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#1 Gallup Nails & Spa

+1 505-722-2519
1369 US-491, Gallup, NM 87301 United States of America
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Love my nails better than where I went before!
I showed what I wanted and he did exactly everything I wanted. I’ve been trying to find good nail techs that listen to what I want and I finally did. Great service and amazing work. Definitely will be my go to for nails!????
Occasionally I treat my niece to a full set. We prefer to come here to get them done, however they are very busy most of the time. I actually like that they are and know that is a good sign. The staff are very friendly and professional. They make us feel comfortable and are creative in making my niece's nail design awesome. We always go back but don't blame them if we can't get in that day. We always enjoy "Bradah's" humor and quality of work, even though he's always in high demand he always makes us laugh.
Giang did a wonderful job with my nails! He was very attentive and precise. We had a fun conversation too :)
I enjoyed their services and came home with great nails. They worked with gentleness, care and professionalism. I will be coming back when in town.
Went as a walk in with my daughter one afternoon and was told it would be an hour wait. We sat down and waited. About 15 minutes in I was asked if I had anything on my nails because I wanted a new set. I was sat down to soak off my old set while the gentleman went back to work on his client. I showed him a photo of what I wanted and he did an excellent job! I get many compliments on my nails. He made sure to finish my nails without rushing even after his next appointment checked in. My daughter got gel polish and was done quick yet the results were great, however they did not last.
I’m making this my go to place.
I'm not from here so finding this gem was awesome. Giaong is highly talented. I'm sure the others are as well but I've only dealt with him
Do not go here if you care about your health. I have always liked this place but I went in this evening to get a pedicure. We are currently in the middle of a huge COVID surge and the owner was sitting doing a girls nails about 6 inches from her face without a mask. I asked if they had a rule there about wearing masks and the male employee said “you can use one or not. We don’t care”. The owner then irritated my said she would put one on but continued to sit there. She then got up from what she was doing and still didn’t put on a mask and sat back down to finish with her other client. I then left. What a huge disappointment and lack of respect for the safety of their clients.

Quick Facts About #1 Gallup Nails & Spa

Strengths: - The salon has talented and skilled nail technicians who are able to deliver great results. - The staff is friendly, professional, and makes customers feel comfortable. - The nail technicians listen to customers' preferences and follow instructions accurately. - The salon offers a wide range of creative and innovative nail designs. - The salon has a good reputation and is popular, indicating its quality and reliability. - The nail technicians take their time to ensure a thorough and meticulous job, even if it means going over the scheduled time. - The salon offers a walk-in service and accommodates customers even if they are busy.
Weaknesses: - The salon experiences high demand and can get very busy, which may result in long waiting times for customers. - The gel polish applied to one customer's nails did not last, indicating potential issues with the product or technique. - A customer reported a lack of COVID-19 safety protocols, including staff not wearing masks and not prioritizing the safety of clients. - The salon seems to heavily rely on one specific nail technician, as mentioned by multiple customers, which may limit availability and create a dependency on that individual. - The salon does not prioritize health and safety as evidenced by the lack of mask-wearing during the COVID-19 pandemic, which could deter customers who prioritize their well-being.
In conclusion, while Gallup Nails & Spa has several strengths, such as skilled technicians, friendly staff, and great customer service, it also has weaknesses in terms of long wait times, inconsistent durability of the gel polish, and a lack of COVID-19 safety protocols. The salon's popularity and positive reviews indicate overall satisfaction, but the issues raised about health and safety practices should be addressed to ensure a positive and safe experience for all customers.

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