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Camden Bakery

+44 20 7387 4947
94 Camden High St, London NW1 0LT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Camden Bakery is a great place for you and your party to have anything from a refreshing cup of coffee, a treat or a hearty meal when strolling round Camden.
Do you need French speaking staff? Here you will find it.
Clean and organised place with a good range of options to have at any time of the day. Do not hesitate: pop in!
The only thing to improve I've found is not food-related: staff is friendly but serious workers so not many smiles around the place.
Being a Saturday afternoon, most of the choices of bakery food was limited.. which is to expected.. Just a lack of choice really.
Staff friendly and quick to help with my purchase of food.
Plenty of tables and chairs on the shop floor.
Surprisingly, there was a supply hot dinner goods, mash potato, spiced rice, stir fried Vegi, pasta, and some meat.
Their coffees are definitely nice( in my opinion) and if I walked past again, I’d buy one.
Très bonne adresse avec que du fait maison !! La qualité des donuts, pains, sandwichs ???? Possibilité de consommer sur place, dans un cadre agréable et convivial. Merci à SHériff pour son accueil à peine sorti du train (20 min à pieds de la gare)
Got a cinnamon roll for a take-away and it was literally THE TASTIEST bun I’ve had in ages! The dough was soft and gooey and was covered with a lot of cinnamon and some sugar syrup on top. The price was great for central London too (especially for the size of the bun)!
Nice local bakery. They sell a variety of products from cinnamon pretzels to tarts and bread rolls/loafs! Decided to pop in as I was craving something sweet, and so opted for a slice of chocolate gauteu cake. £3.95 to eat in, and 20p or 30p cheaper for takeaway. I also bought an earl grey tea (tea pigs teabag) for £1.80.
The cake was just fine. The side of the slice was a little dry, which obviously means it's not super fresh and possibly a day or two old. The frosting is not overly sweet which is what I prefer, but overall OK. I will still return as I would like to try the cinnamon pretzel.
This bakery was on my list for a while and I always walk past but never went in until now. I was very disappointed! It was not busy at all but didn’t feel welcomed at all. There was no welcome from the staff there, the lady in front of us was served and the service I thought was very biased. She was given a bag straight away & the shop assistant even helped her pack. When it was my turn to pay, there was no hello or if I wanted a bag even though I had a few items. She just placed the bag in front of me whilst I was trying to pay. I asked for a receipt & she seemed like it was a bother. I got a donut & I wish I didn’t as it was so greasy (as you can see from the pictures) and the dough was not soft at all! I will not be going back again, what an utter disappointment!
Really nice bakery, plenty of space , staff extremely happy to help. Cakes and snacks are top notch. I hand a spicy beef pizza and a doughnut.
Service was amazing and very quick
Prices are great and a great range of products, from breakfast to lunch to many kinds of bread and sweet options
We spend £26 and got:
Scrambled egg & sausage roll
Chicken & chorizo sandwich
2 x sausage rolls
Giant chocolate cookie
Vanilla cupcake
Chocolate cupcake
We will definitely be returning for more lunches in the future ????
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Quick Facts About Camden Bakery

Camden Bakery has several strengths that make it a popular choice for visitors and locals alike. Firstly, the bakery offers a good range of food options that are suitable for different times of the day. Whether you're in the mood for a refreshing cup of coffee, a treat, or a hearty meal, you can find it at Camden Bakery. Their menu caters to a variety of tastes and preferences.
The bakery also stands out for its cleanliness and organization. Customers appreciate the clean and organized environment, which adds to the overall pleasant experience. Additionally, the presence of French-speaking staff is a unique advantage for those who may prefer to communicate in French or have specific language requirements.
Another strength of Camden Bakery is the availability of tables and chairs on the shop floor. This allows customers to dine in and enjoy their food comfortably. The ample seating space ensures that even during peak hours, customers can find a place to sit and enjoy their meal.
Customers have also expressed satisfaction with the quality of the coffees served at Camden Bakery. Many have praised the taste and shared that they would buy a coffee from the bakery again. This positive feedback indicates that the bakery excels in its coffee offerings, providing a delightful experience for coffee lovers.
Furthermore, the bakery has received praise for its selection of hot dinner goods. Customers have mentioned the availability of items such as mash potato, spiced rice, stir-fried veggies, pasta, and meat. This demonstrates that Camden Bakery caters to customers looking for savory options beyond traditional bakery fare.
Despite these strengths, there are some areas that Camden Bakery could improve upon. One recurring comment is the limited choice of bakery food, especially during busy times. Customers have noted that certain items may run out quickly, which can be disappointing for those who arrive later in the day. Expanding the selection or ensuring a consistent supply of bakery food throughout the day could address this concern.
Additionally, a few customers have mentioned that the staff, while friendly, appear serious and may not smile frequently. This feedback suggests that the bakery could focus on creating a more cheerful and welcoming atmosphere by encouraging staff to engage with customers in a more lighthearted manner.
There have also been mixed reviews regarding the quality of the food. While some customers have raved about the cinnamon rolls, doughnuts, and cakes, others have expressed disappointment. Comments have included issues such as dry slices of cake or greasy and less-than-soft doughnuts. Ensuring consistent quality across all menu items could be an area for improvement.
Furthermore, one customer had a negative experience with the service, feeling unwelcome and neglected by the staff. This highlights the importance of providing consistent and courteous customer service to ensure that every customer feels valued and appreciated.
In conclusion, Camden Bakery has several strengths that contribute to its popularity, including a diverse menu, cleanliness, French-speaking staff, and ample seating space. However, there are areas for improvement such as expanding the bakery food options, encouraging a more cheerful atmosphere, and ensuring consistent quality and service. By addressing these weaknesses, Camden Bakery can further enhance its reputation as a top bakery in Camden.

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