveta usually does my hair and a lovely girl. Not overpriced....
I have been going to Dillons for a couple of years and lately have been using Katherine who is from Moldova ???????? she is a top class hair stylist and very chatty, the time flies as she cuts. Very pleasant and friendly. Would highly recommend ‼️????
I wouldn't give a single star for customer service, I went today to have my hair cut done, but the man I used to go there was in his day off, but I decided to wait for a lady from Moldova, I told her how I want my hair cut done she start doing, but she didn't do it the way I wanted and I ask her to fixed, but the aswer back to me it was, next time when you are coming for a hair cut don't come to me anymore and go to the guy who always looking after you. I use to go to have my hair cut to this salon for more then 4 years. I think was unprofessional to say that to a customer. I will never go back to that place again. Guys stay away from that blonde lady from Moldova if you like to have a proper hair cut, my one word to describe her attitude is "RUDE".
Great value haircut at 15 euro would recommend to everyone staff are friendly ????
Thanks for looking after me all the time Katherine is one of your staff fantastic and professional Barber always be back ????????????????
Worst haircut of my life.
Please avoid if you can!!!
I asked for back and sides cut for 14 euro still charged me 15 euro!!
I am going here for many years - since Dillons opened about .. is it 16 or thereabout years? And have never been disappointed. Thank you Lisa!
Great barber for a reasonably priced haircut

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