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Cow N Bun

+44 7858 957997
49 High St, Bridgwater TA6 3BG United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 02:00 AM - 09:30 PM

Quick Facts About Cow N Bun

Cow N Bun is a burger place that has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. They are praised for their delicious burgers, great service, and friendly staff. Many customers consider them to be the best burger place in Bristol, and even in London. However, there are a few negative comments regarding the wait times and inconsistent service.
One of the strengths of Cow N Bun is their ability to consistently deliver amazing burgers. Many customers mention that their burgers are the best they have ever had, and they keep coming back for more. This shows that the quality and taste of their burgers are exceptional. Another strength is their friendly and attentive staff. Customers appreciate the great service they receive and feel valued as regulars. The fact that the staff know some customers by name is a testament to the personalized service they strive to provide. Moreover, the addition of new menu items, such as the Dirty Mac n Cheese Fries, has attracted new customers and pleased existing ones.
The weakness that is mentioned in some comments is the long wait times. While some customers see this as a testament to the popularity and quality of the food, others find it frustrating and inconvenient. The wait times can be particularly problematic when it comes to deliveries, with one customer mentioning a two-hour wait and late arrival. Another weakness that is mentioned is the inconsistent service. While some customers have had great experiences, others have noticed a decline in service since the change in ownership. It is mentioned that the phone lines are non-existent, the website has gone, and some customers have been unable to place orders for a month. This is concerning as it indicates a drop in quality and organization.
Despite the weaknesses, the positive feedback far outweighs the negative. Customers consistently rave about the taste of the food, the friendly staff, and the overall experience at Cow N Bun. They consider it to be the best burger place in the South West and highly recommend it to others. However, the management should take the negative comments regarding the wait times and inconsistent service seriously in order to maintain their reputation and customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I give my 15 year old son the choice of anywhere to eat on his birthday and for the last 3 years he's gone for Cow n Bun. I'm not complaining. I tell all my friends at work in Bristol they do the best burgers. I've been to loads of burger places in Bristol and none come close. Or London either that I've tried. Messy but so worth it!
So good that my partner and I wanted to go back and shake their hands. Cow and Chicken burger and Cow and Chicken Fries absolutely did me in ???? Best Takeaway I've ever had!
Hands down the best burger place about. Puts me in a food coma for 24hrs!
I've searched for years to get that feeling of pure filth when eating a burger and I can tell you, you won't find a better burger around.
Great service, brilliant food and well worth the price. You get you you pay for and from here its absolute perfection! Update - unfortunately its now a 1 star for me, since it changed ownership the phone lines are non existent, website has gone, service has dropped and I've not been able to place an order the last month! I believe this place may well be closed, I really hope not and I hope they can turn it around but right now what was once the best burger place in the South West seem to have taken a huge dive. Gutted really.
We are regulars at Cow n Bun and have always had great food. Only downside is that some times the wait is long but, this is only testament to their food and fact that they are busy.
Great team of lads who know it’s us even while ordering.
Am so glad they now do Dirty Mac n Cheese Fries as now even the kids eat with us!
Great crew, great food and for the first time, burgers cooked the right way!
Well, what can I say, WOW.
I was told about this place a while ago but as I don't live in Bridgewater I never got the chance to go.
Today my girlfriend came to visit me at work so we decided to try it.
When I got there I was told it was telephone orders before you showed up. I said I didn't realise and they were more than happy to take our order.
We had the Cow & Chicken burger with the Cow & Chicken dirty fries.
It took about 20 mins to cook but that wasn't a problem as the Duke pub was next door, quick pint then back for the food ????
The burger was amazing, the combination of flavours was right up my street, 110% will be having that again. As for the fries, they were a meal in themselves, ful with chuncks of chicken and burger as well as pickles.
Would highly recommend this place for any burger lover ????
I wanted to go back and shake the guys hand it was that good.
6 out of 5 stars from me ????????
Got to be the best burgers for miles, fresh cooked infront of you and always consistently good.
The fries are naughty and the burgers are spot on.
The only real downside is the amount of customers they get, which is really testament to how good they are and is worth the wait to get your order!
Only found this place today. Taking the time out to review this as it is worth every penny. Friendly staff in there and spoke to them about my hunt for good burger joints back in London. I've tried a lot and I've got my favourites but this place tops it. They cook their burgers by 'smashing them' which seals in that flavour and give the patty that nice texture. Everything was cooked Lovley. I've found my new place to get my burger fix
The foods not too bad but the service needs major improvements. For the prices it's just not good enough. We have ordered a few times but some of the items haven't been available which is frustrating, the cook/ delivery times are long (2 hours on one occasion) and still arriving late. I have messaged privately to get the issues addressed and get feedback but nothing - hopefully the place can improve its levels of service.

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