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Quick Facts About Yangs

Yangs Place is a Chinese takeaway restaurant with a mix of positive and negative comments. To analyze its strengths and weaknesses, we will examine the comments provided.
Starting with the strengths, one customer mentioned that the food was "delicious" and another customer said they "really enjoyed" their meal. This shows that Yangs Place is capable of producing dishes that are flavorful and satisfying for some customers. Additionally, a few customers mentioned that the delivery service was quick and hot, which is a positive aspect for those who prefer convenience and promptness.
However, there are several weaknesses highlighted in the comments as well. One recurring issue mentioned by multiple customers is the excessive saltiness of some dishes. Salty food can be a turn-off for many people and detracts from the overall dining experience. Another complaint mentioned by numerous customers is the inconsistency in the quality of the food. Some customers found certain dishes to be poor or tasteless, indicating a lack of consistency in the restaurant's cooking standards. This can lead to dissatisfaction and a lack of trust among customers.
Another weakness that emerged from the comments is the slow delivery time. One customer mentioned that the food took over 1.5 hours to reach them despite the advertised delivery time of 35-45 minutes. Delayed deliveries can be frustrating, especially when there is no apology or acknowledgement of the delay from the restaurant. This lack of customer service can leave a negative impression and tarnish the overall dining experience.
One customer also had a negative experience with the curry sauce, describing it as having an "awful taste" and a "strange aftertaste." Inconsistent flavors and poor taste can greatly affect the perception of the restaurant's quality and may deter customers from returning.
Furthermore, hygiene and food safety concerns were mentioned in a comment where a customer claimed to have experienced food poisoning after consuming the food. While this may be an isolated incident, it highlights the importance of maintaining proper food safety protocols and quality control measures to prevent such incidents from occurring.
Overall, Yangs Place has some strengths, such as delivering tasty food on occasion and providing quick and hot delivery service. However, the weaknesses, including excessive saltiness, inconsistency in food quality, slow delivery times, poor customer service, and potential food safety issues, significantly impact the overall customer experience and may lead to a decline in repeat customers. To improve, Yangs Place should focus on addressing these weaknesses, such as reducing salt content, ensuring consistency in food quality, enhancing customer service, and prioritizing food safety measures.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Decent food, although like most Chinese takeaways some dishes can be very salty.
Ordered the mix starter, the spare ribs were very dry without much meat and tasted of spicy salt, the rest of the mix starter was OK, I've eaten better.
On a whole OK, but won't be rushing back
Used for the first time.We made an order for 5 people, 3 of us thought the food was delicious, the other 2 meals were poor. Despite advertising a 35 -45 minute delivery time the food took over 1.5 hours to reach us. No apology or acknowledgement of this upon delivery. That's all it would've taken to make the situation better.
Haven't ordered from here before had chicken foo young with chips. Delivery quick and hot really enjoyed plenty of chicken etc. Really enjoyed.
6 or 7 times a month i used yangs until tonight. Called at 9.27 they said 45 mins it now 11.11 im still hungry gunna have to risk setting house on fire
Avoid this Takeaway, the food is absolutely disgusting. Firstly, the Curry sauce was a red colour and had an awful taste, but overall the whole meal was just awful, we ended up throwing it away. My Husbands meal was supposed to be chicken but looked like pork and was tasteless. We won't order from here again. I wouldn't even give it 1 star.
I don’t usually leave reviews but had to on this occasion.
Terrible terrible food!
The curry sauce had a really strange after taste & was soooo salty it was inedible!
The chicken was way too dry & was binned!
I’d definitely avoid!
The one star is for the quick service but saying that it was probably because it was near to closing time.
Made a order using Justest to be delivered at 7pm, at 7.15pm contacted Yangs to be told it just left, no apology given.The food arrived 40 minutes late.Not acceptable.
The meal was a set one for 2.
Spring rolls, prawn toast and ribs were good, as was the sweet and sour pork.Chicken and cashew was tasteless. Prawn crackers loads of.
Delivery was good, BUT everything spoilt by the 40 minute wait and lack of response from Yang's.
Customer consideration needs to be vastly improved.
Have used Yangs occasionally through Just Eat when I can't be bothered to go to my local takeaway. It has always been average quality but again last night I ordered from Yangs and it was my last time. Sweet and sour chicken were just balls of oil/fat. The whole meal was just way too salty and both my wife and teenage children said the same of the (different) meals they had. And now i'm awake at 4.30am feeling sick/dry mouth from a mild form of food poisoning (I have food safety qualifications) and the salty oily food from last night and im positive ill be spending time in the bathroom sending last nights food (that my body has quickly processed to stop me getting even more ill) down the toilet. Safe to say I will get off my arse in future to go and get food from my local instead of being up on a Sunday morning feeling like the substance I'm just about to send down the toilet- avoid ????????

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