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Polished Luxury Nail Salon

+1 770-352-9193
4719 Ashford Dunwoody Rd NE #102, Atlanta, GA 30338 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 08:00 PM


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Had an appointment fixed today at 2.30pm. when I called and asked the charges they mentioned it and asked me to come and DID NOT mention any asignee.On reaching there 5-10 mins late I saw that they are servicing walk in people first. I was asked when I called and who was the beautician assigned. Was shocked to notice the girl who had picked the call did not take any notes. I asked how long I had to wait and I was given an estimate of 30 minutes. After 35 mins I did not see any beautician so I went to another parlor. I wasn't even given a seat during these 40 minutes.Its like they are paying you to get the nails done not the other way around.plus they "prefer" tips in cash. Their services start from 40 and some people have complained about variable pricing.Very unprofessional place! Visit some other place in Dunwoody and save your time
I just moved here from Texas. I went to Polished Luxury Nail Salon on Ashford Dunwoody in Brookhaven today. I paid $56 for the WORST pedicure and manicure I have ever had in my life. My feet and hands look like I polished them myself without regard or notice of my cuticles whatsoever. They look horrible and I brought new sandals for nothing ???? WARNING: Do not allow the older females in this salon to service your feet bc you WILL REGRET the outcome. The quality is extremely poor. Today was my first and last visit.
I give 5stars great service and great customer service. Lan and Laty was the two women who service me. I got S&S and Pedicure Gel polish. Both ladies did a wonderful job getting me in and out.
I was really happy with the way my Pedicure was done. She took her time and made sure she did a excellent job. I will definitely go back and recommend
Thank you ladies
Loved it here! Small but nice and comfy and they fit me in last minute! Come see Lan! She killed my set! And Elias gave me the best pedicure I’ve ever had ???? Laty did my daughters nails and was great with her
I received a gel pedicure & was charged $42. Gel is guaranteed to last at least 3 weeks; however, the next day they were smudged & worn off. I went back to the salon & they fixed it. 6 days later the same thing happened throughout the week. I contacted them and there was nothing they could do for me. If you’re charging an extra $15 for gel they should last more than 6 days. Do not waste your money or time.
Excellent quality. Selena did my nails. I recommend calling for an appointment with her. She never disappoints. Her work is very detailed & precise.
They have different types of pedicures. My favorite is $35 that includes a scrub and a mask. ????
I've been coming here regularly for about 15 years under 2 different owners, so obviously I've been satisfied with their work. They take walk-ins so sometimes there is a wait, 20 mins. I love the hot wax pedicure because it keeps my heels soft. I do regular nail polish, which often lasts well for about 11 days. Nice people, hard workers.

Quick Facts About Polished Luxury Nail Salon

Polished Luxury Nail Salon is a popular salon located in Dunwoody that offers a range of nail services. While some customers have had positive experiences and praise the quality of service and customer service, there are also several negative reviews that highlight some weaknesses of the salon. In order to provide an accurate analysis, let's break down the strengths and weaknesses of Polished Luxury Nail Salon based on the comments provided.
One of the strengths mentioned by customers is the quality of service provided by the beauticians. Customers appreciated the time and effort put into their pedicures and manicures and praised specific beauticians like Lan, Laty, Selena, and Elias for their excellent work. This indicates that the salon employs skilled technicians who take their time and ensure a good job.
The customer service at Polished Luxury Nail Salon is also mentioned as a strength. Some customers explicitly mentioned the great customer service and how the staff was respectful and accommodating, fitting them in last minute and providing a positive experience. This suggests that the staff values and prioritizes customer satisfaction, which is essential for a successful salon.
Another strength of the salon is the cleanliness and sanitation. Customers mentioned that the salon was very sanitary and appreciated the attention to detail in maintaining a clean environment. This is essential for a nail salon as it ensures the safety and well-being of the customers.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses that are highlighted by the negative reviews. One common complaint is the lack of organization when it comes to appointments. Customers mentioned that they were not informed of the technician assigned to them or were not given any updates on their wait time. This indicates a lack of communication and coordination within the salon, which can be frustrating for customers who expect a smooth and organized experience.
Another weakness mentioned is the pricing inconsistency. Some customers complained about variable pricing and being charged different amounts for the same services. This can create confusion and mistrust among customers and might give the impression that the salon is not transparent or fair in its pricing practices.
There were also complaints about the quality of the services provided. Some customers mentioned that they had the worst pedicure and manicure of their lives, with poorly done cuticles and smudged or worn-off gel polish within a day or a week. This suggests a lack of consistency in the quality of work provided by the technicians, which can be a significant drawback for a nail salon.
Furthermore, some customers mentioned long wait times, with walk-in customers being prioritized over those with appointments. Waiting for more than 30 minutes without being given a seat is not only unprofessional but also shows a lack of consideration for the customers' time and comfort.
In conclusion, Polished Luxury Nail Salon has several strengths such as skilled technicians, good customer service, and a clean environment. However, there are also notable weaknesses including a lack of organization with appointments, inconsistent pricing, and poor quality control. These weaknesses should be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and reputation of the salon.

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