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Bella's Nails Full Services

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4213 Ventnor Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401 United States of America
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I found a wonderful new place to get my nails done. Very clean, very friendly atmosphere . Henry did my ???? nails and Shawn the owner provided the entertainment lol.
A hidden gem,
5 ????????????????????
I will be back
I had a great experience here. I was a walk in on a Saturday and they took me right away. My nail tech was so nice, we had a great conversation. I'll definitely come back when I'm back in AC.
Let’s start off my saying I came here for a refill & the guy was very upset when I asked him to reshape my nails, his nails was dirty hands was dirty! After I asked him nicely to re shape my nails he was upset started talking his language & was being rude I will never go here again.. he didn’t even do my nails properly
Update: i went to remove the nails, and you can see their job in the photo. The woman kept on hurting me, and touched my natural nail and almost got to my skin and didn’t even notice until i screamed from pain! They asked me then to pay 10$, I didn’t want to, but then tried to pay with apple pay which they didn’t accept. So he said to pay him next time. There will be no next time!
paid 70$ + tips for my acrylic nails. While the price in other places is 40$. I guess they charged me so much cause i was asking for ombre nails and added little stones to it. The price would be fine if the nails come out perfect and accurate which isn’t my case haha. i have glue all over my fingers that doesn’t come off already 2nd day plus he only did 1 layer of top nail polish and it’s not protective at all. You know for 40$ I wouldn’t complain but 70$ is a complete different story. Not worth the price or ask for the price in advance cause i think they just scammed me
Rose extremly sweet and humble she did such a good job on my eyebrows
Evon is good. Love the nail shape. She’s quick and knows what she’s doing. I got my acrylics done by her. If you don’t tell her what you want, she won’t know so make sure you communicate :)
first of all I haven't been to the nail salon in a while I ask for a pedicure the service was excellent, but the job it self was terrible ,not only did they messed up my pedicure but when I told them the guy in there was very disrespectful, the girl cut my toe nail uneven and the polish was uneven also and then he had the nerve to say that I better pay haha what a joke I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy bad job very bad ???????????? i left i did not pay a dime SMH I posted the pictures of my feet look at that messed up work she did
Worse customer service and was not please with their work not the pedicure or the full set ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Quick Facts About Bella's Nails Full Services

Bella's Nails Full Services place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, indicating both strengths and weaknesses of the establishment.
Starting with the strengths, several comments highlight the cleanliness of the salon. The first comment emphasizes that the place is "very clean," which is essential for any salon that provides services that involve hygiene and cleanliness. The positive mention of cleanliness suggests that Bella's Nails takes proper measures to create a clean and hygienic environment for their customers.
The friendly atmosphere is another strength mentioned in the comments. One customer describes their experience as having a "very friendly atmosphere." This positive atmosphere can greatly contribute to the overall customer experience, making them feel comfortable and welcomed during their visit. Additionally, the mention of entertainment provided by the owner adds to the positive atmosphere, as it suggests a lively and engaging environment.
Efficiency and good customer service appear to be another strength of Bella's Nails Full Services. One customer mentions being a walk-in and being promptly taken care of by the staff. The availability and readiness to cater to walk-in customers show that the salon is efficient in managing their appointments and ensuring customer satisfaction. Another customer comments on having a great conversation with their nail technician, indicating that the staff is personable and capable of providing good customer service.
Now, turning to the weaknesses identified in the comments, one customer had a negative experience with their nail technician. They mentioned that the technician was upset when asked to reshape their nails and had dirty hands and nails. This highlights a weakness in the attention to hygiene and professionalism by that particular nail technician. It suggests a lack of proper training or supervision in maintaining hygiene standards.
Another customer had a worse experience, claiming that the technician hurt them during the nail removal process and requested payment. This incident reflects a major weakness in the salon's customer service and professionalism. The fact that the technician caused pain and then demanded payment for their mistakes is highly concerning and highlights a disregard for customer well-being.
The pricing at Bella's Nails Full Services is another weakness raised in the comments. One customer expresses dissatisfaction with the high price they were charged, especially in comparison to other places offering similar services for a lower price. This suggests that the salon may not offer competitive pricing, potentially making their services appear overpriced or unjustifiably expensive.
Additionally, an unsatisfactory pedicure and a poorly executed full set were mentioned in one comment, indicating a lack of consistency and quality control in their services. The mention of uneven nail cutting and polish application suggests a lack of attention to detail, which can negatively impact the overall customer experience and satisfaction.
In conclusion, Bella's Nails Full Services place has demonstrated strengths in terms of cleanliness, a friendly atmosphere, and efficiency in catering to walk-in customers. However, weaknesses involving poor hygiene, subpar customer service, inconsistent service quality, and potentially high pricing have been evident. Addressing these weaknesses will be crucial for Bella's Nails Full Services to maintain and improve their reputation in the industry and ensure customer satisfaction.

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