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Alberta Social Club

+44 191 420 0299
Railway St, Jarrow NE32 5HW United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Alberta Social Club

The Alberta Social Club has received a mix of positive and negative comments, making it important to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the place based on these comments.
Starting with the strengths, many comments highlight the positive atmosphere and friendly staff of the club. The club is described as having a good atmosphere, with friendly people and a welcoming environment. This suggests that the club is successful in creating a positive and enjoyable experience for its patrons. Additionally, the comment about the club always being very well run implies that the management and organization of the club are strong points. This suggests that the club is efficient, organized, and able to provide a smooth and enjoyable experience for its visitors.
Another strength mentioned in the comments is the cleanliness of the club. Multiple comments highlight the spotlessly clean toilets and the overall cleanliness of the premises. This shows that the club places importance on hygiene and cleanliness, which is important for creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for visitors. The club's focus on cleanliness contributes to a positive overall experience for its patrons.
The Alberta Social Club is also praised for its amenities and services. One comment mentions the good food that was served during a reception, while another comment mentions the reasonably priced drinks. This indicates that the club offers a variety of food and beverage options that are of good quality and reasonably priced. Additionally, the club is described as having a good-sized lounge for functions, allowing for various events and occasions to be accommodated. These amenities and services contribute to the club's appeal and make it a desirable place to visit or host events.
Moving on to the weaknesses, there is one recurring negative comment regarding the ownership of the premises. One former employee expresses dissatisfaction with the ownership, describing them in negative terms such as "liar," "backstabber," and "snake in the grass." This negative comment raises concerns about the integrity and professionalism of the owners. While it is important to keep in mind that this comment is from a single disgruntled individual, it is worth considering the impact that such negative perceptions can have on the reputation of the club.
Another weakness that can be inferred from a comment is the size of the club. One comment describes it as a "small and cozy" place. While some may find this intimate atmosphere appealing, others may prefer a larger space with more room for activities and events. The small size of the club may limit the range of activities and events that can be hosted, potentially leading to a less diverse and engaging experience for visitors.
In conclusion, the strengths of the Alberta Social Club can be summarized as a good atmosphere, friendly staff, well-run operations, cleanliness, and amenities/services such as good food and drinks. These positive aspects contribute to a positive overall experience for visitors. However, the club's weaknesses include concerns regarding the ownership and potential limitations in size. It is important to acknowledge both the strengths and weaknesses in order to have a balanced understanding of the Alberta Social Club.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Great town club good atmosphere Great staff and has always been very well run
Took me a very long time for to write this, 1 STAR why? because From a disunited former employer
The ownership of the premises a f@t @$$ J!ll is a 100% liar!
A backstabber! A very rude sly shifty person that tells lies, fibs and sabotages Peoples jobs for her own amusement..... a total snake in the grass of a person.
The pub is nice, small and cosy . A reasonable bar in Jarrow worth a visit for a game of darts. Nice place but unfortunaly her highness spoils it. :(
I was there for a reception after a funeral. Food was very good, drinks not too expensive. Toilets were spotlessly clean. Plenty of parking.
Great club friendly people had great night xx
What a great old skool social club . Really friendly audience.
Great little local social club went on an organised trip to the races from there at the weekend and popped back in afterwards had a few beers was made very welcome
If traditional drinking is your flavour I highly recommend this fine establishment. I'm literally salivating, consuming this fine pint of Caffrey's, exquisite springs to mind....
Good sized lounge for functions we had a christening do and children were welcome they didn't mind the kids running around. Very clean and a very friendly club.

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  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance