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Besties Barber Shop

+353 87 666 4168
23 Church AveBellviewMullingar Co. Westmeath, N91 HF25, Ireland
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • LGBTQ+ friendly
Health & safety
  • Staff wear masks
  • Mask required

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Excellent service. Took my son first time here. My son who is only 6 finds it hard to relax when getting his hair cut; but he really made my son feel at ease and also added a bit of green colour which made my son so so happy. Cut is Toppa. Thank you again.
Got a great haircut in a nice environment, friendly staff, only 15 euro. Great value no complaints
By far the best Barber around! I've been a customer of Bestie for the past 8 years. I've never been left disappointed with a haircut or the service. His attention to detail is spot on. All the lads, Johnny, Dwain, Callum and Gary are top barbers too and also great for a chat and a laugh! Can't recommend highly enough!
These guys are the best , I have gone from barbers to barbers wit an actual photo for my little mans haircut and until today nobody got it wat we wanted,these guys spend d time and effort and my little boy only 7years old but today be came out 10ft tall. Kudos to d guys they made my Joshs day!! Super service, best of lads, super talented!!
Excellent barbers, great staff and modern premises. They are the Best around!
Best barber by far Very nice lads Had my sons first haircut in there and lads were so good with my son playful and understanding when he was a bit unsure first time Bring him here ever since Highly recommend this barbers
Great Service, Clean , friendly and professional guys. Thanks for all
Great staff. Always a pleasure to visit this place.

Quick Facts About Besties Barber Shop

Besties Barber Shop has received overwhelmingly positive comments regarding their service, staff, and atmosphere. These comments highlight several strengths of the barber shop, including excellent service, a friendly and playful staff, attention to detail, and a modern and clean premises. They also mention the reasonable price and great value for the services provided.
One of the strengths of Besties Barber Shop is their ability to make young children feel at ease during haircuts. One comment specifically mentions how their son, who is only 6 years old, finds it hard to relax during haircuts but the barber was able to make him feel comfortable and even added a bit of green color to his hair, which made him very happy. This shows that the barbers at Besties Barber Shop have the skill and patience to work with young children and make the experience enjoyable for them.
The attention to detail provided by the barbers at Besties Barber Shop is another strength. One comment mentions that the attention to detail is "spot on," indicating that the barbers take their time and ensure that each haircut is done with precision and care. This attention to detail is important for customers who have specific requests or want a specific style, as it shows that the barbers will listen to their preferences and deliver a high-quality haircut.
The friendly and playful nature of the staff is also mentioned in multiple comments. Customers appreciate the fact that the barbers are not only skilled at their craft but also enjoyable to talk to and have a laugh with. This creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers, making their experience at Besties Barber Shop enjoyable beyond just getting a haircut.
The modern and clean premises of Besties Barber Shop are also highlighted as a strength. Commenters appreciate the clean and professional environment, as it adds to the overall experience and makes them feel comfortable and confident in the services being provided. A clean and modern space also reflects a commitment to professionalism and attention to detail, which are important qualities for a barber shop.
Additionally, the affordability of the services provided at Besties Barber Shop is mentioned as a strength. One comment mentions that a haircut only cost 15 euros, which is considered great value for the quality of the haircut and the overall experience. This affordability allows customers to receive high-quality haircuts without breaking the bank.
While the comments provided are overwhelmingly positive, there are limited weaknesses mentioned. However, one potential weakness that can be inferred from the comments is that Besties Barber Shop may not be the best option for customers who prefer a more traditional or conservative haircut. The playful and modern nature of the barbershop, while praised by the majority of commenters, may not be to everyone's taste. Additionally, there is not much feedback specifically regarding the speed of service or the availability of appointments, so it is unclear if these aspects are weaknesses or not.
In conclusion, Besties Barber Shop has many strengths including excellent service, skilled and friendly staff, attention to detail, a modern and clean premises, and great value for the price. These strengths contribute to a positive overall experience for customers and make Besties Barber Shop highly recommended by those who have visited.

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