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Qiu Salon Doral

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9831 NW 58th St UNIT 144, Doral, FL 33178 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I started doing my hair with Rosanna 2 years ago, and what she has done with my hair is pure magic. I had not been in a salon for months, due to COVID and trying to find a good stylist in Miami… my hair was damaged and with about ten colors. Rosanna took care of it with excellent deep treatment and impecable coloring techniques. This is my hair under Rosanna’s hands for two years, and the best part is her nice attitude and professionalism.
Karo did my hair and it came out perfect. She is so carefully in every step of the process. The attention in qiu is very constant and nice. Love this place, would definetly recommend to anyone!!
If you are looking for a curly cut do not go here !! They don’t know what they are doing , they cut all the hair types the same ! Waste of money and time !
Este sitio no es para rizadas , cuando específicamente pregunté por el corte de rizado me respondieron que “todos saben” y no es cierto , pérdida de tiempo y dinero
Excelente salón! La mejor atención, el mejor ambiente. Mi estilista Alba aparte de ser muy profesional, es super simpática. 100 % recomendado.
El mejor lugar que vas a conseguir para el cuidado de tu cabello!!! Todo el equipo son expertos y grandes profesionales
Alba gave an amazing service and was extremely nice… understood exactly what it was that i wanted with my hair while still keeping it super healthy. Loved the service ask for alba!!!
El mejor servicio que he utilizado hasta ahora. Me atendió una chica que se llama ruthmary y de verdad que no tengo queja. Volveria mil veces mas
No recibí el color que solicité, mi cabello nunca había sido tinturado . Quedó naranja!! Y el corte fue horrible ????. 450 dolares tirados a la basura.
El desastre en mi cabello lo provocó una famosa estilista llamada Ruth!!!
Antes me atendía con Héctor pero el se retiró de ese local, el si era maravilloso.

Quick Facts About Qiu Salon Doral

Qiu Salon Doral has received both positive and negative comments from customers, which highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the salon. It is important to consider these comments when evaluating the salon.
One of the strengths of Qiu Salon Doral is the expertise and professionalism of the stylists. Rosanna and Karo were praised for their exceptional skills in hair treatments and coloring techniques. They were able to repair damaged hair and achieve desired results. Customers appreciated their attention to detail and careful approach to the process. Alba was also mentioned as a stylist who provided an amazing service, understood the customers' desires, and maintained the health of their hair.
Another strength of the salon is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Customers mentioned that the staff was nice, attentive, and provided excellent customer service. The positive attitude of the stylists, such as Alba and Ruthmary, was appreciated by customers. The salon was described as having the best ambiance and a pleasant environment.
Qiu Salon Doral was recommended by multiple customers, indicating that they were satisfied with the overall experience. The salon was praised as the best place for hair care and the team was described as experts and professionals.
However, the salon also has some weaknesses that were highlighted by customers. One major weakness is the lack of specialization in curly cuts. A customer expressed disappointment, stating that the stylists at Qiu Salon Doral do not know how to handle curly hair and cut all hair types the same way. This comment suggests that the salon may not have stylists who are trained or experienced in working with curly hair.
Another weakness mentioned is a specific negative experience with the color service. A customer claimed that they did not receive the requested color and their hair turned out orange. Additionally, they expressed dissatisfaction with the haircut, stating that it was horrible. This negative experience resulted in the customer feeling like they wasted their money.
There was also a comment blaming a famous stylist, Ruth, for a disaster in their hair. It is unclear if Ruth is currently working at Qiu Salon Doral or if this comment is referencing a previous experience.
Overall, Qiu Salon Doral has strengths in the form of skilled and professional stylists, exceptional customer service, and a welcoming atmosphere. However, the salon may have weaknesses in terms of specialization in curly cuts and ensuring customer satisfaction with color services. It is important to note that these insights are based on the provided comments and may not reflect the overall experience of every customer at Qiu Salon Doral.

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