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I have been getting my nails done religiously since I was 18 years old. I’m 30 now. And when I tell you I have NEVER in my life had such an AMAZING and FUN experience getting my nails done than I did today! Sometimes it feels like a chore and I just want to get in and out but he made it so enjoyable Im looking forward to my next visit! Tony at table 12 is a genuine artist and has perfected his craft! I’m in love with my nails. They’re the perfect shape! He really pays attention to details and his work is crisp and clean! I always get French tip and sometimes it can look a little funny or the line isn’t clean. He took his time (which wasn’t much because he is also FAST) and made sure they were perfect. It might have seemed like it went by father than normal because we conversed and laughed the whole time. I will definitely be requesting him for my next fill in! And if he’s not there then I will wait until he is! So happy to have met him. Not only for the amazing service but for what a friendly and charismatic man he is! 10000k stars highly recommend!
???????? California Nails is a good place to stop in if I need a quick fill. They do a good job and my nails turn out cute each time.
Th only thing is, is that they can be quite pricey, depending on your expense budget.
My daughter had the worst experience of her life here. The nail tech cut her skin and over charged her for her nails and did not even get her nails right he did what her wanted to do with her.
And charged her $95 for this horrible experience. Will never recommend this place or let them do her nails again this was so bad and he couldn't even tell me why he charge her $95. This is not a good place to get your nails done. PLEASE DONT GO HERE. When I called the Manger told me he don't need me batching about his business. This is the worst place ever. DONT Pay your money this is the worst place to go. Inbox me I have a way better nail tech that won't over charge. This place needs to be shut down. Makes the mall look bad
I got dip powder on my nails and my they started peeling and chipping the very same night. This was day 3 after getting them done. I went back to get them fixed, and since the same guy who did them wasn't there they tried to get me to pay for a whole new set! Told me I had to wait until the guy returned. Do Not waste your money here!
I still have polish on my toenails for 1, I still have skin on my feet. They scraped my toenails so hard trying to remove the gel polish I had to tell her to stop. Then she used a metal drill on my toenails. I stopped her then AGAIN!!! THIS OVERALL WAS THE WORSE SERVICE I have ever received. I am a nail tech myself and I told the girl how it's done then they tell me they dont do it the school way or the state way. They male up their own way. Never used cuticle oil on my cuticles. Never used the cuticle remover to remove access cuticle. The service was overall HORRIBLE. Then didn't even try to fix the problem after I repeatedly told them. They refuse to help me out but told me my total so I could leave. Please do not go here if you want good service. It is so much more I want to say but I will leave it here. DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR GOOD SERVICE!!!
Went yesterday and man nicked my toe and it was bleeding. Asked me if that hurt. Obviously. Im bleeding. And then he still kept going over it. Now it’s definitely infected. Charged $10 dollars for matte top coat which is insane. Paint is blotchy and have this weird thing. Super unhappy
HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE !!!! I went to this nail shop today for one nail repair and a color change . The male receptionist offered to do my nails for me . I asked him for a pink color from the gel color choices . When I told him I didn’t like the color ( before he applied it ) he got very irritated and told me the colors on the gels fade . I told him I understand and picked out another color . He came back and asked me if it was fine and I told him yes . Then he began telling me that it’s a privilege for him to do my nails and that he doesn’t work over other peoples work . I then asked him if someone else can paint my nails because I felt like his response was kind of rude . He became very mad and told me no and that he was going to do it . He then snatched my hand to start painting . I reached my hand back and asked if he was okay. He yelled at me and then told me to get out . I asked him why and he continued to tell me to get out of his chair and leave . As I was leaving I overheard him tell another client that I was trash . He was unprofessional and disrespectful. I will never be back !
Since I couldn’t add another comment . Let’s make it clear that you NEVER applied ANY POLISH to my nails and I wasn’t even in the shop for 20 mins . It’s even more ridiculous that you’re making fake accusations in your response. Be blessed
Took my daughter yesterday for her 11th Birthday. Also brought Grandma along! They did a super fast job only 2 coats of polish on the shellac manicure. Then when I went to pay they overcharged me. 45 for a shellac "manicure" that wasn't even done well. My Mom had the same thing and they charged her 30! I asked them to polish my daughters toes and nails and they ended up doing gel without even asking me because they sat her in a different spot then charged 45 for her ???? I didn't want to argue on her birthday so I just payed and left but warning avoid !!!!!! Also the stations were super dirty ???? not sure how that passes any sort of inspections ????
Stay clear do yourself a favor!!!!!

Quick Facts About California Nails

California Nails has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Let's discuss them in detail.
Starting with the strengths: 1. Excellent service: One customer mentioned having an amazing and fun experience during their visit. The nail technician, Tony, was described as a genuine artist who pays attention to details, resulting in perfectly shaped nails. The customer also appreciated the friendly and charismatic nature of Tony. 2. Quick and efficient: The same customer mentioned that Tony was not only talented but also fast in performing nail services. This could be seen as a strength for customers looking for a quick fill. 3. Good results: Another customer stated that their nails turn out cute each time they visit California Nails. This suggests that the salon consistently produces satisfactory outcomes in terms of nail appearance.
Moving on to the weaknesses: 1. High prices: One customer found California Nails to be quite pricey, implying that it may not be suitable for individuals with strict expense budgets. This could be seen as a weakness if the salon charges significantly more compared to its competitors for similar services. 2. Inconsistent quality: A customer had the worst experience of their life at California Nails. The nail technician cut their skin, overcharged them, and did not meet their expectations in terms of nail design. The customer also emphasized that the manager was unhelpful and dismissive when they raised their concerns. This indicates a lack of consistency in the quality of services provided by the salon, which is a significant weakness. 3. Poor product durability: One customer mentioned that their dip powder nails started peeling and chipping just one night after getting them done. When they went back for a fix, they were asked to wait until the initial nail technician returned or pay for a whole new set. This highlights a weakness in the longevity of the salon's nail treatments. 4. Unprofessional and disrespectful staff: Another customer narrated an incident where a male receptionist at California Nails displayed unprofessional behavior and was disrespectful towards them. This kind of behavior can create a negative and uncomfortable environment for customers, making it a major weakness for the salon. 5. Overcharging and inconsistent pricing: A customer was overcharged for a shellac manicure, and when they compared the price with what their mother paid for the same service, they found a significant discrepancy. This suggests that California Nails may not have consistent pricing practices, leading to confusion and dissatisfaction among customers. Additionally, the customer mentioned that the stations were dirty, which raises concerns about hygiene and maintenance standards.
In conclusion, California Nails has strengths in terms of excellent service, quickness, and satisfactory results. However, it has weaknesses in terms of high prices, inconsistent quality, poor product durability, unprofessional staff, and inconsistent pricing practices. These shortcomings can negatively impact the overall customer experience and perception of the salon.

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