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Tina's Nail & Spa

+1 215-765-6666
445 N 12th St, Philadelphia, PA 19123 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Tina's Nail & Spa

Tina's Nail & Spa place has several strengths based on the comments provided.
First, the cleanliness of the salon is consistently mentioned by multiple reviewers. It is described as the cleanest salon they have ever visited. This indicates that the staff at Tina's Nail & Spa place prioritize hygiene and cleanliness, which is crucial for a nail salon. The clean environment contributes to the overall positive experience for the customers.
Second, the customer service at Tina's Nail & Spa place is highly praised. Reviewers mention that everyone is always nice and friendly. This indicates that the staff is trained to be attentive and provide excellent customer service. Tina herself is also highlighted for being friendly, attentive, and remembering customers' names after their first visit. This personalized service creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for the customers.
Another strength of Tina's Nail & Spa place is the quality of their nail treatments. Customers mention that their gel nails turn out pristine and perfect. This indicates that the nail technicians are skilled and provide high-quality nail services. Additionally, Tina is specifically praised for her ability to match polish colors to customers' skin tones, showing attention to detail and expertise.
The ability to accommodate special requests and provide personalized treatments is another strength mentioned in the comments. Tina's Nail & Spa place is commended for making room in their busy schedule to accommodate a customer before their wedding day. This flexibility and attention to customers' needs contribute to their positive reputation and customer loyalty.
The reasonable prices and discounts are mentioned as a strength of Tina's Nail & Spa place. This indicates that the salon offers competitive pricing and incentives for customers. The offer of a discount for paying in cash is particularly appreciated by customers.
The use of hot stones for pedicure spa treatments is highlighted as a positive aspect of Tina's Nail & Spa place. This indicates that the salon offers additional amenities and luxurious experiences for their customers, enhancing the overall satisfaction of the service.
Furthermore, the professionalism of the staff is mentioned in the comments. Reviewers appreciate the staff's adherence to safety protocols, such as checking temperatures and ensuring handwashing. This demonstrates that Tina's Nail & Spa place takes the health and safety of their customers seriously.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments, there are some limitations or weaknesses that can be inferred from the comments. One potential weakness is that the salon may have a busy schedule, as mentioned in one of the comments. This may lead to limited availability and potential difficulty in booking appointments, particularly during peak times.
Additionally, while it is mentioned that Tina is great with ingrown nails, there is no further information on the expertise or specialization of the other staff members. It would be helpful to have more information on the overall skill level and expertise of the entire team to ensure consistent high-quality services.
In conclusion, Tina's Nail & Spa place has numerous strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These include a clean environment, excellent customer service, high-quality treatments, accommodation for special requests, reasonable prices, additional luxury amenities, and adherence to safety protocols. However, potential weaknesses include a potentially busy schedule and limited information on the expertise of the entire staff. Overall, the positive experiences shared in the comments suggest that Tina's Nail & Spa place is a reputable salon that provides a satisfactory experience for its customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This place is my go-to spot for getting my nails done! Everyone is always so nice and it is the cleanest salon I’ve been to in my life. Their treatment of clients is superb and my gel nails always come out pristine and perfect. I got my nails done for my wedding and a friends wedding and they both turned out great ????
Tina is great! She's friendly and attentive and a really really good nail tech. She remembers your name after the first visit and she helps you pick a polish color that matches your skin tone (yes I'm a Black woman and she never misses with me). Most important for me is that Tina is great with ingrown nails. I won't go anywhere else in Philly for a pedicure! I've also gotten underarm waxes from Tina. She makes it quick, easy, and painless!
Great manicure and very reasonable price. Got a discount for paying cash. I'm only living here temporarily, but I'll definitely be back!
I had a relaxing pedi with a great massage. Clean & all newly renovated salon with no waiting!
Absolutely amazing! They made room in their busy schedules to squeeze me in before my wedding day and provided me with the best treatment. Hands down my favorite nail salon in Philly.
my wife and I just moved into the area, and have been attempting to find a nail salon worth going back to...after 4 places, we finally found Tina's, and we are SOO happy with her and her team. They are so sweet and thorough. So grateful to have found them
Tina and her team are phenomenal!! They are very careful with your nails and the pedicure spa treatment with hot stones is divine.
Today was my first visit to Tina's Nail & Spa and I will definitely be coming back! Before coming in they checked my temperature, had me wash my hands, and were constantly keeping everything clean.
I had a gel manicure and attention to detail was great. I've had many manicures where the cuticles are pulled off very fast and it can burn afterwards, mine did not-- she took her time and carefully cleaned up all of my nails and they look awesome! She even took the time to clean off my ring after lotion (since I was having a hard time getting my ring off). Will definitely be back!

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Health & safety
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