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Very disappointing, will never be back. I walked in and was greeted, I asked if they had time for a pedicure. They said yes and had me pick out a color and sit at a pedicure chair. There was a group of 5 women getting pedicures and 3 techs working on them. I thought surely they must be getting close to being done with the group otherwise they would not have let me sit down. NOPE! 2 of the women still hasn't had their nails done. A couple of girls came in and asked for a manicure, they were told to pick a color and that it would be a few minutes. One tech finished with the group of women and went to do the manicures. Then another woman came in and wanted a manicure. When the second tech finished with the group, she went and took the next manicure. All the while I have not had one tech help me. Finally once all 5 women were done and the area they left was cleaned, was my pedicure finally started!! I waited 45 minutes. Had there just been some communication from the beginning that I would be waiting that long or that apparently manicures took precedent, I would have left and come back. Not sat there for 45 freaking minutes!! Then the pedicure lasted maybe 10 minutes. The tech tried really hard to make me get gel for some reason. 10 minutes!! No leg and foot massage though she did whack the bottom of my feet for some reason. All that and it was $35!!! For a 45 minutes wait and a 10 minute pedicure?!?! Save your time and money, don't go here!!
I came in asking to have a nail mess up fixed, and I was invited back to have it fixed and was treated great! They were warm and inviting, and made sure I loved what I got! Tiffany has always been a joy to have do my nails, I will certainly never stray salons again!
I always have a great experience here. It has been about a year since I have gone to them, but the customer service was still great. Held conversation, let me use their store phone, twice, because I left my cellphone at home. Van was polite and quick!! Still did a great job and I had my shellac nails done in 15 minutes!! Kenny did my pedicure. He was great to work with. Held a great conversation with me about family while he did my pedicure. He made me comfortable, carried all my belongings for me, as did Van, so i pretty much didn't have to lift a finger. Another tech who wasn't even assisting me, asked if i wanted anything to drink. Since I am pregnant, she offered me water. But I have had a glass of wine there before in the past. Their store isn't overwhelming in chemicals like most places. They are very clean and organized. When i came in at 450pm, the place only had 2 other customers. It was quiet and relaxing. I highly recommend them. I will forever come here.
They do good work but I went in for a pedi and the lady who did it was very rude. I mean an absurd amount of uncalled for rudeness.
I've been going to A-Nails since I was very young and have always been very happy with manicures, pedicures and gel nails. As I got into my teenage years I started to ask for acrylics and designs. Let's just say I haven't been impressed by the designs and acrylic.
I asked for a marble design and the lady (not naming) drew a few curvy lines on my nail and said it was good. Acrylic hasn't been very cleanly applied. It is smooth but it either floods the cuticle or isn't very clean at the base of my nail.
I loved the gel nails! They were so cute. I got color changing and they stayed for about three weeks. I was very impressed and loved them.
Manicures and pedicures are always amazing 10/10 would recommend. Very relaxing and leaves my feet and hands feeling soft
Staff is very friendly. They make good conversations but some of them are a little hard to understand at times. Always fun though!
I have been going to this salon religiously for well over a year. I have always been discouraged with their varying prices, but have overlooked it as I assumed that different technicians charged different prices as they are all “independent contractors”. I’ve noticed the last few months quality of services and what’s included in the service to be severely lacking. Today took the cake. I went in with my mom and 8 year old daughter. We asked for three pedicures, two fills, and one manicure. My mom received great service, full leg massage, and warm towels with her pedicure. My daughter and I simply got a soak and polish. I had to tell my daughter’s technician three times I wanted shellac polish for her. She wasn’t given a manicure at all, just a simple polish. And my nail technician seen genuinely annoyed by my requested nail design and did not do as I asked. I was charged $118 for services that were below par and not fully delivered. Needless to say I won’t return.
Was doing the opposite of what I wanted. Instead of fixing it.. charged me the same and did what she wanted. Kept telling me it’s ok or No. I just wanted one simple thing on one nail. Solid glitter. Just could have fixed it. Definitely took the relaxing enjoyable experience out of it.
I got Acrylics with the best service I have ever had.

Quick Facts About A Nail Salon

Strengths: 1. Warm and inviting atmosphere: The salon is praised for being welcoming and inviting, making customers feel comfortable during their visit. 2. Great customer service: Many customers mention the friendly and polite staff who provide excellent customer service. They engage in conversation and maintain a pleasant atmosphere. 3. Quick and efficient service: Some customers appreciate the quick service they receive, with one customer mentioning that their shellac nails were done in just 15 minutes. 4. Clean and organized: The salon is described as clean and organized, making customers feel at ease and ensuring a hygienic environment. 5. Relaxing experience: The salon is commended for providing a quiet and relaxing atmosphere, allowing customers to enjoy their time and unwind during their appointments. 6. Skillful technicians: Some customers have had positive experiences with the quality of work, especially with manicures and pedicures. The treatments leave hands and feet feeling soft and are described as amazing. 7. Variety of services: The salon offers a range of services, including manicures, pedicures, gel nails, and acrylics, which allows customers to have their desired treatment done in one place.
Weaknesses: 1. Poor communication: One customer complained about a lack of communication regarding wait times, which led to frustration and a lengthy wait for their pedicure. 2. Inconsistent quality: One long-term customer mentioned that the quality of designs and acrylics has been disappointing over time. They had issues with the cleanliness and application of the acrylics and were not impressed with the designs. 3. Rude staff member: A customer reported encountering a rude staff member who displayed an excessive amount of uncalled-for rudeness during their pedicure. 4. Varying prices: Some customers have been discouraged by the salon's varying prices, finding it confusing and inconvenient. The different pricing for different technicians, who are independent contractors, has been a drawback for some. 5. Misunderstandings and unmet expectations: There have been instances where customers did not receive the services they expected or had requested. For example, one customer's requested nail design was not done correctly, and another customer's daughter did not receive a manicure as requested. 6. Oversights and lack of attention to detail: Some customers have experienced oversights, such as a technician not properly understanding their request for a specific nail design or not fixing a mistake made during the appointment. 7. Overcharging: One customer reported being charged $118 for services that were below par and not fully delivered. This suggests a lack of consistency in prices and services provided.
In conclusion, this nail salon has strengths in terms of its welcoming atmosphere, great customer service, quick service, cleanliness, relaxing experience, skillful technicians, and a variety of services. However, there are weaknesses related to poor communication, inconsistent quality, rude staff members, varying prices, misunderstandings and unmet expectations, oversights, lack of attention to detail, and overcharging. Addressing these weaknesses would be crucial for the salon to enhance its reputation and provide a consistently positive experience to its customers.


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