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Angela Ly Nail Spa

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458 William Floyd Pkwy, Shirley, NY 11967 United States of America
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I had to get my nails done quick. A lot of places are closed on Sunday. I called ahead, not wanting to assume they could fit me in and was informed that they could see me if I came in right away. I said sure thing ! I live 10 minutes away, so I ran in and waited a little bit - absolutely no problem - since I didn’t have an appointment. The atmosphere was great, the place was clean and the people were so friendly (employees and clients). The experience itself wasn’t bad, though they seemed disappointed i didn’t want tips or acrylics, I can’t have long nails for work. I’ve only done powder a few times and previously it hasn’t been an issue with shorter nails. I said thank you for getting me in quickly, but when I got out into the light I noticed how messy they looked. I actually went to get my eyebrows done after and she thought I did them myself.
I think if you are a regular client if theirs and go with an appointment it’s much better.
Within minutes of posting my review I received a number of phone calls and text messages. They offered to fix my nails or re-do them at no cost. Unfortunately, because of my work schedule I am unable to go back. However, I do feel I will stick to my usual haunts.
After having such a bad experience at a previous nail salon, Angela and her team were so sweet, welcoming, friendly and most of all they know EXACTLY what they’re doing. They fixed my nails and exceeded my expectations. Amazing work. Don’t think twice about going.
I’ve only got my nails done a handful of times in my life, however due to having two weddings coming up I decided to get them done. I’m extremely happy I choose Angela’s after doing a quick google search. The staff is extremely friendly, welcoming, and funny. They didn’t mind all my questions and I feel like they really took the time to complete my nails. I’ve heard horrors about people feeling like their appointment was rushed and I’m happy to say I did not feel that way. I look forward to returning in the future. Thank you !
My sister recommended Angela Ly Nail Spa and she did not disappoint! I showed her a picture of what I wanted and just expected her to do only one of the designs. But she did was able do exactly what I wanted, and on top of that she was very kind! And kept asking me if it was to my liking and if I wanted to change anything. 110% recommend!!!
I've lived in the area on and off my entire life, so I've been to most of the salons in town over the years. I used to drive out to Medford for a mani/pedi until a customer recommended Angela Ly to me back in January. I've been going back ever since. Angela, Kenny and Noemi are all so nice. They are very accommodating and welcoming. I only have UV/LED gel applied, I've never had acrylics, tips, etc done, but I'm very happy with the service I receive there. With designs, their prices are very reasonable. The staff have all done a great job and met my requests (I typically just come in with a picture of what I want and they make it happen).
Attached a couple photos of what I had done yesterday and today. Manicure yesterday, pedicure today, because of my own schedule limitations. Simple, cute and exactly what I asked for.
The cherry on top: I mentioned to Kenny today during my pedi that I was tired. He reclined my chair and put the massaging feature back on after my pedi and told me to take a nap. They really are great here and I highly recommend them.
Went to Angela for an acrylic full set and she was so respectful of my sensitive nails and definitely put the effort in. They’re all very kind and I will be going to this salon from now on. 10/10
My mother has been coming here for years and every few weeks, I’m jealous of the gorgeous designs that Angela and Kenny produce. I went to a different nail salon and they could not compare to the work they do here. I had Angela do (redo & fix) my nails today. Absolutely perfect. I’m super happy. They’re super friendly and funny, it makes the whole experience better. Already scheduled my next appointment!
This place is the best. Staff are friendly and they bring smiles to everyone’s faces. I brought my daughters here and we love our nails. We will definitely become regulars. So happy we found this place!

Quick Facts About Angela Ly Nail Spa

Strengths of Angela Ly Nail Spa:
1. Quick availability: One customer mentioned that they were able to get their nails done quickly, even without an appointment. This suggests that the salon has a good system in place to accommodate walk-ins and prioritize customer satisfaction.
2. Friendly and welcoming staff: Multiple customers mentioned the friendly and welcoming nature of the employees at Angela Ly Nail Spa. This can make a significant difference in creating a positive customer experience and making clients feel comfortable and valued.
3. Skilled and knowledgeable technicians: Several comments praised the expertise and skill of the technicians at Angela Ly Nail Spa. Customers mentioned that the staff knew exactly what they were doing and were able to fix any issues with previous nail work. This indicates that the technicians are well-trained and capable of delivering high-quality results.
4. Attention to detail: Many customers commented on the attention to detail exhibited by the staff at the nail spa. They mentioned that the technicians took the time to complete their nails properly and were open to answering questions and addressing any concerns. This suggests that the salon values customer satisfaction and strives to provide a thorough and meticulous service.
5. Affordable prices: A reviewer mentioned that the salon's prices for nail designs were reasonable. This implies that Angela Ly Nail Spa offers competitive pricing, which can be a major draw for customers looking for quality nail services at an affordable cost.
6. Good customer service: One customer mentioned that they received calls and text messages from the salon shortly after posting a review, offering to fix their nails or re-do them at no cost. This exemplifies proactive customer service and a commitment to maintaining customer satisfaction.
Weaknesses of Angela Ly Nail Spa:
1. Disappointment with appearance: One customer mentioned that their nails looked messy after leaving the salon. Although this was likely an isolated incident, it highlights a potential weakness in terms of attention to detail and final aesthetic result. It's important for the salon to address this issue and ensure consistent quality in the appearance of customers' nails.
2. Limited appointment availability: The first customer comment mentioned that it is essential to make an appointment to have a better experience at the salon. This implies that the availability of appointments might be limited, which can be a drawback for customers who prefer to schedule their nail services in advance.
3. Inability to accommodate schedule limitations: Another customer mentioned that they were unable to take advantage of the salon's offer to fix their nails due to work schedule limitations. While this is understandable, it suggests that Angela Ly Nail Spa may struggle to accommodate customers who have tight schedules or time constraints.
4. Preference for tips and acrylics: One customer mentioned that the employees seemed disappointed that they didn't want tips or acrylics, as they needed shorter nails for work. This indicates a potential bias towards certain nail styles or services and a possible lack of flexibility or understanding of individual customer needs.
Overall, Angela Ly Nail Spa has several strengths, such as quick availability, friendly staff, skilled technicians, attention to detail, affordable prices, and good customer service. However, there are some weaknesses in terms of appearance, limited appointment availability, difficulty accommodating schedule limitations, and a potential bias towards specific nail styles or services. By addressing these weaknesses and continually focusing on their strengths, Angela Ly Nail Spa can continue to attract and retain satisfied customers.

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