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The lady was absolutely horrible! I believe she's the owner but she was rude and did a horrible job on my eyebrows. She didn't brush them, trim them, or anything and left them completely uneven. After she was done ruining my eyebrows she had the nerve to charge me 12 dollars and got yet another attitude because I wanted change back from my 20 dollar bill!!! I couldn't believe this lady! She has no business working with the public and I will never go there again. I urge anyone else to reconsider going there for eyebrow waxing. You can get better work at Walmart for cheaper!! SHE DID HORRIBLE AND TREATED ME HORRIBLY! I believe she said her name is Amy! Horribly rude woman just horrible
I came for a full in with gel polish and wanted to enjoy getting my nails done but the lady was just so rude. She barely had any colors, didn't even offer me to look at samples and just picked a color for me! This is not how this works, sorry! I didn't like the color, she then rushed me out of the door because she had an appointment coming in and suggested that I just should pick "clear". I stopped the process, paid and will get the gel polish at a different store. Terrible experience that I had to pay $33 for. ???? While leaving, she blamed me for taking too long and not being able to find a color.
ALWAYS does a great job!! I get pedicures year round and today I took my niece for a Mani/Pedi for her birthday. They treated her like she was an adult.... with respect and did a great job!! I love this place!!
Amy is by far the best nail tech around. She not only does a great job but she is so personable and friendly. She’s genuinely cares about her customers…I wouldn’t ever go anywhere else!
Such an amazing place to go to for your nails, they do an incredible job and they are very friendly and sweet! Definitely coming back here!
Amy is so kind! She always let's me know when she can get me in, does not keep me waiting and connects with enjoyable conversation. My nails end up looking beautiful! She is quick but quality is not sacrificed. She pays attention to detail and does neat, clean work. Literally we can talk about the weather or our kids, or even trying out new nail art techniques. I've been very satisfied with her and her husband and look forward to being a repeat customer.
I’ve been going to Amy for years now. I love how they always greet you when you walk in and know you by name after the second or third visit. Amy and her husband have always done fast and great work! Never have to wait when I call ahead for an apportionment.
Absolutely love them!!! They were absolutely wonderful!! Definitely will be going back!!!

Quick Facts About VN Nails

1. Excellent customer service: Several comments mention how friendly and kind Amy is. Customers appreciate that she remembers their names and makes an effort to engage in conversation. This personalized service creates a positive and welcoming atmosphere for customers.
2. Attention to detail: Multiple comments highlight the quality of the nail work done at VN Nails. Customers appreciate the neat and clean work, as well as the attention to detail. This suggests that the technicians take pride in their work and strive for perfection.
3. Fast service: Customers mention that they do not have to wait when they call ahead for an appointment. This indicates that VN Nails is efficient and values their customers' time.
4. Repeat customers: Many customers mention that they have been going to VN Nails for years and would not go anywhere else. This loyalty demonstrates the satisfaction and trust that customers have in the salon.
5. Positive overall experience: The majority of comments express satisfaction and praise for VN Nails. Customers appreciate the quality of the service, the friendliness of the staff, and the overall experience at the salon.
1. Rude owner: One customer had a negative experience with Amy, the owner of VN Nails. The customer mentions that Amy was rude and did a horrible job on their eyebrows. This raises concerns about Amy's behavior towards customers and her ability to provide satisfactory service.
2. Limited color options: One customer mentions that there were barely any colors to choose from and that the technician picked a color for them without offering samples. This lack of variety and limited input in the color selection process may disappoint customers who value choice and customization.
3. Rushed service: Another customer expresses dissatisfaction with being rushed out of the salon due to an upcoming appointment. This rushed experience may leave customers feeling unimportant and unsatisfied with the service.
4. Price and value: One customer mentions that they had to pay $33 for a gel polish service and did not feel it was worth the price. This suggests that the salon may be charging higher prices compared to competitors without delivering a correspondingly exceptional service.
Overall, the strengths of VN Nails lie in their excellent customer service, attention to detail, fast service, and loyal repeat customers. These aspects contribute to a positive overall experience for most customers. The weaknesses, on the other hand, involve the behavior of the owner, limited color options, rushed service, and potentially high prices. These areas need improvement in order to continue providing a consistently positive experience for all customers.


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