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1075 Buckhead Crossing # 120, Woodstock, GA 30189 United States of America
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Quick Facts About CAPRI NAILS

Capri Nails has received generally positive comments regarding their atmosphere, professionalism, and service. Customers have praised the nail technicians, specifically mentioning Jackie and Maggie, for their skill, friendliness, and ability to meet tight time constraints. The salon has also been commended for being clean and accommodating to customers with specific needs or conditions.
One of Capri Nails' strengths is their friendly and professional atmosphere. Multiple customers have commented on the welcoming and hospitable environment, which can contribute to a positive overall experience. Friendly staff and a comfortable ambience can make customers feel valued and increase their likelihood of returning.
Another strength of Capri Nails is the skill and talent of their nail technicians. Both Jackie and Maggie have been praised for their precision and expertise. Customers appreciate the quality of their work and their ability to deliver satisfying results. This is important as customers have different preferences and expectations for their nails, and skilled technicians who can meet these demands contribute to customer satisfaction.
Capri Nails also demonstrates a level of understanding and acceptance towards customers with specific conditions or concerns. One customer mentioned having visible psoriasis but felt comfortable and valued during their visit. This inclusivity can help build trust and loyalty among customers who may have felt self-conscious or anxious in other salons.
However, there are also weaknesses that have been pointed out by some customers. One customer mentioned that their nails were shaped unevenly and had leftover nail color, while another experienced a cuticle injury during their visit. These instances demonstrate a lack of attention to detail and precision by the nail technicians. Inconsistent quality can be a drawback for customers who expect consistent and high-quality service every time they visit.
Additionally, a couple of customers mentioned issues with timing and service. One customer noted that they had to remind the technicians to perform a lotion massage, suggesting a lack of attentiveness or forgetfulness. Another customer complained about the duration of their visit, stating that it took an hour to do their basic manicure and an additional thirty minutes to dry their nails. These incidents can lead to frustration and may deter customers from returning if they feel their time is not valued or if their service is rushed.
It is worth noting that some of the negative reviews may be isolated incidents, and the majority of customers have had positive experiences at Capri Nails. However, the negative comments highlight areas where the salon could improve to provide more consistent, high-quality service to all customers.
In conclusion, Capri Nails has received positive feedback regarding their atmosphere, professionalism, and the skill of their nail technicians, particularly Jackie and Maggie. The salon has been commended for their welcoming atmosphere, talent, and ability to accommodate specific customer needs. However, there have also been complaints about attention to detail, timing, and the overall quality of service. These weaknesses should be addressed to ensure a consistently high level of service for all customers and maintain a positive reputation in the industry.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I have been going to Capri Nails for a while but today I thought that I would write a review! This nail shop has a great atmosphere everyone is nice and professional! I always receive great service and great nails! Jacki always does a great job I would definitely recommend trying them out!
Jackie is my absolute favorite nail tech I’ve ever had. She’s quick but precise, talented, and extremely friendly. I work right down the street from Capri Nails, so I go see her on my hour lunch break and she ALWAYS gets my fill-ins done in time. On a personal note, I am always self conscious when I go to a new nail salon, as my psoriasis is visible on my hands. Jackie did not even flinch the first time we met, and she made me feel so comfortable and valued as a customer. I cannot recommend this nail salon more. The ladies are incredible and their talent speaks for itself! :)
Maggie did a wonderful job on my nails . They are so perfect . I went in to just get my old nails off but the offered a manicure and to do new nails so I took it and went ahead and got new nails . I love them and they look very Christmas like .
This was my first time going. I wish I knew who did my nails but the girl who did my SNS did a fantastic job! It is a small place and not as “fancy” as others have become but very clean and nice ladies.
They had Good customer service but they didn’t take the time to make my nails actually look nice. My nails are different shapes and uneven. She didn’t get all of the previous nail color off and she even cut my cuticle with one of the tools she was using to the point it was starting to bleed. I’m honestly upset I had to pay for my nails that were so horribly done.
First time here. I got basic manicure but they did horribly. My finger bled from cuticle. They painted my nails weirdly and unclean. They did my nails for one hour and dried my nails for thirty minutes. They also forgot to do the lotion massage on me so I had to remind them. I’m not sure they did that because I got the cheapest one. Never going back here bad experience. Don’t waste your money here!
Jackie repaired my nails after another salon caused them to break and bleed in the middle. :( She was gentle with the repairs and so hospitable. Most importantly, my nails look and feel amazing and healthy. I recommend this team because I will definitely be back!
As always, the service here is wonderful! Everyone is so friendly, and they do an amazing job with your nails!

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