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Top Nails

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4340 Ringgold Rd F1, East Ridge, TN 37412 United States of America
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Health & safety
  • Staff wear masks
  • Staff get temperature checks
  • Staff required to disinfect surfaces between visits
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

The lady malaney that’s works there is awesome she does perfect nails I would never go to another nail place again she is my main nail person I lover her personality she very sweet I recommend anybody to go to her she get 10 stars from me and I’m Brittany
The very first time I went to this shop it was a wonderful experience my nails were done exceptional. The problem is I want to use the same nail technician I did not want to change however when I went back I was pushed off on a new inexperienced technician to practice on. Which I did not ask for the new technician I asked for a particular technician and yet they pushed me off on the new person to get practice and still want me to pay for a purse for someone to practice on my nails I was not happy. I chose to go to this nail shop because it's close to my home and it was convenient but not convenient enough for me to pay someone to practice on my nails.
Melanie is the best I've found. She does such a beautiful job ????
My First Time Ever Going Was About 6 Months Ago & I Love Them .. They Are So Nice & Welcoming .. They Are Fast & Reasonable , The Prices Are Amazing & They Are Really Good With Eyebrow Waxes I Highly Recommend Them Sky & Malaney❤️❤️
I got my nails done today (July 21, 2022), when I went in I was expecting to pay $18 which is what they said on the phone and didn’t correct while on the phone. When I went in everything was fine until the lady did my nails. She seemed as if she was in a rush. Before she got to painting them she asked if I could pay before she paints my nails. I was questioning it because I’ve never had to pay in the middle of my nails being done. But I went along and then paid $20 because apparently that’s the actual price. No problem it’s only $2. I pay and then she starts the painting my nails part. During that I had to correct her on a nail that she messed up on because she was in such a rush and she knew that it looked wrong because we both looked at it but she was just gonna let it dry. Then finally I went under the fan but I wished I had looked better at them because on my way home I was looking at my nails and they were uneven, had bubbles on them from the top coat and some had brush marks on them because she was rushing as I stated. I turned around and walked right back in that store and almost asked for a full refund but only asked for my $2 because even when I showed her the mistakes she wanted to act clueless. I rated this a 2 star because she actually finished my nails other than that I will be taking my customer service somewhere else.
I love the lady here. She is absolutely amazing, patient , and sooo friendly. Definitely my new home for nails. Also Fall color 29 is absolutely stunning ????
I loved it !Great mail work .Ask for melody !❤️

Quick Facts About Top Nails

1. Talented Nail Technicians: Several customers mentioned that the nail technicians at Top Nails are skilled and do excellent work. They specifically praised Melaney and Melody for their expertise and ability to create beautiful nails.
2. Friendly and Welcoming Staff: Many customers commented on the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at the salon. They appreciated the warm customer service and felt comfortable during their visit.
3. Convenient Location: The salon's location near the customer's home was mentioned as a positive aspect. It was convenient for customers to access, making it easier for them to visit the salon regularly.
4. Reasonable Prices: Multiple customers mentioned that the prices at Top Nails were reasonable and affordable. This made the salon an attractive option for those looking for quality nail services without breaking the bank.
5. Good Eyebrow Waxing Service: Some customers praised Top Nails for their skill and proficiency in eyebrow waxing. They felt that the salon provided excellent results in this area, contributing to their positive experience.
1. Inconsistent Service: One customer mentioned a negative experience where they requested a specific nail technician but were assigned to an inexperienced technician instead. This inconsistency in service led to disappointment and frustration for the customer, who did not receive the quality they expected.
2. Rushed Service: Another customer experienced rushed service during their visit. They felt that the nail technician was in a hurry, resulting in uneven nails, bubbles in the top coat, and brush marks. This rushed service impacted the customer's satisfaction and led them to consider taking their business elsewhere.
3. Lack of Correct Pricing Information: A customer mentioned confusion regarding the pricing of their service. They were initially quoted $18 over the phone but ended up paying $20 at the salon. This lack of communication and clarification regarding pricing created a negative impression and contributed to the customer's dissatisfaction.
4. Little Accountability for Mistakes: The same customer who experienced rushed service mentioned that when they pointed out mistakes, the nail technician acted clueless and did not take responsibility. This lack of accountability could be seen as unprofessional and unsatisfactory for customers seeking high-quality service.
Overall, Top Nails has strengths in terms of talented nail technicians, friendly staff, convenient location, reasonable prices, and proficiency in eyebrow waxing. However, the salon faces weaknesses related to inconsistent service, rushed service, lack of correct pricing information, and little accountability for mistakes. These weaknesses can impact the overall customer experience and could potentially result in customers seeking other nail salons for their needs. Addressing these weaknesses by improving consistency, providing thorough and attentive service, being transparent about pricing, and maintaining accountability can help Top Nails enhance its reputation and retain more customers.


Opening Hours

Monday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Tuesday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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