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3300 N Pace Blvd # 20, Pensacola, FL 32505 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

My daughter loves this place. They have a great selection and they give military discounts. Thanks alot for that. Of and staff knows hair and its a pleasant atmosphere.
A few of the associates are very rude when speaking to customers shopping for wigs. I didn’t feel very welcomed here as one of the employees made a insensitive snarky comment towards me and literally grabbed items out of my hand while I was simply just looking at it. I decided to shrug it off, be the bigger person and left the store. Sadly the owners of beauty supply stores which happen to mostly be foreigners aren’t very polite and rude but want our business.
They need restrooms for the public who patronize their business.. There are areas roped off so as not to go pass a certain area. The focus should be on customer convenience and service to help accommodate the in-store experience. The message I got is " We can't let you use are restroom, you might steal product".
Great hair selection. Poor customer service. I asked 2 different employees about some options and in the midst of explaining what I wanted they walked away from me. I even asked if they were helping someone else and they both said No...Reasons people shop online and wait for shipping.
Good prices and a big selection of hair products
They were very polite when I called them to ask if they carried a specific item. I've come in on more than one occasion, and found the store to be clean and full of variety. The prices are on par with the area, the staff are polite, but it's the variety of hair dressing and skincare items that sets this store apart from others. I go here when I'm not on the same side of town as Beauty Mart.
An amazingly huge selection to choose from. I fell in love the first time I went and I fall in love again and again every time I've visited since. It honestly reminds me of some of the jumbo hair stores back home in New Orleans. 5/5 would recommend.
Outstanding!!! Thank you
Came in with my "daughter" she was looking for stuff to weave her hair. A very wonderful young woman helped us she was amazing!! Thank you You made her shopping experience so happy today. Took the stress right out of my hands all i did was pay.
Here - Tons of knowledge, Abundance and Assortment of Products all kinds, Even have some jewelry. We will be back soon.
This was our first visit and we will be telling everyone where you are and your we're right off the interstate, and near the Mall, and definitely worth the drive here!!
Ohh we saw all kinds of gift ideas while we were looking around.
Bet they have gift certificates for people who don't know what to buy their girl, wife, significant other, someone sure could get me one hint hint
Either way it's a big store and plan to spend awhile when you come by - You don't want to miss anything! There's a lot to see ohh and the prices you won't want to miss this!

Quick Facts About Beauty Town

Beauty Town place has several strengths that make it a popular choice for customers. Firstly, they have a great selection of products, including hairdressings, skincare items, and jewelry. This wide variety allows customers to find everything they need in one place, which is convenient and time-saving. Additionally, the store is praised for its affordable prices, making it accessible to a wide range of customers.
The store also offers military discounts, which is highly appreciated by customers. This shows their support for the military community and acknowledges their service. This gesture helps to build customer loyalty and attract new customers who are part of the military or have family members in the military.
Customers have also mentioned that the staff at Beauty Town place is knowledgeable and skilled in hair care. This expertise ensures that customers receive accurate and helpful advice when seeking products for their hair. The staff's expertise contributes to a pleasant atmosphere, where customers feel comfortable and confident in their purchasing decisions.
However, there are some notable weaknesses that should be addressed by Beauty Town place. One of the most significant complaints is regarding the rudeness of some associates, particularly when it comes to customers shopping for wigs. Customers have reported feeling unwelcome and disrespected by employees, with one even experiencing an incident where an employee made an insensitive comment and grabbed items out of their hand. This behavior reflects poorly on the store and can deter potential customers.
Another weakness highlighted by customers is the lack of restroom facilities for the public. This inconvenience can negatively impact the overall experience of visiting the store. Customers may feel unwelcome or inconvenienced by the inability to access restrooms, leading them to question the store's commitment to customer convenience and service.
Additionally, some customers have mentioned instances of poor customer service, such as employees walking away while they were in the midst of asking questions or seeking assistance. This lack of attentiveness and professionalism undermines the overall shopping experience and may drive customers to seek alternatives, such as online shopping.
In conclusion, Beauty Town place has strengths such as a great product selection, affordable prices, and knowledgeable staff. These factors contribute to a pleasant and satisfactory shopping experience for many customers. However, there are weaknesses that should be addressed, including instances of rude and unhelpful associates, the lack of restroom facilities, and occurrences of poor customer service. By addressing these weaknesses, Beauty Town place has the potential to further enhance their reputation and attract a larger customer base.

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