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Bartin Barber

+44 113 345 1840
125 Woodhouse St, Woodhouse, Leeds LS6 2PY United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Bartin Barber

Bartin Barber Place appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, the quality of haircuts seems to be highly praised by customers. Multiple comments mention that they were extremely happy with their haircut and that it was done exactly as they requested. This indicates that the barbers at Bartin Barber Place have the skills and expertise to deliver satisfying results.
The affordability of the services is another strength. Many reviewers mention that the prices are reasonable, and one even specifically mentions that the barber shop is "perfect for students." This suggests that Bartin Barber Place offers competitive prices, making it an attractive option for customers on a budget or students who are looking for discounted services.
Another strength highlighted by customers is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the barber shop. Reviewers mention that the barber, Rekan, is extremely friendly and takes his time to have a good chat with customers. This creates a pleasant and comfortable environment, making the overall experience enjoyable for customers.
The communication skills of the barbers at Bartin Barber Place are also praised. One comment mentions that the barbers take the time to understand what kind of haircut the customer wants and even make adjustments if necessary. This indicates that the barbers are attentive and dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction.
Based on the comments, it can also be inferred that Bartin Barber Place is conveniently located in a student-friendly area. One reviewer mentions that the barber shop is in a "student-y area," suggesting that it is easily accessible for students. This is a significant strength as it allows the barber shop to cater to a specific target market and potentially attract a steady flow of customers.
However, there are a couple of potential weaknesses that can be inferred from the comments. One reviewer mentions having a miscommunication issue when booking an appointment with the owner. This suggests that there might be a need for improvement in terms of customer service and handling customer inquiries.
Additionally, one comment mentions that it may be necessary to go early in the morning to ensure getting a spot. While this can be seen as a strength for those who are able to secure an early appointment, it may be a weakness for customers who prefer more flexibility in their scheduling or are not early risers.
In conclusion, Bartin Barber Place appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided, including excellent haircuts, affordable prices, a friendly atmosphere, good communication with customers, and a convenient location for students. However, there may be room for improvement in customer service and appointment availability. Overall, the positive feedback suggests that Bartin Barber Place is a reputable and reliable barber shop, particularly for those seeking quality haircuts at an affordable price.

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Such a good haircut to my sons for school. I like it so much. Thank you lovely haircut. I really recommend this barber shop.
Rekan is the best barber in town. He is extremely friendly and welcoming. With the student-friendly price and top notch service with highest quality, this place has become my must-go every two to three weeks to look refresh and lively. Highly recommend for anyone based in Leeds for a nice haircut and great time x
Came here for my first cut in Leeds. They took good care, good people, spent the time going over what cut I wanted and even went back to change it a little for me. Would recommend to others and great prices ????
I've been to this barber 5 times now and each time I've left extremely happy with the cut. For the price of the haircut you're getting an extremely good result and is by the far the best barber I've been to in a long time! The barber himself is also very welcoming and has a good chat.
Really great trim, does exactly what you ask. Takes his time even on your beard no matter how busy it is. Really great conversation too. Highly recommend! Won’t find a better trim for same price
Excellent Barber, been visiting since they've opened and the barber gets the haircut spot on each time. Always listens to what you want and gives options and styles depending on your hair. Perfect for Students & Locals
In the past I've booked a booking with the owner but I think the person on the phone didn't quite understand me which is a shame
So I went at 9am just to make sure I get seen. Overall this place is good, the price is about normal and given it's in a student-y area, you can pretty much guarantee that you'll get seen if you go really early
Amazing barbers with great communication to make sure they get your hair right. The prices are cheap and definitely worthwhile. Perfect for students here at Leeds.

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