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Claire's Barber Shop

+44 1543 675249
71 High St, Chasetown, Burntwood WS7 3XQ United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Very professional business that cuts your hair they way you want it, give you advice whether it would suit or not, which isn't a bad thing, I mean nobody wants a Mr Bean hair cut? Both women are very polite, courteous and friendly to talk to and run a streamlined business. Keep up the good work ladies!
Great service better prices way too cheap imo
Have been taking my son to claire's barber shop for a long time staff are brilliant very friendly. Great hair cut good value for money. Wouldn't go anywhere else.
Lovely staff. Great value.
It's a pain having to wait in line rather than booking a slot, but that allowed us to get a last minute trim. Great cut and reasonable price.
Fabulous staff very accommodating
Very friendly atmosphere no appointment needed is a bonus!
Not sure on a style? Claire and Tia actually advise on what would suit your head and face shape.
So whilst you might not get the latest film or recording artist's hair style that you have seen and thought might look great on your head? What you will get is a style that is as close as they can get to it but and this is the most important part, it will suit YOU!
I've never seen an unhappy customer, please be aware Saturday is very busy be there early if you want to get in, I've actually qued up out side to be sure to get in!
I can highly recommend this establishment and no I'm not a relative or being paid to post this just simply a happy customer
Good service friendly staff

Quick Facts About Claire's Barber Shop

1. Professionalism: Claire's Barber Shop is described as a very professional business. They provide a high level of service and are skilled at cutting hair to meet their customers' expectations.
2. Personalized advice: The staff at Claire's Barber Shop not only provide haircuts tailored to their customers' preferences but also offer advice on whether a certain style would suit their face shape. This personal touch helps customers make informed decisions about their haircuts.
3. Polite and friendly staff: Customers consistently mention that both Claire and Tia, the staff at the barber shop, are polite, courteous, and friendly to talk to. This positive interaction contributes to a welcoming atmosphere in the shop.
4. Streamlined business: Claire's Barber Shop is praised for its efficient operations, suggesting that they have established strong systems and processes to ensure smooth management of appointments, customer interactions, and haircuts.
5. Good value for money: Customers appreciate that the services offered by Claire's Barber Shop are reasonably priced. This indicates that customers feel they are receiving quality services at a fair and affordable rate.
6. Accommodating and flexible: The staff at Claire's Barber Shop are described as accommodating, and the lack of appointment booking is seen as a bonus. This flexibility allows customers to walk in and receive last-minute haircuts, which is convenient for those who prefer a spontaneous grooming session.
7. Positive customer experiences: The comments mention that the customers have always been happy with their haircuts at Claire's Barber Shop. The absence of any unhappy customers suggests that the quality of their work consistently meets or exceeds customer expectations.
1. Waiting time: Some customers expressed dissatisfaction with the need to wait in line rather than being able to book a time slot in advance. This indicates that the barber shop may not have a formal appointment system, resulting in potential time inefficiencies and longer wait times for customers.
2. Limited availability on busy days: It is mentioned that Saturdays can be very busy at Claire's Barber Shop, leading to the need to arrive early in order to secure a spot. While this is a testament to the shop's popularity, it could potentially inconvenience customers who are unable to visit early in the morning or prefer to plan their appointments in advance.
In summary, Claire's Barber Shop has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation, including professionalism, personalized advice, friendly staff, streamlined business operations, good value for money, and flexibility. However, some weaknesses are identified, such as the lack of an appointment system and potential waiting times during busy periods. Overall, the strengths outweigh the weaknesses, and Claire's Barber Shop appears to be a popular and reputable place to get a haircut.


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Tuesday 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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