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The Garrison Bakery

+44 1702 292804
Derek Dennis & Son, 12 High St, Shoeburyness, Southend-on-Sea SS3 9AH United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Fabulous local run bakery serving amazing take-away sandwiches and a HUGE selection of great cakes.
We visit the Garrison Bakery every other week we are around Thorpe Bay and usually buy a sandwich made with their Granary Bread and then a couple of cakes. My husband’s favourite is their Egg Mayo sandwich which is tasty and generous in size – all freshly made to order. Their sausage rolls are good too. All the cakes sampled so far have been great – our favs are banana loaf, double chocolate brownie, apple turnover, Chelsea and bath buns (they are huge but very light), red velvet cookies (please make these again only seen them on the last visit). Last visit they had a new chocolate and pear vegan brownie which looked great and hope to try next time.
The cafe has a few tables/chairs inside, and another couple of tables/chairs outside.
It is always busy around lunchtime and the staff are always working really hard to keep up with customer demand, and always friendly/helpful.
Rude staff, stale pastry and the lemon curd and cream cake had MOLD inside, went to return it but unfortunately they were closed. Disappointed as I've heard good things about the place. But safe to say I'll be warning people against it!
Went in on the 31st of March to buy some lunch the women on the till wasn't very nice at all. I asked for a cheese and ham roll and asked if I could pay with card she said it has to be 5 pounds minimum spend which I'm pretty sure is illegal now but whatever. I looked around for more items to make up to five pound as I was hungry and didn't want to eat a sandwich from a shop. The lady who made my roll was quite nice she said thanks unlike the women on the till. One of the items was some fudge from the fudge people peanut fudge which was so nice but when I looked at the packet the best before date was the 29th of March. I know fudge would be okay but that's besides the point also my roll tasted like it had sat in a plastic wrapper for god knows how long.. collectively a horrible bakery that's overpriced but get away with it due to location and selling out of date products. Won't be going back there again. I advise others to stay away.
They Can’t seem to make up there minds if they take cards 1st time only except Cash Second time card or Cash 3rd time Back to cash unless it’s Over £5 Fair enough but Put A Notice Up Please
Great bread pudding and cream slices
Well worth a visit
A lovely selection of cakes, Chelsea buns very good value and delicious. However all the other cakes are astonishingly overpriced and have gone up SIGNIFICANTLY. Example, chocolate brownie with chocolate mini eggs on top, 2 in.² slice, £3.65. It is so unbelievable we will not be buying cakes there again. The coffee is quite nice but nothing special. We have been visiting for 10 years or more . So disappointed!
Decent bakery,the loaves are obviously fresh an well made,nothing beats fresh bread,the cakes are very nice an in some instance quite large(bread an butter pudding easier enough for two),price- wise yes they're dear but the freshness outward the price,staff are helpful and friendly.
There continental fruit loafs are absolutely amazing.... far nicer than Waitrose or any other local bakery ( including the 1 in Leigh on sea).
Home made sandwiches are also very nice & also better than the national large chain bakeries.

Quick Facts About The Garrison Bakery

The Garrison Bakery has several strengths that make it a popular choice for many customers. Firstly, it is a local run bakery, which adds to its appeal and creates a sense of community. This is particularly attractive to customers who value supporting small businesses and local entrepreneurs. Additionally, the bakery is known for serving amazing take-away sandwiches. The comment mentions a variety of sandwiches, such as the Egg Mayo sandwich, which is described as tasty and generously sized. The fact that the sandwiches are made to order ensures that they are fresh and tailored to the customer's preferences.
The Garrison Bakery also boasts a huge selection of great cakes. Customers have sampled numerous cakes and have found all of them to be great. Some of the favorites mentioned include the banana loaf, double chocolate brownie, apple turnover, Chelsea and bath buns, red velvet cookies, and a new chocolate and pear vegan brownie. The variety and quality of the cakes demonstrate the bakery's ability to cater to different tastes and dietary preferences. Furthermore, the comment praises the bakery for its cakes being both huge and light, highlighting the bakery's ability to create visually appealing and delicious desserts.
In terms of customer service, the bakery is commended for its friendly and helpful staff. The comment states that the staff works hard to keep up with customer demand and is always friendly. This indicates that the bakery prioritizes customer satisfaction and aims to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for its patrons.
Despite its strengths, there are also a few weaknesses that have been mentioned. One customer complained about rude staff and encountering stale pastry. Another customer had a negative experience involving mold inside a cake, which they were unable to return due to the bakery being closed. These incidents suggest a lack of quality control and attention to detail. It is important for the bakery to address these issues promptly and ensure that they do not occur again in the future.
Another criticism is regarding the bakery's inconsistent policy on accepting card payments. One customer mentioned confusion about whether the bakery accepts cards or only cash, as the policy seemed to change each time they visited. This inconsistency can be frustrating for customers and may deter them from returning. It is essential for the bakery to clearly communicate its payment methods to avoid any confusion or inconvenience.
Some customers have also expressed disappointment with the bakery's pricing. While the bread and cakes are generally praised, one comment mentions that the cakes have become significantly overpriced. The specific example given is a chocolate brownie with chocolate mini eggs on top, which is priced at £3.65 for a 2 in.² slice. This is considered to be unbelievable and has led to the decision to not purchase cakes from the bakery again. The bakery should consider reviewing its pricing strategy to ensure it remains competitive and offers good value for money to its customers.
Overall, The Garrison Bakery has many strengths, including its locally run nature, amazing take-away sandwiches, and a wide selection of delicious cakes. It is important for the bakery to address any weaknesses, such as inconsistent policies and quality control issues, in order to maintain its reputation and increase customer satisfaction.

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