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Brimington Fish Bar

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9 High St, Brimington, Chesterfield S43 1DE United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Brimington Fish Bar

Brimington Fish Bar is a local chip shop that has received mixed reviews. While some customers praise the friendly staff and delicious food, others have had negative experiences with the quality of the food and service. In this analysis, we will explore the strengths and weaknesses of Brimington Fish Bar based on the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that all the staff at Brimington Fish Bar are pleasant and always enjoy conversing with customers. This indicates that the customer service at the chip shop is commendable, and customers are made to feel welcome and valued. Another positive aspect that was mentioned is the delicious fish and chips served at Brimington Fish Bar. This suggests that the quality of the food is generally good and enjoyable for customers. Additionally, the comment about a "spicy curry sauce" being a standout item on the menu further supports the notion that the chip shop offers tasty menu options.
Another strength that Brimington Fish Bar seems to have is its affordability. A customer mentioned that the prices are reasonable given the increase in food costs. This indicates that Brimington Fish Bar offers good value for money, which could be an attractive factor for customers looking for a budget-friendly meal.
However, there are several weaknesses highlighted in the comments as well. For instance, one customer mentioned that they had a negative experience with a chicken and mushroom pie, as it was dried up and inedible. This suggests that there might be inconsistencies in the quality of the food at Brimington Fish Bar, and some dishes may be disappointing.
Another complaint mentioned in the comments was regarding the kebab meat, which was described as having no taste. Despite this, the customer mentioned that the chips were nice. This indicates that while some menu items may not be up to par, others are still enjoyable.
One customer mentioned that they experienced food poisoning after eating the fish from Brimington Fish Bar, resulting in two days of stomach problems. This is a significant weakness as it raises concerns about the hygiene and food safety standards of the chip shop. This negative experience could lead to a loss of trust and potential customers being deterred from trying Brimington Fish Bar.
Furthermore, there were comments regarding long wait times and small portion sizes for the price paid. One customer mentioned waiting a long time for both a large and small portion of chips, only to find that both were similar in size and cost a small fortune. This suggests that there may be issues with efficiency and portion control at Brimington Fish Bar, which can lead to frustration and disappointment for customers.
In conclusion, Brimington Fish Bar has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. The positive aspects include friendly staff, delicious fish and chips, tasty curry sauce, and reasonable prices. However, the weaknesses include inconsistencies in food quality, tasteless kebab meat, a reported case of food poisoning, and issues with long wait times and small portion sizes. These weaknesses can significantly impact the overall dining experience and customer satisfaction. It is crucial for Brimington Fish Bar to address these weaknesses and strive to consistently provide high-quality food, efficient service, and prioritize food safety to attract and retain customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Fish and chips edible. I had chicken and mushroom pie which was all dried up inside and inedible
I have being going for years. All the staff are pleasant and always like to talk.. never had an issue with the food. Typical local chip shop
Kebab meat was horrible, it had no taste.
Cops were nice though.
Lovley fish chips and peas.pretty good price with how much foods gone up.
Got food poisoning from the fish... stomach was in bits and couldn't move for 2 days, it's a shame as I heard all the good reviews and was looking forward to trying the kebab next time. Maybe when I get over the fear of getting poisoned again I may try the kebab and update my reveiw.
Love this place just for the spicy curry sauce(thanks hun for the mix xx)
Rest of the food is good as well
Great chippy. All the staff are friendly and you always receive a warm welcome.
A very good choice on the menu to note are the lunch time special which is served until 2pm, this includes mini fish, chips, sausage or fish cake with a choice of peas, beans, gravy or curry.
Also worth noting is the house special mixed kebab priced at just over £5. This is a huge portion served with chips salad, mixed meat and pitta.
Long wait time for a large and small chips, both portions pretty much the same size (tiny for the cost) Cost a small fortune, cold mushy peas and curry sauce. Avoid or be prepared for disappointment.

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