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Cindy's Nails

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1136 Washington Way, Longview, WA 98632 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Cindy's Nails

Cindy's Nails place has received overwhelmingly positive comments, praising the skills and customer service provided by the staff, particularly by Kimmy and Cathy. These positive comments reflect the strengths of the salon and contribute to its reputation as a popular and reliable nail salon in the Longview/Kelso area.
One of the main strengths highlighted in the comments is the exceptional skills of the nail technicians, most notably Kimmy. Customers consistently express satisfaction with the quality of work done on their nails, emphasizing that their expectations were not only met but exceeded. Kimmy is praised for her attention to detail, ability to listen to and understand customers' requests, and her talent for executing intricate nail art designs. This demonstrates that Cindy's Nails place has skilled technicians who are able to deliver top-notch results.
The friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the salon is also mentioned as a strength. Customers appreciate the warm and inviting environment, which contributes to a positive overall experience. This welcoming atmosphere is reinforced by the friendly and accommodating nature of the staff, as mentioned in several comments. The fact that the salon is described as a go-to place and a favorite by regular customers indicates that it has established a reputation for providing excellent customer service.
Other strengths include the salon's reasonable prices and its attention to customer satisfaction. The affordability of the services is noted as a positive aspect, indicating that customers feel they are receiving value for their money. Additionally, the emphasis on communication and ensuring customer satisfaction is seen as a strength. Kimmy's commitment to discussing and incorporating customer preferences throughout the nail service is highly appreciated, as it allows customers to have a say in the final result.
While the comments overwhelmingly highlight positive aspects of Cindy's Nails place, there are limited weaknesses mentioned. However, it is important to note that the sample of comments provided does not represent the entirety of customer experiences, and weaknesses may exist beyond those mentioned.
One potential weakness that could be inferred is the limited mention of other nail technicians besides Kimmy and Cathy. The focus on Kimmy's exceptional skills may create a perception that other technicians may not be as talented or capable. Building a diverse team of skilled technicians can help mitigate this potential weakness and ensure consistent high-quality service across the salon.
Additionally, although not explicitly mentioned, the distance of the salon from certain customers may be a weakness. While one comment states that the customer still makes the 40-minute drive to see Kimmy, it is possible that some customers may prefer a more convenient location. Ensuring that the salon actively markets itself and reaches out to customers in a wider radius may help attract and accommodate a larger customer base.
In conclusion, Cindy's Nails place is praised for its talented technicians, particularly Kimmy, who consistently deliver exceptional work and are skilled in creating intricate nail art designs. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere, reasonable prices, and attention to customer satisfaction are also highlighted as strengths. Potential weaknesses may include a perceived lack of recognition for other technicians and the distance of the salon for some customers. Expanding the team of skilled technicians and actively marketing to a wider radius can help address these weaknesses. Overall, Cindy's Nails place appears to be a highly regarded salon with many strengths and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Absolutely the best place to get your nails done! Kimmy does such an amazing job! So satisfied especially after having a nightmare nail experience from another salon in town! I absolutely love love love my nails! Great people very friendly and warm welcoming
Kimmy is my favorite! I live 40 minutes away now and I still continue to come to Kimmy everytime I need my nails done. I always bring my grandma with me to get a pedicure and they always take great care of her. Kimmy has done countless nail art on me and I’ve never been disappointed she’s always thorough and does a great job when I show up with my crazy nail ideas:)
Kimmy did an amazing job!!! She listened and did exactly what I asked for! She was so nice and knew exactly what I was looking for. These are my birthday nails and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome! Thanks so much ????
I’ve been going here for years 4(ish) Kimi and Mimi do the best work ever!!
Mimi gives the most attention to my feet ???? and is super friendly also amazing with nail art. And KIMI!! I mean just look at this snow ❄️ flake set!! Just gorgeous!! 10/10 would recommend!!
I loved it there they were so sweet to me and my daughter they took their time and did a really good job definitely would recommend going there than anywhere in Longview it’s my go to place now to get my nails done
Awesome job by Kimmy & Cathy! Great service, great prices, good custom service and best nail salon in Longview/Kelso area!
Came into cindys nails with my friend not knowing what to expect as I’ve never been into this salon before. The results came out nice I’m very pleased thank you to Kimmy c:
I have always had a tough time trying to find a place that can achieve my nail goals. However, Kimmy at Cindy’s not only did an amazing job at achieving my nail art expectations, but she also communicated with me the entire time to make sure that I liked the shape, size, color, design, etc. I would highly recommend Cindy’s if you’ve had troubles with finding the perfect place for you :)

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
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