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Ced's Barber Shop

+1 910-483-4386
2831 Bragg Blvd, Fayetteville, NC 28303 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Ced's Barber Shop

Ced's Barber Shop has several strengths based on the comments above. One strength is the loyalty and long-term customer relationships that Ced has built over the years. The fact that one commenter has been going to Ced for over 30 years is a testament to Ced's skill and consistency. This indicates that Ced has a strong customer base who trust and enjoy his haircuts.
The familial atmosphere is also mentioned multiple times, indicating that Ced's Barber Shop provides a comfortable and welcoming environment. The enjoyment and friendly atmosphere mentioned in one comment further reinforce this strength. Customers feel at ease and look forward to their visits to the barbershop.
The barbers at Ced's Barber Shop are highly skilled, as mentioned by multiple commenters. This suggests that customers can expect quality haircuts and grooming services. The patience the barbers have with small kids is also highlighted, indicating that the shop is accommodating to customers of all ages and provides a positive experience for families.
Ced is described as professional and punctual, which indicates another strength of the shop. Customers appreciate the reliability and efficiency of their appointments, and this may contribute to the loyalty and positive experiences mentioned in the comments.
One commenter even mentions that Ced's Barber Shop is the best establishment on the entire East Coast. This suggests that Ced's Barber Shop stands out among its competitors and may have a reputation for excellence. This can be seen as a significant strength, as it indicates the high level of satisfaction that customers have with the services provided.
In terms of weaknesses, there are not many apparent from the comments above. However, one weakness that can be inferred is the lack of videos capturing the energy of the shop, as suggested by one commenter. This indicates a missed opportunity for Ced's Barber Shop to showcase its unique and enjoyable atmosphere through digital content, potentially attracting more customers who resonate with the shop's vibe.
Another potential weakness is the distance that some customers have to travel to reach Ced's Barber Shop. One commenter mentions driving an hour to get a haircut, which suggests that the shop may not be conveniently located for some customers. This could limit the shop's reach and potential customer base.
In summary, Ced's Barber Shop has several strengths based on the comments above. These include long-term customer loyalty, a familial and friendly atmosphere, highly skilled barbers, professionalism, and punctuality. These strengths contribute to the shop's reputation, the positive experiences of its customers, and its ability to cater to a wide range of clientele. The potential weaknesses include a missed opportunity for digital marketing through videos and potential inconvenience in terms of location for some customers. Overall, Ced's Barber Shop appears to be a highly regarded establishment with a strong customer base and positive qualities.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Ced has been cutting my hair since I was 17. (30 plus years) . Everywhere else I've gone couldn't compare. Always a soft spoken man, and good for the whole family.
It was an enjoyable experience. Familial atmosphere. I hope they start making videos ???? to capture the energy of the Shop. ????
I Love my barbers. I've been goin there for 15 yrs.
These fellow did a great job we took several heads to them and they got the job done so Thanks guys...
I drive an hour to get my haircut. Ced is professional and punctual... Highly recommend if you want the old-school barbershop feel
Ced is my neighborhood barber. This place has a nice friendly atmosphere. All the barbers are very skilled. What I like most is the patience they have with small kids.
Very nice, professional environment. This is the best establishment on the entire East Coast. Please ask for Ced...he will stare you in the right direction.
His barber shop is the coolest most laid back barber shop i have ever experienced. Ced and the other barbers are very professional and they will have you in and out in no time and you will most definitely me satisfied. I love you Ced

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  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
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