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$5 Hair Cut

+1 630-833-1986
105 N Addison Rd, Addison, IL 60101 United States of America
Open Today: 08:30 AM - 07:30 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Cash-only

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The cashier cut my hair last night and he did a terrible job!!! I asked him twice to cut my hair wright and he did't even see he's mistake,i guess because of he's glasses. When I paid he even asked for a tip!!! You get what you paid for,a 5min haircut!!! Not to mention that they don't clean their equipment after each customer and you can get all kinds of diseases!!! Your choice!!!
Parked in the back, & saw 5 or 6
barbers at work-on a Friday morning;
which, to me was a good sign
that they do a great job.
I asked for The Owner-& was pointed to “Jim” in the 1st-Chair !
Natch-1st chair!????????
I took a seat/ & waited ‘til Jim was done w/the gentleman in his chair.
After a brief description,
w/a supplemental iPhone image
to show a “good-hair-day”,
Jim proceeded to give me
a great, speedy, haircut-
all the while explaining:
his “accent” (Albanian)
his language skills ( Spanish, German, Greek, English and-Albanian????)
how similar Albanian cuisine
is to Greek (I’m a chef/food-lover/
as well as his immigrant story.
After Jim was done-
I felt compelled to tip Jim-The-Barber
more than the cost of my $5.00 haircut- WHY?
because where else
can you get a fair-priced haircut?
When you leave-
you’ll be so pleased
that you chose this barber.
Note: since Inflation has currently
climbed to over 8%- Jim now charges-$7.00.
and has changed the business name
to $7.00 Haircut.
For the price, the quality of haircut is among the best in class. That being said, the management should definitely consider hiring a receptionist full time because the hairdressers don't keep track of who is next in line. If you aren't assertive enough or just not paying attention you could sit in that chair for hours while the hairdressers serve customers who walk in after you. But for the price and quality, it's worth putting up with the subpar service. Remember to tip well because you won't find many places still open with this price to quality ratio!
Albana and Jimmy are a husband and wife team! My family and I have been going to them for 12 years.
Albana does excellent highlights, hair color, hair cut, hair styling, waxing, threading and facials. Hair perming as well. Affordable, clean, convenient! Their staff are friendly too! Will never go to any other place!
Very nice people and the shop is very clean. Aldo was my barber and he did a great job!
Owner acts like he runs the town. Talks back to customers and says he always right. Very very bad customer service. No wonder this place is always empty now!!!
The male hair stylist not professional. He just mess up the hair. From everywhere same size just by trimmer. Not even touch scissor. I see the another lady workers styling very good. Avoid the skinny male otherwise your hair n mood spoiled till it not grow again....
I mean you get what you paid for but I got my eyebrows done and the price was pretty much the same at any other salon with the difference that here my eyebrows got butchered, there's lots of different stylists maybe I just wasn't lucky, either way I'm not coming back.

Quick Facts About $5 Hair Cut

1. Affordable price: One of the main strengths of the $5 Hair Cut place is its low price. For just $5, customers can get a haircut, which is significantly cheaper compared to other salons in the area. This pricing strategy attracts budget-conscious customers who are looking for a cost-effective solution for their haircuts.
2. Speedy service: According to several comments, the hairstylists at this place provide fast haircuts. Customers appreciate the quick service, especially for busy individuals who are looking for a convenient option that doesn't take up too much of their time.
3. Quality of haircut: Despite the low price, many customers mention that the quality of the haircut is among the best in its class. The positive feedback highlights the skill and expertise of the hairstylists at this affordable salon.
4. Clean environment: Multiple comments praise the cleanliness of the shop. Having a clean and tidy salon is crucial for attracting customers, as it creates a more hygienic and comfortable experience.
5. Friendly staff: Some comments mention the friendliness of the staff members. Creating a welcoming and friendly atmosphere helps to build rapport with customers and encourages them to become repeat customers.
1. Lack of customer service: One of the recurring complaints is the lack of customer service. Several comments mention that there is no dedicated receptionist, resulting in disorganized queuing and confusion about who is next in line. This can lead to longer waiting times and frustration for customers.
2. Inconsistent service quality: There are mixed reviews about the skill and professionalism of the hairstylists. While some customers had positive experiences, others mention subpar haircuts or butchered eyebrows. This inconsistency in service quality might deter potential customers who value consistency and reliability.
3. Owner's attitude: One comment highlights the owner's attitude, describing him as someone who "acts like he runs the town" and having bad customer service. It suggests that the owner might have a condescending or confrontational approach, which can create a negative experience for customers.
4. Lack of equipment cleanliness: Concerns are raised about the cleanliness of the salon's equipment, specifically mentioning that they do not clean their tools after each customer. This raises hygiene and safety concerns, as customers fear the potential risk of contracting diseases.
5. Limited styling options: One comment suggests that the male hairstylist primarily uses a trimmer without incorporating scissor techniques, leading to a lack of variation in styling. This limitation might result in customers feeling unsatisfied if they are looking for more intricate or tailored hairstyles.
In conclusion, the $5 Hair Cut place has strengths such as affordability, speedy service, good quality haircuts, cleanliness, and friendly staff. However, it also has weaknesses such as a lack of customer service, inconsistent service quality, concerns about equipment cleanliness, an owner with a poor attitude, and limited styling options. Despite the weaknesses, the affordability and quality of the haircuts make it a viable option for budget-conscious customers.

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