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Arshels Cafe

+1 435-438-2977
711 N Main St, Beaver, UT 84713 United States of America
Open Today: 11:00 AM - 07:00 PM


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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I love this place! I'm a local. They have new owners and the menu is different than it used to be, but the cheese stuffed burgers and hand cut fresh, never frozen, french fries and so good. They also have thr best tacos, nachos, burritos, and kid friendly options. I eat here as often as I can. Locally owned by the nicest family and the food is large generous portions! Delicious cooked to order food, if you're lucky, on most days you can get an amazing slice of homemade pie! They also have a food trailer called loaded burger.
So delicious! I will for sure stop here again next time I'm in this part of the state.
It's a small place, so it took a while to get our food but it was totally worth it! Real turkey in the turkey sandwich, some of the best fried chicken I've ever had, delicious cream of broccoli soup (and I don't even like broccoli!).
Decor and everything is a bit outdated, but don't let that keep you from eating here!!
Good service too.
This cozy little restaurant is like eating at home. My parents loved bringing me here when I was a kid and I still stop and eat every time we go through Beaver. Good food and fond memories!! ❤️
The food was amazing and the service was fast. My husband got a jack daniel while I got their cheeseburger special of the day. The meat was fresh, fries were crispy and the buns were toasted to perfection. I would definitely recommend this place to eat.
I make it a point to stopping Beaver to eat here whenever I am driving on I-15. Ilove family owned Cafe's and this one is top notch. Exceptional food, large portions, friendly staff and good prices. Every menu item I have ordered has been great
We stopped here for lunch on the way up to Salt Lake. The salad was just some iceberg lettuce and tomato. I had the club sandwich with fries. It was not what I expected. A serious lack of turkey and bacon disappointed. My husband liked his chicken noodle soup. The service was okay, the waitress had no personality and smelled of cigarettes because she was outside smoking when we pulled up. We probably won't be stopping here again.
Had a great dinner at Arshels Cafe tonight ! Highly recommend the fish and shrimp. Wish there was more of each both the fish and the shrimp, it came with 2 pieces of each, but they were delicious and I could have eaten more.! Our waitress was awesome and the food was great ! Highly recommend !! Thank you Arshels Cafe ????????????
Arshel’s is our favorite place to stop when traveling on I-15 between northern and southern Utah. The food is your standard diner fare, but the pie...(insert Homer Simpson drooling sound effect here). Oh, the pie. We always get the peanut butter chocolate pie. They make it in house, homemade crust and everything. The staff is always cheerful and kind, and we never have to wait long for our food. We love down-home, old-fashioned places like Arshel’s.
UPDATE: We still stop at Arshel’s every chance we get, and we still love it. When I said “standard diner fare” above, I should have said standard diner fare that is really well prepared with generous portions. It’s always good! And they have recently added some new items to their menu that are maybe less expected but quite good (coconut shrimp, some fun salads, and such). The folks working at the cafe are always happy and friendly and take great care of everyone who comes in.

Quick Facts About Arshels Cafe

Arshels Cafe has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, it is locally owned, which often leads to a strong sense of community and personalized service. The fact that the cafe has new owners suggests that there may have been recent improvements or changes to the establishment. Additionally, the food is praised for being delicious and cooked to order, with generous portions. Customers specifically mention the cheese-stuffed burgers, hand-cut fresh french fries, tacos, nachos, and burritos as standout dishes. The cafe also offers kid-friendly options, catering to a broader customer base.
Another strength mentioned is the homemade pie, with customers expressing enthusiasm for the slice of pie available on most days. This feature may be a unique selling point that sets Arshels Cafe apart from other eateries in the area. Furthermore, the cafe has a food trailer called loaded burger, which could attract customers who prefer food on-the-go or a different dining experience.
Many customers appreciate the cozy atmosphere of eating at Arshels Cafe, with some even reminiscing about childhood memories associated with the place. This sentiment suggests that the cafe has built a loyal customer base who enjoy the familiar and welcoming environment. The service is generally described as good, with prompt and friendly staff attending to customers' needs.
In terms of weaknesses, one comment mentions that the decor is outdated. While it is acknowledged that the retro aesthetic should not deter customers from eating at the cafe, a potential improvement could be updating the interior design to create a more modern and appealing atmosphere. Additionally, one customer expresses disappointment with their salad, describing it as just "some iceberg lettuce and tomato." This suggests that the salad options may be lacking in terms of variety or creativity.
While the majority of comments are positive, there is one critical review regarding a lack of turkey and bacon in the club sandwich. This indicates that there might be inconsistencies in food quality or portion sizes, which could potentially impact the overall dining experience for certain customers. Furthermore, the reviewer mentions that the waitress had no personality and smelled of cigarettes, which could be seen as unprofessional and off-putting.
It is important for Arshels Cafe to address any weaknesses mentioned to maintain and improve customer satisfaction. This could involve updating the decor, diversifying the salad options, ensuring consistent food quality and portion sizes, and addressing any concerns related to customer service. By focusing on these improvements, Arshels Cafe can continue to leverage its strengths, such as being a locally owned establishment, serving delicious homemade food, and providing a cozy atmosphere, to attract and retain customers.

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