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I’ve been here for mostly pedicures. The last two pedicures I had, they didn’t trim the sides (ingrown) correctly. I’ve had a different nail tech every time. The first 3 times my pedicures were cut correctly.
My last pedicure in particular, I decided to get gel for vacation. The gel was too thick and had huge ridges that trapped sand on each side of my toe nail and caused peeling to happen on the second week.
The last time I went in was a few days ago to get a manicure. I have healthy strong nails and I wanted to get gel extensions. My experience was not good. I asked for rounded/oval and got these too skinny for me varying in shape nails that are lumpy, crooked and look strange on my hands. The hard gel burned intensely while curing which the nail tech insisted was normal… a quick google search says this is not normal. She also over filed the sides of my nails past my nail bed. I believe she also over filed my previously healthy natural nails as well but we will see.
I made it a point to say I have healthy natural nails and I did not want to damage them. This is exactly what they did, damage them. There might still be a few good nail techs here that are worth seeing but I’d be very careful about who you choose.
Update: My natural nails are now severely damaged. They were over filed into the nail bed on several nails on the sides. Also around the cuticle, there’s a red ring from over filing and a few super thin spot. My nails are now super temperature sensitive from being so thin and they’re peeling. Please do not take the risk of going here, unless you know the tech very well.. I hope there isn’t any long term damage to my nails.
I'm just so happy with my nails today. I've been all over the Emerald Coast trying to find the "best" salon and have always come back here after other places failed. Beautiful Nails staff are always nice & always take me as a walk in. And Tina today did this design perfectly. Thank you!!!
Christina is absolutely incredible. She made sure to listen to what I wanted and was so sweet and friendly. I’ve been getting my nails done for YEARS and she is by far the best nail tech I’ve ever been to! If you’re looking for a great nail tech, Christina is it.
Lisa is the best. She is the ONLY person I have been to who can give me what I ask for regarding shape, detail etc. she takes her time and is super sweet. I won’t go anywhere else/to anyone else after she has set the standard. Love love love my nails . Also attached the last time she did my nails (the pink, someone else did the teal toes)
You can find better service for the price.
The first time I went to beautiful nails I got a pedicure that was decent but the polish was not the best. There was polish on the cuticle where he tried to clean it off but couldn’t get it all. From afar it looked okay but up close you could see the mistakes.
The second time I went I got an acrylic set where two nails broke the very next day. When I went to get them fixed I wasn’t met with the best customer service..
Unfortunately I won’t be returning.
Very rude person and rough job done.
She used drill to take my gel polish off instead of soaking it.
she would not believe that i had gel polish done and keep talking in her language to her coworkers about my nail and me.
She was keep asking me you sure that it’s my own nails and gel polish and it’s not artificial?
my natural nails and nail beds are long and very heathy,
She really Damaged my nail beds, it’s been over a two month and it’s still not growing normal.
Very horrible experience and she charged me doubled the price than it listed.
I will never go back again to beautiful nails.
Nathan and Tiffany at
Polish Nail Bar are the very best.
Lisa is my nail technician. She is a free hand artist. I used to rake photos in and she did it exactly. Now i just let her do what she wants. She knows my style. I could not ask for better or faster service. Always aims to please and wants to make sure you are very happy before you go. I could not ask for more. She does a phenomenal job!!!
Decided to try this place out cause my usual nail salon was closed due to the holiday weekend. I walked in and was promptly seated and given options for my pedicure color. The young girl was very nice and friendly (i wish i got her name). She took her time and for the FIRST time ever since ive been going to nail salons she used brand new clean tools straight from the package. I know this should be standard practice but all places ive ever been to before do NOT do this and i can tell the tools are old and used on other customers. This made me SO pleased and when it was time to put my gel color on she noticed the color wasn't really popping due to the glitter color i had chosen. She asked if it was ok and when i hesitated, she wiped it off and gave me the other nail color options, without any annoyance towards me. What a sweet young lady who understood how to give great service. 10/10 to her for overall cleanliness during my service, the amazing massage, exfoliation, and for giving me the opportunity to change my color when she noticed it wasn't what i had asked for originally.

Quick Facts About Beautiful Nails FWB

Beautiful Nails FWB, based on the comments provided, has a mix of strengths and weaknesses. To evaluate the overall quality of the salon, we will analyze both the positive and negative feedback.
Starting with the strengths, customers have mentioned the following positive aspects of Beautiful Nails FWB:
1. Friendly and accommodating staff: Several comments praised the friendliness of the staff members, indicating that they were welcoming and provided good customer service. The fact that they are willing to take walk-ins was also appreciated.
2. Talented nail technicians: Some customers complimented specific nail technicians, such as Christina and Lisa, for their exceptional skills and ability to deliver the desired nail designs. They were praised for their attention to detail and ability to create custom designs.
3. Clean and hygienic practices: One customer noted that the salon uses brand new, clean tools straight from the package, which is not a common practice in other salons. This indicates that Beautiful Nails FWB prioritizes cleanliness and ensures a sanitary environment for its customers.
4. Range of services: The salon offers a variety of nail services, including pedicures, gel extensions, and nail art. This gives customers options to choose from and cater to their specific preferences.
However, in addition to these strengths, there are several weaknesses mentioned by customers that need to be addressed:
1. Inconsistent quality: Multiple customers have mentioned experiencing different levels of service depending on the nail technician they were assigned. Some visits resulted in satisfactory pedicures, while others experienced issues like uneven trimming or poor gel application. This inconsistency suggests a lack of training or supervision among the nail technicians.
2. Nail damage: Several customers complained about nail damage, such as over-filing leading to thin, peeling, and sensitive nails. This indicates a lack of attention to the customers' requests and possible negligence in providing suitable nail services.
3. Lack of communication: In some cases, customers mentioned encountering language barriers or feeling unheard by the nail technicians. This can lead to misunderstandings and a lack of trust between the customers and the salon.
4. Pricing issues: One comment mentioned being charged double the listed price, which can be seen as unfair and unprofessional. Pricing transparency and consistency are important for customer satisfaction.
5. Difficulty in getting appointments: While some customers appreciated the salon's ability to accommodate walk-ins, others mentioned a lack of availability when trying to book an appointment. This suggests a need for better management of appointment scheduling.
To improve the quality of Beautiful Nails FWB, the salon should focus on the following areas:
1. Consistent training: Ensure that all nail technicians are properly trained and updated on the latest techniques and trends in nail care. This will help maintain consistent service quality regardless of which technician the customer is assigned to.
2. Nail health and safety: Implement strict protocols for nail filing, trimming, and gel application to prevent damage to customers' nails. Nail technicians should prioritize the health and integrity of the natural nails.
3. Effective communication: Encourage better communication between nail technicians and customers by addressing any language barriers and actively listening to customer concerns. This will help build trust and ensure that customer expectations are met.
4. Pricing transparency: Clearly display and communicate the salon's pricing to avoid discrepancies and ensure customers are aware of the costs before receiving a service.
5. Efficient appointment system: Provide a reliable and efficient appointment system to accommodate customers who prefer to schedule their visits in advance and avoid long wait times.
By addressing these areas for improvement, Beautiful Nails FWB can enhance its reputation and provide a better overall experience for its customers.

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