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Always great service! Allen is my nail tech and he does an amazing job EVERY time! My daughter had Michael service her and he did a great job making sure she got exactly what she wanted. I go every 2 weeks and don't see that changing anytime soon ????
Went in today for gel mani/pedi, and eyebrows. The woman who did my nails literally BUTCHERED them. She cut them SO short, it's embarrassing. There was zero clean up and there are random spots missing paint. She also picked apart my skin (not my cuticles,) and now it's all jagged. She cut my toe to the point I was bleeding and before I could even react she was pouring that blue solution in it which made it burn 10x worse. This is literally the worst mani pedi I've ever had. There are lumps everywhere
I am leaving for vacation tomorrow and am so horrified at how my nails look for the $110 (yea, I know) I spent.
Gel pedicure is $25, great. I pick to add the jelly pedicure, which is listed for $40 - come to find out the whole pedicure cost me $70 ($25 for gel, $40 for jelly, and $5 for a design.) I guess my fault for not clarifying if the gel pedicure was included in the jelly pedicure.
I cannot say enough awesome things about this salon. I've been to several in the area looking for the allusive "Pinterest" nails I've seen people sporting; I wanted them too! But the places I tried, sadly, were barely proficient with the basics and still charged like they were the Lord's gift to nails (insert gigantic eye roll). Then I found VIP Nails and SHANA. Remember her name. She actually IS the Lord's gift to hands...not just nails, ladies and gents. THE WHOLE HAND. That's right. She educates and supports her clients on how to make their nails last, and that involves total hand care. The time and effort she puts into her work is unmatched. Nail goddess. The fact that the VIP Nail Salon is clean and gorgeous with a luxurious vibe only adds to the experience in which we are all looking to partake.
I went in this afternoon to get a pedicure after a long, difficult day. I was a walk-in and was serviced by Yen. Once I sat down, she asked me what pedicure I wanted, to which I responded with the Jelly Pedicure. She insisted that I get the Herbal Spa Pedicure. After telling her it was out of my budget I set for myself, and asked for the jelly Pedicure again, she insisted yet again that I get the Herbal pedicure. I asked for the jelly Pedicure three times and she still gave me and charged me for the herbal pedicure. On top of the consistent disregard for my budget, she almost started to do a gel polish when I specifically asked for regular polish. When I spoke up and told her I did not want the gel polish, I got questioned about it and told that I didn't know what I was doing. The only reason why this interaction got the 2 stars was because of the woman who was at the front desk. She was SO kind and so apologetic for Yen's service. When I brought up my concerns, she was so sweet about it and handled it professionally. I probably won't be back because I continuously felt like I was just a sale, but the front desk woman deserves a raise for what she has to deal with.
I have tried this place a few times and not impressed. One time I went and the woman started a gel pedicure without asking. This past time the man doing pedicure did not even use callus remover despite paying for it to get rid of uneven skin on feet. My feet were no dry and scaly but did need a little extra callus remover to get a layer of uneven skin off. After leaving underfoot did not look good at all. I had to go home after and use pedi egg to make skin even. Paint job was not good at all. Will not be returning.
Took my daughter, wife and son in law in for a relaxing experience before she delivered my grandson. They rushed the services and gave us grief about leaving a $70 dollar tip on a $300 service. I have never had someone in my face for a more than 20% tip. We left feeling stressed as they argued aloud in their place of business. I would avoid this place in the future.
Been coming here for many years I moved to CA a couple years ago but everytime I'm in town I for sure stop by to get my nails done and I am never disappointed! Recently got these done by Hannah completely recommend!
I followed my artist Shana here because she’s amazing! The salon was beautiful and clean and everyone was super nice. I found Shana through a mutual friend and I will never go to another nail tech. Her designs have always been exactly what I wanted and she’s so knowledgeable about her craft. I fully trust her and have loved every single set I’ve gotten from her. Highly recommend!!!

Quick Facts About VIP NAILS & SPA

Strengths of VIP NAILS & SPA:
1. Excellent service: Many customers praised the great service provided at VIP Nails & Spa. They mentioned specific nail technicians, such as Allen and Shana, who consistently provided amazing nail art and ensured that customers got exactly what they wanted. The staff was also described as friendly and professional.
2. Clean and luxurious ambiance: Customers commented on the clean and gorgeous atmosphere of the salon, noting that it had a luxurious vibe. The salon's cleanliness and luxurious ambiance added to the overall experience for customers.
3. Nail expertise and education: Shana, one of the nail technicians, was mentioned as being knowledgeable and educating her clients on how to make their nails last. Customers appreciated her efforts to provide not just nail care, but also total hand care.
4. Customer service at the front desk: The front desk staff received positive feedback for their kindness and professionalism in handling customer concerns. They were described as sweet, apologetic, and deserving of a raise.
Weaknesses of VIP NAILS & SPA:
1. Inconsistent and subpar services: Some customers had negative experiences with certain nail technicians. They reported cases of nails being butchered, cut too short, and missing paint. One customer even experienced bleeding due to a cut during the service. Additionally, complaints were made about lumpy results and subpar paint jobs.
2. Miscommunication and pricing issues: Customers mentioned miscommunication regarding the services they wanted, with some ending up with services they didn't ask for or exceed their budget. Pricing issues were also raised, with customers feeling surprised by the final cost of their services.
3. Lack of callus remover and rushed services: There were complaints about a lack of callus remover during pedicures, despite paying for it. This resulted in uneven skin on the feet, which the customers had to address themselves after leaving. Other customers expressed dissatisfaction with rushed services, which diminished the relaxing experience they were expecting.
4. Tipping pressure and heated arguments: One customer mentioned feeling pressured to leave a high tip and experienced arguments with the staff about the tip amount. This resulted in a stressed and uncomfortable experience for the customer and their family.
In conclusion, VIP Nails & Spa has strengths such as excellent service, a clean and luxurious ambiance, nail expertise, and friendly front desk staff. However, there are weaknesses to consider, including inconsistent and subpar services, miscommunication and pricing issues, a lack of attention to detail, and instances of tipping pressure and arguments.

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