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A 2 Z Food & Wine Centre

+44 1733 562900
50 Eastfield Rd, Peterborough PE1 4AN United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Typical self-observed atitude from certain members of staff. Not to create doubt i say that morning and afternoons staff understand their job and positively carry on...but like nights brings the dark ,also the atmosphere and vibe transforms .
A good shop for all peoples ®️♠️????
Jauks veikaliņš
Napiszę to tak jest ok bardzo miła obsługa i towar zawsze świeży
Nice shop ????
Serve alcohol to underage children without checking ID’s. Disgraceful just to make money destroying young lives!
Exceptional variety and good quality of Estern European (Polish) food. Good service and works till 2 AM!
My local corner shop. Sells mostly foods from different countries.

Quick Facts About A 2 Z Food & Wine Centre

A 2 Z Food & Wine Centre is a shop that offers a variety of food items from different countries, particularly Eastern European cuisine. According to the comments, there are both strengths and weaknesses that can be observed.
One of the strengths mentioned is the variety and quality of Eastern European (Polish) food available. This indicates that the shop caters to a specific niche market and provides a diverse range of products that may be difficult to find elsewhere. Additionally, the comment about the service being good suggests that the staff members are knowledgeable about the products they sell and are able to assist customers with their needs. The fact that the shop operates until 2 AM is also seen as a positive aspect, as it provides convenience for customers who may need to shop late at night.
Another strength that can be inferred from the comments is the overall positive atmosphere and vibe of the shop. The comments mention that the morning and afternoon staff understand their job and positively carry on, suggesting that the shop is well-managed and has a pleasant atmosphere during those times. This can create a welcoming environment for customers and encourage repeat visits.
However, there are also weaknesses that are highlighted in the comments. One comment mentions a "self-observed attitude" from certain members of staff. This implies that some staff members may come across as arrogant or self-absorbed, which can negatively impact the customer experience. It is important for businesses to prioritize friendliness, professionalism, and customer service to ensure customer satisfaction.
Another weakness mentioned is the accusation that the shop serves alcohol to underage children without checking their IDs. This is a serious issue and displays irresponsible behavior that can harm young lives. This comment implies that there may be a lack of proper procedures and protocols in place to prevent underage sales, which can lead to legal consequences.
It is crucial for businesses, especially those selling alcohol, to have strict policies and be diligent in checking IDs to prevent underage drinking. Failure to do so not only puts the young customers at risk but also tarnishes the reputation of the establishment.
In conclusion, A 2 Z Food & Wine Centre has strengths such as a variety of Eastern European food, good quality products, and convenient operating hours. The positive atmosphere and vibe during certain shifts are also mentioned as strengths. However, the weaknesses identified include a self-observed attitude from staff members and allegations of serving alcohol to underage children without checking IDs. These weaknesses should be addressed and improved upon to ensure a positive and responsible customer experience.


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