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拉面共和国 Noodle Republic

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67 Regent St, Cambridge CB2 1AB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Open Today: 11:00 AM - 09:00 PM

Quick Facts About 拉面共和国 Noodle Republic

拉面共和国 Noodle Republic has a range of strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Here is an analysis of these factors:
1. Delicious Sashimi and Sushi: Customers praise the taste and presentation of their sashimi and sushi. The freshness of the ingredients is also highlighted.
2. Chinese Dishes: The Chinese dishes are described as delicious with good portion sizes. This adds variety to the menu.
3. Attentive Service: The staff is commended for their excellent service and attentiveness. This creates a positive dining experience for customers.
4. Good Value: While the prices are noted to be a little high, customers feel that they are not excessively priced considering the quality and freshness of the dishes.
5. Variety of Noodles: The restaurant offers a great variety of noodles, including sweet potato noodles, which customers highly recommend.
6. Japanese Food: Japanese dishes, such as eel over rice, are praised for their taste and authenticity.
7. Quick Service: The restaurant is described as having quick service, which is a positive factor for customers.
1. Spicy Dishes: Some customers caution that the spicy dishes at 拉面共和国 Noodle Republic can be quite hot. This may not be suitable for those who cannot handle spice.
2. Price: One customer mentions that they found the price of a tonkotsu ramen to be high compared to what they would pay in Japan. This may deter budget-conscious diners.
3. Ramen Quality: While the overall ramen is considered close to the Japanese style, one customer suggests that it can be improved. They mention the strong "porky" smell and the unexpected presence of bone in the chashu.
4. Card Payment Limit: The minimum card payment limit of £10 may inconvenience customers who prefer to pay with card or do not carry cash.
In summary, 拉面共和国 Noodle Republic has several strengths that contribute to its popularity among customers. The delicious sashimi, sushi, and Chinese dishes, along with attentive service and good value, are key factors. The variety of noodles and Japanese dishes further add to the dining experience. However, there are some weaknesses, such as the spiciness of certain dishes, the potentially high prices for some items, and the need for improvement in the ramen quality. Overall, the positive aspects seem to outweigh the weaknesses, making 拉面共和国 Noodle Republic a recommended choice for many customers in Cambridge.

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This place is truly amazing. It is always an absolute treat to go to there, especially with family or friends.
All the sashimi and sushi are made beautifully and are delicious. They are also the freshest I've ever tried in Cambridge.
The Chinese dishes are also delicious and with good portions. However, if you can't take spice, I would recommend caution on the spicy dishes as they do not hold back on the heat. I learned that the hard way! However, if you can take your spice, try them out!
The Japanese dishes are all delicious, especially the eel over rice.
The service is excellent, the staff are all very nice and are super attentive. During their more busy times, their hands are quite full so please come with a little patience.
The prices are a little high but it is not ridiculously priced. And tasting how fresh their dishes are, I can tell why.
Overall, this is hands down one of the best restaurants in Cambridge. I would absolutely recommend it, especially for a night out!
£9.8 for a tonkotsu ramen. Minimum for card payment is £10, so prepare cash. They have counter seats, which it’s nice because that way I don’t feel that awkward if I go alone. The ramen smells too “porky” for my taste, and I didn’t expect the chashu to come with bone (in Japan the chashu is boneless). The noodles were very good (歯応えがある, chewy?), though. Overall, it’s close to a Japanase ramen, but I wouldn’t pay that for a ramen in Japan. But since we are not in Japan, this is the closest thing you can get in Cambridge, AFAIK. The other dishes I could see in other tables looked good as well, but I haven’t tried anything else yet.
Great verity of noodles. Has sushi and stir fries as well. Amazing food.
I enjoyed a nice pork ramen here (picture). I would say it can be improved.
They also have a vegetarian version, with tofu, which I was told was great. Great design and friendly staff.
Amazing selection of food. My favourite place to eat in Cambridge. Highly recommend the sweet potato noodles with pigs intestines, the eel and seaweed salad, the stir fried lettuce with pork and the beef and egg with house special sauce on rice. Lots of Chinese dishes and Japanese dishes too. Disabled access is good with no step access from front door and a downstairs toilet as well.
Super tasty and generous Japanese food. The bowls are huge, sushi was nice (especially pocket treasure) and quick service too.
Great food and great variety! This place became a favourite very quick! ????
Amazing food, service and price! For just 10£ it is an amazing noodle soup! Congratulations for this lovely corner of heaven!

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