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Chapel Beauty

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2845 Candler Rd, Decatur, GA 30034 United States of America
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Update 2022
This wig store has a great selections, but does not allow you to try on wigs anymore or give military discounts. Fortunately, I have found others beauty supply stores that give military discounts and let you try on wigs. I will not shop here anymore.
When entered the store I in was in awe. This is such an organized store.There are 3 separate check out. This location have everything an an inclusive beauty store would have to include:make up,hair supplies, wigs,jewelry purse, trendy Jean's, fashionable tshirts to name a few.
Huge! This place is everything, except unfortunately what I was looking for. And the employees there were not able to help me find the item I needed. But wow, what a selection! From the outside it looks like an office building or something, you would never know.
It’s a decent location. It’s not my first choice though. When I’m feeling lazy and I don’t feel like driving to the city or going to Beauty Master I come here. I needed a few things so I came here today. They had exactly what I needed :)
Called to do a price check and they say they don’t talk about prices of product on the phone. As a business owner myself, that makes absolutely no sense and it is a totally unprofessional way of handling potential clients. I just want to know how much i should be expecting to spend on a product if im going to take a 30-45 min drive to come and patronize this business. Even though this company policy is the height of mediocrity, at least the guy who picked up the phone was nice so you guys get an extra star for that one.
No one in the store is Friendly at all nor will they help you. Atmosphere is bad. I will not go there again at that South DeKalb.
The store manager/owner needs to do something about the RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL staff in the wig section. All the other staff in the store were very friendly and had great customer service. This is the 3rd time I experienced or witnessed them being rude to customers shopping for wigs.
WARNING: Do not shop at this “business”. The customer service is horrible. The girls that work there are ghetto and rude. And the owners allow it!
This store has the most horrible customer service they rather keep a dollar than satisfy the customer I didn’t have a receipt but I showed proof of purchase which was 2 days ago on my bank statement for this company to be so big they don’t have no other way to retrieve your receipt when you purchase with a bank card I WILL NEVER RETURN TO ANY OF THEIR STORES..

Quick Facts About Chapel Beauty

Chapel Beauty Place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Here, we will analyze each aspect to provide a comprehensive overview.
Strengths: 1. Great selection: According to a customer in 2022, Chapel Beauty Place has a wide range of products available, including makeup, hair supplies, wigs, jewelry, purses, trendy jeans, and fashionable t-shirts. This indicates that the store caters to various beauty needs, offering customers a comprehensive shopping experience.
2. Organized store: A customer in 2020 mentioned that the store is well-organized, making it easy for customers to navigate. This indicates that Chapel Beauty Place gives attention to presentation and ensures that customers can find products conveniently.
3. Availability of desired products: Another customer mentioned that the store had exactly what they needed. This suggests that Chapel Beauty Place stocks popular and sought-after beauty products, meeting the demands of its customers.
4. Friendly staff: Despite some negative experiences, a customer noted that the employee who answered the phone was nice. This suggests that there are friendly staff members at Chapel Beauty Place, which can contribute to a positive customer experience.
Weaknesses: 1. No wig try-ons: In 2022, a customer mentioned that Chapel Beauty Place no longer allows customers to try on wigs. This can be a significant drawback, as trying on wigs is crucial for customers to assess their suitability and make informed purchasing decisions.
2. No military discounts: According to the same customer in 2022, Chapel Beauty Place does not offer military discounts. This can be a disadvantage for military personnel who may be seeking discounted prices.
3. Ineffective customer service: Customers expressed their dissatisfaction regarding customer service at Chapel Beauty Place. One customer mentioned that staff members were not friendly and unwilling to help. Another customer criticized the employees for being rude and disrespectful. These negative experiences indicate a lack of professionalism and a failure to meet customer expectations.
4. Inconvenient communication: A customer stated that the store does not provide information about product prices over the phone. This can be problematic for potential customers who would like to know the prices before visiting the store. This lack of transparency and unhelpful communication may deter customers from choosing Chapel Beauty Place.
5. Poor receipt retrieval process: A customer highlighted that the store was unable to retrieve their purchase receipt, even with proof of purchase through a bank statement. This indicates a lack of effective systems in place for managing customer transactions and resolving issues. This can result in dissatisfaction and loss of trust among customers.
6. Negative atmosphere: A customer mentioned that the atmosphere at the South DeKalb location was bad. Although the specific reasons were not stated, a negative atmosphere can contribute to an unpleasant shopping experience, potentially driving customers away.
7. Rude and unprofessional behavior: Another customer witnessed or experienced rude and disrespectful behavior specifically in the wig section. This suggests a lack of proper training and supervision, which reflects poorly on the store's management.
In conclusion, Chapel Beauty Place has some strengths, such as a great selection of products and an organized store layout. However, it also has several weaknesses, including a lack of wig try-ons, poor customer service, inconvenient communication, and issues with staff behavior. Addressing these weaknesses is crucial for the store to improve customer satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation.

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