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3635 S Fort Apache Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89147 United States of America
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  • Appointments recommended

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Sometimes amazing, like the best.
Than other times my nails aren’t covered to the top. I got these done yesterday!! 2 of those nail tips are not centered :(
2 of my fingers were also accidentally filed so hard that the cuts were bleeding. Also add it hurt both times to the point I screamed a little. I’ve been cut before there and have never been offered a discount. The first cut I experienced was with the motor file and took 2 weeks to heal.
The 2 pics of the cuts - both were immediately super glued, both were bleeding. The pinky finger closed up from the glue and the middle finger still has super clue on it from yesterday despite Hand washing and showers. The middle finger was the deeper one. I wish I had taken a picture of the first cut because that one required a band aid for a week because it was painful to the touch.
After I woke up this morning as saw how much of the tops of my nails were exposed (which happened the very first time I went there as well but like to give second changed along with experiencing other techs) I decided - no. That is enough. No discount for cuts was pretty disappointing but now I will never return.
I went in for a fill in the owner barely put any acrylic on my nails. They are selfish with the materials. They DO NOT specialize in long nails. My nails always break after 2 days. Never long lasting. Every time I come here I’m disappointed I don’t know why I keep letting these people waste my time. Cheap products. Cheap service. The Nail techs are not experienced. Beware.
I just adore the owners. Very personable and fun! Always come out happy with my pedicure and nails.
Love this place. I always call last minute and they always have time for me.
Shawna is the best!!!! I will drive across town for her. I love her.
Great place for nails and pedicure. Recommend making appointment as they are always busy and may have to wait if walk-in. Overall clean and friendly place. I have tried others and always seem to come back to Creative Nails. John the own takes time to know his customers and offers a loyalty program...just need to give phone number to enroll. Highly recommend Vivian!!
Did an excellent job and at a great price ???? thank you so much

Quick Facts About Creative Nails

Creative Nails place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, indicating both strengths and weaknesses that should be considered.
One strength of Creative Nails place is the personable and fun owners. Multiple comments mentioned that they adore the owners and always come out happy with their pedicures and nails. This positive interaction with the owners enhances the overall experience and helps to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Additionally, the loyalty program offered by John, the owner, is a great incentive for customers to return and shows that the salon values its regular customers.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is the availability and flexibility of appointments. Commenters mentioned that they often call last minute and are always able to get an appointment. This shows that the salon is accommodating and responsive to customer needs, which can be highly valued in the industry where time constraints are often a concern for clients.
Additionally, several positive comments mentioned specific nail technicians who provide excellent service. Shawna and Steven were both mentioned as being the best and worth driving across town for. This indicates that there are skilled and experienced technicians at Creative Nails place who are able to deliver high-quality nail services.
However, there are also several weaknesses mentioned in the comments that should be addressed. One recurring issue is the inconsistency in the quality of service. Commenters mentioned that sometimes their nails are done amazingly well, while other times they are not satisfied with the results. Inconsistent service can lead to customer dissatisfaction and uncertainty about the quality they will receive during each visit.
Another weakness mentioned is the lack of attention to detail. Several commenters mentioned that their nails were not fully covered to the top, leading to exposed nail beds. This indicates a lack of precision and attention to detail on the part of the nail technicians. Additionally, one commenter mentioned that two of their fingers were accidentally filed so hard that they were bleeding. This type of incident not only causes physical pain and discomfort to the customer but also reflects poorly on the technician's skills and professionalism.
Furthermore, there were complaints about the durability of the nails. Commenters mentioned that their nails would break after just two days, indicating that the quality of the products used may be subpar. Using cheap products can lead to dissatisfaction and frustration for customers who expect their manicures to last longer.
Lastly, there were comments expressing a lack of specialization in long nails and the technicians not being experienced. This implies that the salon may not have the expertise or resources to cater to customers with specific nail needs. Lack of specialization can result in customers seeking alternative salons that can better meet their requirements.
In conclusion, Creative Nails place has strengths in terms of personable owners, the availability of appointments, and skilled nail technicians. However, there are weaknesses related to inconsistent service, lack of attention to detail, durability issues, and a perceived lack of specialization. These weaknesses should be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and satisfaction at Creative Nails place.

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