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Da Zhong Barber Shop

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63 Bayard St, New York, NY 10013 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Da Zhong Barber Shop

Da Zhong Barber Shop, located in Chinatown, offers a quick and affordable haircut for just $6. Customers appreciate the low price compared to other establishments in the area, where haircuts can cost over $20. The option to add a wash for an additional $4 brings the total cost up to $10, which is still considered a great deal. While the barbershop may not provide trendy or Instagram-worthy haircuts, it gets the job done effectively.
One customer expressed satisfaction with the price of the haircut, stating that it was well worth it. They mentioned that they had a good experience with one of the barbers, indicating that there are multiple skilled professionals working at the shop. This positive review adds to the reputation of the establishment.
However, another customer had a negative experience. They felt pressured to give a tip and were surprised by a hidden charge for long hair, which was not clearly communicated. The customer also complained that their hair was left wet after the cut, leading to discomfort in cold weather. Additionally, the mandatory tipping policy caused further dissatisfaction. With these additional charges and subpar service, the customer felt that the cost of the haircut was almost the same as other barber shops in Chinatown, making it not worth the visit.
Further disappointment arose when the same customer got home and noticed that the haircut was uneven. This reflects poorly on the quality of the cut and adds to the negative experience. The customer stated that they would need to go elsewhere to have their haircut fixed, further diminishing the value of the service provided by Da Zhong Barber Shop.
On the other hand, another customer had a positive experience, mentioning the considerate and attentive staff. They specifically praised Ms. Li for providing excellent service. This positive feedback highlights the professionalism of certain barbers in the establishment and suggests that there is some consistency in the quality of service provided.
Another customer expressed satisfaction with their quick and affordable experience. They were able to get a haircut on a Sunday and were pleased with the outcome, especially since they had an important job interview the following day. While the total cost, including the tip, was $10, the customer felt it was worth the price and expressed their intention to return to the barber shop in the future.
A customer who had negative experiences at other establishments appreciated the simplicity and affordability of Da Zhong Barber Shop. They emphasized the convenience of quick and basic haircuts for just $6. However, this individual also noted that the shop may not be suitable for those with more complex or intricate haircuts that require manual work.
In terms of specific barbers at Da Zhong Barber Shop, Sean is highly recommended and considered the best barber by one customer. However, a previous customer mentioned having a less satisfactory experience with a barber who had an unsteady hand, resulting in a less-than-desirable haircut. This indicates a lack of consistency in the quality of the cuts provided by different barbers at the shop.
In conclusion, Da Zhong Barber Shop offers a quick and affordable haircut for just $6, attracting customers who value simplicity and low cost. Positive aspects of the shop include the low price, speedy service, and skilled barbers such as Sean. However, negative experiences related to hidden charges, mandatory tipping, and inconsistent quality of cuts highlight areas for improvement. Overall, Da Zhong Barber Shop provides a decent option for those seeking a basic, no-frills haircut at an affordable price.

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It's a great place to get a quick and cheap cut. Most places even in the outer boroughs are charging over $20 for a cut, that it's such a deal to get a cut here for $6. I usually pay Abit extra for the wash after that cut and it still will only cost $10. You won't walk out of here with some trendy Instagram haircut, but it gets the job done.
Well worth the price for haircut! I think they have a few barbers, this time I got a good one, so very happy about it.
Note: Mandatory Tip!!! They’re relentless until you give what they want. A friend recommended saying it’s the cheapest one in Chinatown. So we didn’t go to our regular Kelly’s or the one near Kelly’s and instead went to this one. They claim cutting for woman is $6 per person but when we were done told me it was 8 (there is a indiscreet line somewhere in the store that says ‘long hair add 2’). My hair is less than shoulder-length. Ok. Fine. And the person cutting my hair wet my hair without drying it after cutting. When I walked out it was freezing outside and my hair gave me headache. The worst thing? They demanded mandatory tip. My husband only had a one dollar bill and a five dollar. They refused to break the 5 so we have the one. They demanded more after getting the one. And kept yelling tip as we walked out. Honestly with the secret price add and tip and everything, the price is almost the same as any other barber shop in China town (but worse service). So, totally not worth it. Please go somewhere else.
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I got home, took a close look at my hair. And it’s not even evenly cut... The front and back have such a weird difference. Even if it was free I wouldn’t want someone to cut it... I would need to go somewhere else to get it fixed.
6 dollar cut, 2 dollar extra for a shampoo. Very considerate and attentive staff. Ms. Li was awesome and really took care of me. Highly recommend.
Quick in and out on a Sunday? Haircut for a job Interview on Monday. $6 the actual haircut. $10 including tip. I am happy. I am coming back.
No need to spend 45 minutes with weed smoking barbers who can’t figure out what a military haircut is. Needless to say their outrageous charge and still expected tip.
Basic haircut, quick and easy, $6. What's better than that?
I wasn't too happy with my haircut but the price is affordable so little to complain about. If you're okay with a buzzcut then this is a good place to go. Go somewhere else if you know your hair requires some manual work.
Best value haircuts in Manhattan. Their haircuts are only $5 and the service is excellent. I just show them a picture of the haircut I want and I'm usually out within 10 minutes.
PROS: The haircuts are really good considering how quick they are. You can't beat the value with how cheap the haircuts are. Sean is the best barber there. If he doesn't have a line of customers waiting for him, I highly recommend getting a haircut from Sean. The shorter, older man and the woman are also excellent.
CONS: Most of the barbers there are great. However, one time I had a barber whose hand was kind of unsteady and I didn't get the best cut from him.

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