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Quick Facts About Pro Nails and Spa

Pro Nails and Spa place has received a combination of positive and negative comments, indicating both strengths and weaknesses of the establishment. It is important to analyze these comments to get a comprehensive understanding of the overall strengths and weaknesses of Pro Nails and Spa place.
One of the most prominent strengths mentioned by multiple customers is the reasonable pricing of the services offered. Customers appreciate the affordability of the services, such as getting tips, acrylic, and a gel manicure for only $35. The combination of good quality and affordable prices makes Pro Nails and Spa place an attractive option for budget-conscious customers.
The cleanliness of the establishment is another strength highlighted by customers. Commenters specifically mention the cleanliness of the space, indicating that they feel comfortable and confident in the hygienic practices of the salon. This cleanliness factor contributes to the overall positive experience customers have had at Pro Nails and Spa place.
The professionalism and friendliness of the staff are also mentioned as strengths by multiple customers. Comments mention how the workers are sweet, kind, caring, and attentive, providing excellent service. It is clear that the staff members at Pro Nails and Spa place prioritize customer satisfaction and ensure that their clients have a positive experience during their visit.
Another strength of Pro Nails and Spa place is the ability to accommodate last-minute requests. Commenters appreciate the flexibility of the salon in accommodating additional services, even without prior appointments. This flexibility is highly valued by customers who may change their mind or have specific beauty needs during their visit.
Pro Nails and Spa place also seem to have a loyal customer base, as evident from a comment mentioning that the commenter has been going to the salon since they were younger. This loyalty indicates the consistent quality of service at the salon and the ability to meet the customer's expectations over a long period.
However, there are also some weaknesses highlighted by customers. One significant weakness is the poor customer service experienced by one commenter. The customer had a negative encounter with the manager, who hung up on them when they wanted to address their concerns. Additionally, another commenter mentioned a disrespectful and dismissive attitude from the salon staff when they had an issue with the service. These instances of poor customer service reflect a need for improvement in the management and staff's approach to customer satisfaction.
Inconsistency in service quality is also mentioned by one customer who had a subpar experience. The commenter mentioned that the staff member they had for their pedicure did not put much effort or attention to detail, resulting in a disappointment. Inconsistency in service quality may indicate that some staff members may not meet the same standards as others, and this inconsistency needs to be addressed to ensure a consistently positive experience for all customers.
Another weakness pointed out by a customer is the long wait times. The customer mentioned sitting for two hours without any service or attention, which led to frustration and dissatisfaction. Lengthy wait times can deter customers from returning to the salon and may result in negative reviews.
In conclusion, Pro Nails and Spa place have several strengths, including affordable pricing, cleanliness, professionalism, flexibility, and a loyal customer base. These strengths contribute to a positive experience for many customers. However, weaknesses such as poor customer service, inconsistency in service quality, and long wait times need to be addressed to further enhance the overall customer experience. Improving these areas will help Pro Nails and Spa place to maintain a positive reputation and attract more customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I was out of town with a death in the family and my nails were a wreck from digging through a car crash. They took me right away, everything was clean. I got tips, acrylic and a gel manicure for 35 bucks which is great. Had to be in town again a week later so Kim matched my toes. Excellent foot rub with my pedi. Thank you Kim.
This prices were amazing. The workers are so sweet. The work is so good, they explain the prices as you go so you know. The place is very clean and overall just one of the best nail salons I’ve been too.
Wonderful experience as always, been going here since i was younger. My nails look perfect for my birthday vacation <3
Tim was so kind and took great care of me! I initially had an appointment for a pedicure, but as I was walking into the mall I decided I wanted to get my nails done too and eyebrows waxed. They were happy to get all of those done, even though I didn’t have an appointment set for all 3 things. He was, quick but caring, friendly, and reasonably priced. Only 65 bucks for a gel mani, regular pedi, and eyebrow wax. Will absolutely be back!
I went there and showed the lady how I wanted my nails and she said she could do similar and as she was doing the French tip I noticed how uneven they were and I didn't like it so I told her she can do regular nails and when she was filing my nails down to redo it she started cutting the sides of my cuticles and continued to do that even after I told her it hurt. When she was done she just walked away to help another customer. So I go upfront and pay and as I'm leaving I noticed that there was bumps in my nails and they weren't even filed right so I called to talk to the Manger and when I told him about the situation he hung up on me so I called back another lady answered and said they don't have time to hear me complain and they that they did the best they could and just go to another place. Worst customer service ever and I won't be back.
I went to Kim many many years ago had my nails done she is just totally awesome very caring very attentive doesn't excellent excellent excellent job been going to Beverly Hills Nails in boy I'll tell you what they really suck they do it so that you have to come back every week I know the game that they've played and played for them a year girl that was in there before was awesome now I knew people are in there and they they don't care I will never go back there again ever but Pro Nails in the mall is excellent and in September when the mall closes Kim will take your name and your number and personally call you and let you know where she's at I had her years and years and years ago I can go my nails 3 weeks to almost a month without having to go back every once in a while there's one that will pop and that's expected but never the problem that I ever have that I had at Beverly Hills Nails I'll never go there again
Because of my age and lack of flexibility it’s just hard for me to reach my feet. I have visited this salon several times in the past and enjoyed the service provided. This time however I was not very happy. It started out with putting my feet in cold water. The lady who services me was Vietnamese I believe. I couldn’t understand her speaking and when she was cutting my nails the clippers she was using were having difficulty cutting my nails. My nails are not thick or super nails. Her clippers that were just not good ones. I even told her you’re clippers need replacement. But she didn’t seem to understand. Either out of convenience or ignorance. When doing the pedicure she basically just went through the motions bu didn’t really do much. There were people that were there before me and I was finished before any of them. I understand some were having their nail painted but my point is I got a super speed service. That’s fine for oil changes but not for pedicures. When I got home my wife looked at my feet and said she could do a better job than what I got. I will be returning to the shop for pedicures again but will refuse to allow this person to touch my feet.
So my mother, aunt, cousin and I originally walked in because it said they were welcomed, they had 2 other customers and told us they were too busy and to come back. So we came back at 2:30pm which was when they told us to. So I wanted a simple daisy design which was just the middle dot and then the dots for the flowers the woman that was there told me she didn't have time too but then continued taking on customers. We just now left at 6:41pm and we got there early at 2:20. And the cherry on top as well was that I sat for 2 hours before they touched my nails or even asked what I wanted. Then they checked out someone else in front of my cousin and I who had been standing waiting to pay for 20 mins.
Horrible experience. Don't recommend

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