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My husband daughter and I go in every 3 weeks for pedi's. Dennis does a fabulous job. Pays close attention to details. Then my daughter and I get our nails filled. She has Andrew and I have Lynn both do beautiful work on our nails and we normally have them put a design on them. We love coming here so relaxing and fun.
My mom and I have been going here for, probably, about a year now and they've always done a great job with us. They have excellent artists and nice people. We make an appointment every time and they always get us started very quickly. Such a friendly family place.
I had a mixed experience. It started out very bad, but they fixed it and I was very happy! An older man first started on my nails, and I showed him a reference picture of exactly what I wanted. When he dipped my first nail, it was the wrong color. I corrected him on it and asked again for exactly what was on the picture. He got very condescending and angry. When I told him that I had a specific vision in mind and that's exactly what I wanted, he got more angry, rolled his eyes at me, and left me to work on another customer. I was sitting there for 10 minutes with my nails half done while he refused to help me. He was very disrespectful and tried to belittle and condescend me.
I would have given 1 star if it hadn't been for the woman that did my nails next. Her name was Donna, and she was very personable and professional. She did an amazing job and made me feel so comfortable after my anxiety from the previous interaction. She asked what I wanted and made great suggestions. I felt comfortable with her, and I think that was very important in improving my experience. The only reason I would ever go back again is because of her.
One other little criticism, I got the dip powder, and they dipped my nail directly into the container rather than put it on in a more sanitary way. I don't have a lot of experience with nail salons, so this could be more common than I thought, but it seems like it would be very easy to get infections from that.
Edit: my nails lasted less than a week before one of them broke. They're also already peeling a bit at the bottom and starting to look awkward, great for a weekend, didn't last much longer than that.
I have been coming here for MONTHS now because they kill it every time! They always follow a reference picture when I have one and they last for around 2-3 weeks, maybe longer but I get them redone haha. This is my go-to nail spot and I always get compliments on my nails! I included a couple pictures, I usually get a french tip in varying colors.
I’ve only had one bad experience here and it was with a pedicure. The lady pushed down the skin between my toes causing my skin to crack between my big toe and second toe. If you know what ai’m talking about, you know that it HURTS haha. When she went to separate my toes to paint them, I told her what had happened and she didn’t really do anything to avoid that space, she put the foam spacer in it anyway. I know she was just doing her job but she didn’t really acknowledge that she had caused the cut which frustrated me.
Don’t let my one bad experience sway you from going, though! I have had a ton of success with acrylics there and all of the other pedicures I have gotten have gone very well! I highly recommend this place.
I did a walk-in on a Friday. I had to wait, but not too long! Amy was very nice. She continued asking if the length and shape was what I wanted. She did cute Halloween nails for me without hesitation. Very pleased with how they turned out!
I'm a nail noob. 2 weeks ago I had acrylic tips done in Hawaii and after a lot of ocean swimming it was time to get new ones. Andee (Awn-jay?) here at VIP was very gentle with handling my nails, knew exactly what he was doing. I showed him pictures of a black French tip that I had done previously that I really liked. The previous nails were almond shaped, And as time went on, I had cut them into very short stilettos (made it easier to scratch lol). I explicitly asked him to make them short and sharp just like he'd seen and he did exactly that and even complimented getting a black French tip. I 100% love these nails and they feel very solid! I highly recommend Andee for getting your nails done! Thank you Andee!
If I could give zero stars I would. I went to get my nails done less than a week ago and the guy that did them did a poor and rush job, and was literally done in 10 min (for gel shellac). I noticed over the next day or so my nails started to peel so I called to make them aware and they said I could come in to get them redone. When I got there the guy tried to lie and say it had been over a week since I’ve been there, so he couldn’t redo all of them (keep in mind they were all peeling and some had already peeled completely off). I know for a fact that it had not been more than a week because I specifically had them done to get my pictures taken 4 days later and came back the day after my pictures. My time and money will be going elsewhere, and where customers are appreciated. I will never go to this place again! Money hungry and poor quality.
I called and made an appointment and had no wait time at all! David did my pedicure and it was awesome and he gave a great leg massage! My manicurist was Amy and she was so nice and did a great job! I had her do some artwork and it looks just like the picture I showed her. I love my nails!

Quick Facts About VIP Nails & Spa LLC

VIP Nails & Spa LLC has received mostly positive feedback from customers, highlighting the strengths of the establishment. However, there are also a few criticisms and weaknesses that need to be addressed. Overall, the strengths of the place can be summarized as follows:
1. Excellent Nail Technicians: The salon employs skilled and talented nail technicians who do beautiful work on customers' nails. Customers have specifically mentioned Dennis, Andrew, Lynn, Donna, Andee, and Amy as being particularly skilled and professional.
2. Attention to Detail: Many customers have praised the nail technicians for their attention to detail. They take the time to understand exactly what the customer wants and follow reference pictures accurately. This ensures that customers leave satisfied with their nails.
3. Relaxing and Fun Atmosphere: VIP Nails & Spa LLC is described as a relaxing and fun place to visit. Customers enjoy the experience and find it a great way to unwind. The salon's family-friendly atmosphere also received positive comments.
4. Quick Service: Customers appreciate that VIP Nails & Spa LLC honors their appointments and starts services promptly. They value the efficient and timely service provided by the salon.
5. Positive Customer Service Experiences: Several customers have mentioned the friendly and personable nature of the staff. They have had positive interactions with the nail technicians and felt comfortable during their services.
However, there are a few weaknesses that need to be addressed:
1. Inconsistent Service Quality: One customer had a negative experience with an older male nail technician who was disrespectful and refused to continue working on the customer's nails. While the situation was eventually resolved by another nail technician, such experiences indicate inconsistencies in the quality of service provided by the salon's staff.
2. Sanitary Concerns: One customer expressed concern about the dipping method used for dip powder nails. They felt that dipping the nails directly into the container could potentially lead to infections. The salon should consider adopting more sanitary practices to address these concerns.
3. Lack of Longevity: One customer reported that their nails only lasted a week before breaking and peeling. This suggests that the durability and longevity of the nail services provided by the salon may be lacking. It is important for nail technicians to ensure that the products used and techniques employed result in longer-lasting nails for their customers.
4. Inconsistent Pedicure Experiences: While many customers had positive experiences with their pedicures, one customer mentioned a negative experience where the nail technician caused a cut and did not acknowledge or avoid it. Although this was an isolated incident, it is important for the salon to ensure consistent quality and care for all pedicure services.
In conclusion, VIP Nails & Spa LLC has several strengths that have been praised by customers, such as skilled technicians, attention to detail, a relaxing atmosphere, and quick service. However, there are also some weaknesses that should be addressed, including inconsistent service quality, sanitary concerns, lack of longevity in nail services, and inconsistent pedicure experiences. By addressing these issues, VIP Nails & Spa LLC can improve customer satisfaction and provide an even better nail salon experience.

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