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Crystal Nails

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2900 Arendell St #8, Morehead City, NC 28557 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Crystal Nails

Crystal Nails place receives overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers, highlighting several strengths that contribute to its success. The first comment mentions that the salon is friendly and attentive, providing excellent nail services. The customer highly recommends the salon to both locals and visitors. This showcases the salon's commitment to customer satisfaction and its ability to attract and retain customers from various backgrounds.
Another customer appreciates the family staff and compliments their excellent job on the nails. This suggests that the salon fosters a warm and welcoming environment, making customers feel comfortable and valued. The staff's expertise and skills in nail care contribute to the positive experience reported by this customer.
One customer describes their experience of visiting the salon during a staycation in Atlantic Beach. They initially had reservations about acrylic nails taking a long time, but they were pleasantly surprised when the service was quick and efficient. The customer also praises the staff's kindness and flexibility in accommodating their daughter's request for different colored polish on each nail. This highlights the staff's willingness to go the extra mile to meet customers' needs and preferences.
Moreover, another customer mentions the salon's cleanliness and adherence to COVID-19 precautions. In the current climate, such measures are essential for customer safety and reassurance. The fact that the salon is taking these precautions demonstrates their commitment to maintaining a hygienic environment and prioritizing customer well-being.
Several customers appreciate the flexibility of the salon in fitting them in, even without an appointment. This responsiveness to customer needs demonstrates the salon's commitment to customer satisfaction and willingness to accommodate walk-in clients. However, one customer advises bringing cash for tipping, as it cannot be added to the card afterward. While this might be a minor inconvenience, it is not necessarily a weakness for the salon, but rather a helpful tip for future customers.
Furthermore, the salon receives praise for its great pedicures and massages. The availability of additional services, such as massage chairs, contributes to an overall positive and enjoyable experience for customers.
In contrast to the overwhelmingly positive feedback, there is one negative comment from a customer who had a less satisfactory experience. They mention waiting an hour for their appointment and being asked to wear a mask, which they did not have. This customer expresses frustration with the salon's policies and decides to take their business elsewhere. While it is important to take customer feedback into account, a single negative comment should not overshadow the overall positive reputation of the salon.
In conclusion, Crystal Nails place demonstrates several strengths based on customer feedback. These include friendly and attentive staff, excellent nail services, cleanliness, accommodation of walk-in clients, flexibility, and additional services like massage chairs. While there is one negative comment, it is important to consider the overwhelming number of positive reviews that highlight the salon's strengths.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

My husband and I travel to this area three to four times a year. I saw the salon while at the grocery next door. I made an appointment for the following day, Jan. 28th. They were very friendy and attentive at my appointment. It took about an hour to have a fill in and gel nails done, and it was well worth it. It was the best nail service I have had in eight years! I highy reccommend this salon whether you are a local or just visiting hte area.
Very nice family staff. Excellent job on the nails. Clean, welcoming work area.
We were on staycation down in Atlantic Beach and I made an appointment for my 9 year old and I as a treat, initially I was a little reluctant to do acrylic nails because it usually takes a long time and I wanted to be fun for my daughter and I and I didn't want her to wait a long time for me but the lady that did my nails not only did them perfectly she only took a little over an hour The gentleman that did my daughter's nails was super nice and accommodated my daughter's request of polishing each nail with a different color. Both of our nails were beautiful and lasted a long while and I am about to drive from New Bern to Morehead City to get them done again. They are nice, clean and are taking all the Covid 19 precautions. By far the best nail experience I have had in North Carolina.
Staff are very nice and welcoming. They fit me in even though I didn't have an appointment. Remember to bring cash for tip, as you can't add it to the card afterwards.
Had a wonderful experience! Got me in the day I needed and was very kind and great pedi! Loved the massage chair as I got my toes done! Highly recommend this place!
Nice people and they do a great job.
I’m so glad I came here! I’m from raleigh but I tore a nail off play fighting and figured I’d go ahead and get a fill-in since my nails were looking a little rough. Their prices are solid, they gave me an accurate wait time when I walked in, SUPER nice, and the woman that did my nails took such good care of them. Definitely the go-to spot if you’re in the area :)
I came in with my daughter. No walk ins welcome so we had to wait an hour for an appointment. We waited for our appointment. We came back when they asked us to. They asked is to wash our hands. Before we could make it back to the sink, another guy asked us to wear a mask. When I told him I didn't have one, he told me I needed to go buy one somewhere. What a joke. I'll just take my business to the shop down the street. The whole point though is.. why didn't they tell me if this policy when I initially walked in with no mask. I have yet to wear a mask and have not been deprived business before.

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