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Crystal Nails Spa

+1 510-346-8388
2183 E 14th St, San Leandro, CA 94577 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:30 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Beware… do not, I repeat, do not waste your money. These people are new owners. This is not the original crystal nails that created beautiful nails. I should have known when I walked in because when I went there, the place was empty and the workers were doing their own feet. I asked for chrome gold nails. It was not properly buffed in and she charged me 15 dollars ,supposedly, for chrome. These crooks are making up random prices and can’t even explain to me what I am being charged for. She literally laid the chrome powder down as if it was polish. Smh. And there was all sorts of lumps and bumps. Horrible. I will never ever go back. My nails are the ugliest things I have ever seen. They look very witchy and not at all like the zendaya picture I showed. Very sloppy rushed work. I am removing these today right now, the same day that they were installed. I rather go to my daughters graduation with nothing. They are truly disgusting and money hungry. Well I guess I understand, they used me to pay for their full days work. Because it’s obvious they didn’t have any customers. So I guess I had to pay their rent or power bill for the month. Go get another job your nail skills are pitiful.
Trang is the best. She is so patient and calm.
Her service is outstanding. This has been my go to place.price is very good too.She does all kinds of designs like marbles, ombre etc..definitely go to this place and ask for trang❤️
Do not waste your money, I came with natural nails, that doesn’t mean I’m cheap, I would have tipped well, too bad… I hate to write a bad review but you guys need to CLEAN your space. Terrible place for some simple birthday nails.
Definitely last time coming here. I gave this place plenty of shots but each experience is a greater disappointment than last time. They do such a lazy work and when you tell them what you like they start talking and laughing in Vietnamese making you feel stupid. Most of all tho it’s how they try to shame you into tipping after a horrible job for me. This place lacks professionalism & quality!!
I went in and got a pedicure and manicure and the ladies did a beautiful job. This might have to be my new nail home.
The first time I came here it was nice. The second time. The lady right in front of the lady in the far back cut my nails to short. I asked her to cut them short cause I was not happy. She ripped each glued nail off my finger one by one! I never been back. My fingers were damaged for months.that is not the proper way to take off nails. She was very angry.
Absolute worst & most unhygienic nail salon in San Leandro. They rush the process, so the final result is extremely disappointing. They also will quote you a price over the phone only to charge an additional $20-40 than the price initially discussed at the end of the services. Avoid this nail salon at all costs, it’s not worth your time at all & you will leave disappointed.
Been to this place before and loved it, but today I was so disappointed with their service. I went as a walk in customer around noon, I saw that they were busy so we (me and an employee) made an appointment for me to come back at 1:30. I had no issue with that, but then my appointment time came and the place was still busy. I sat down and was told 5-10 min wait. Shortly after, a different customer walked in and they told her 30 min wait. She said she’d wait in her car and would be back. I got up and told the employee, please let me know if I should come back if it’s gonna be a long wait, I don’t mind. They reassured me that it was not going to be long. So I waited 10 or 15 mins, then the customer who had been waiting in her car walked back in and they immediately sat her. I think she was a regular customer by the was she was hugged and treated, and by the conversation earlier I can assume she didn’t have an appointment, so why was she helped before me? If I was scheduled for a certain time (that the salon literally made) why make me waste my time? I was willing to wait and reschedule if they had just been honest about the wait time, but after literally helping someone and making me sit there and watch I was not happy. I left and don’t think I’ll go back. As stated before, I was not a new customer, I wasn’t a regular who’s there every two weeks, but doesn’t my time matter?

Quick Facts About Crystal Nails Spa

Crystal Nails Spa has received mixed reviews from customers, with both positive and negative comments about their services. In this analysis, we will examine the strengths and weaknesses of the salon based on the comments provided.
Strengths: 1. Skillful Nail Technicians: Trang, one of the technicians at Crystal Nails Spa, is praised for her patience, calmness, and outstanding service. The customer recommends asking for Trang for various nail designs, showing that the salon has skilled technicians who can deliver a quality service. 2. Competitive Pricing: One customer mentions that the prices at Crystal Nails Spa are reasonable, making it an attractive option for customers looking for affordable nail services. 3. Positive First Experience: Another customer had a positive first experience, mentioning that the ladies did a beautiful job on their pedicure and manicure. This implies that there are instances where the salon provides satisfactory services.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent Service Quality: Several customers express disappointment with the quality of service at Crystal Nails Spa. Complaints include sloppy work, rushed service, lumps and bumps on nails, and nails not meeting customer expectations. This indicates a lack of consistency in service quality, which is a significant weakness for a salon. 2. Lack of Professionalism: Some customers report encountering unprofessional behavior at the salon. This includes technicians talking and laughing in Vietnamese, potentially making customers feel excluded and disrespected. Additionally, one customer mentions feeling shamed into tipping after a poor job, highlighting a lack of professionalism and customer care. 3. Poor Hygiene Practices: One customer labels Crystal Nails Spa as the "most unhygienic nail salon" they have been to, suggesting a serious issue with cleanliness and hygiene standards. This complaint could deter potential customers since maintaining proper hygiene is crucial, especially in beauty salons. 4. Inaccurate Price Quoting: Multiple customers mention issues with the pricing at Crystal Nails Spa. They claim that the salon quoted them one price over the phone but charged them a higher amount at the end of the service. This inconsistency in pricing creates dissatisfaction and erodes trust between the salon and its customers. 5. Time Management and Communication: A customer reports a negative experience with scheduling and waiting times. Despite making an appointment, they were made to wait while another customer without an appointment was promptly attended to. This lack of organization and communication demonstrates poor time management and customer service.
In summary, Crystal Nails Spa has some notable strengths, including skilled nail technicians and competitive pricing. However, the salon faces several weaknesses, such as inconsistent service quality, lack of professionalism, poor hygiene practices, inaccurate price quoting, and subpar time management and communication. These weaknesses may undermine the reputation and customer satisfaction of the salon if not addressed promptly.

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