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Perfect Brows Beauty Salon (Cejas Con Hilo)

+1 405-491-0966
7325 NW 23rd St, Bethany, OK 73008 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM


Health & safety
  • Staff wear masks
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Very clean, my friend goes to get her brows done regularly. Staff was great, and the waiting area is super comfortable.
If you decide to get eyelash extensions here please make sure your eyes work well with the adhesive they use. My eyes began to burn when she started, and she could not finish because of the excruciating pain. She gave me some coconut oil to put over my eye to loosen up the glue as it began to get swollen. Woke up this morning with my eyes more swollen. This was my first time at the shop. I’ve been wearing false lashes for awhile, and this has never happened.
Great pedicure and manicure. I will definitely go back when I am in Texas again.
The two ladies tht run the plc they both can do the perfect eyebrow threading I typically don't have to get them touched up in about 3weeks so tht speaks for itself. They also remodeled inside with new furniture etc... its cute. Also they sell colored contacts and nose jewelry a lot of different varieties and a lot to choose from
First and last time in there. I had makeup on all they had to do was a cleanup. I asked if they wanted me to take off my brow makeup she said no and she threaded so much under my eyebrow and started saying I never had hair there it was just my makeup like WHATTTT?? they kept trying to “fix it “ smh I wish I could attach the picture but I don’t know how .
I have been coming to perfect brows for about 3 years.... the new owner has definitely made it a more professional atmosphere than before. Mahima has done my eyebrows several times now, and she always does an excellent job. I will continue to come here, their prices are hard to beat!!
Sangita is the best! She’s so sweet and leaves your brows looking absolutely gorgeous!! I have been coming to Perfect brows for a little over 3 years now and I haven’t gone anywhere else! Definitely recommend!
Sangita is very polite! And she does amazing on my eyebrows every time I come! Perfect brows is amazing! I’ve been coming here for years!! Not one bad experience! :)

Quick Facts About Perfect Brows Beauty Salon (Cejas Con Hilo)

Perfect Brows Beauty Salon, also known as Cejas Con Hilo, has received a mix of positive and negative comments. This provides an opportunity to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the salon and its services. In analyzing the comments, several themes emerge.
One of the strengths highlighted by multiple commenters is the cleanliness of the salon. A clean environment is crucial for any beauty salon as it promotes a sense of professionalism, hygiene, and safety. The fact that a customer mentions their friend regularly going to get her brows done indicates that the salon maintains a high level of cleanliness consistently.
Positive experiences with the staff indicate another strength of the salon. The commenters mention that the staff was great, with specific mention of someone named Mahima. Excellent customer service is essential for a successful beauty salon, as it contributes to customer satisfaction, loyalty, and positive word-of-mouth reviews.
Comfort is also highlighted as a strength of Perfect Brows Beauty Salon. One commenter mentions that the waiting area is super comfortable. This is a significant aspect as it allows customers to relax and enjoy their experience, contributing to a positive overall impression of the salon.
However, the salon does have some notable weaknesses based on the comments provided. One customer had a negative experience with eyelash extensions, reporting that their eyes began to burn and swell during the treatment. This indicates a weakness in the choice of adhesive used, which may have caused an adverse reaction in this particular individual. This negative experience could discourage potential customers from trying out eyelash extensions at the salon.
Another weakness mentioned is related to the cleanup of brow makeup before threading. A customer mentioned that the staff did not request them to remove their makeup, resulting in excess threading and an unsatisfactory outcome. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and communication on the part of the staff. Such incidents can leave customers dissatisfied and hesitant to return.
Despite these weaknesses, Perfect Brows Beauty Salon has several strengths that can contribute to its success. The positive references to the owner and specific staff members, such as Sangita and Mahima, indicate the presence of skilled and talented technicians. Skillful staff is essential in creating a positive reputation and retaining loyal customers.
Furthermore, the commenter who has been coming to Perfect Brows for over three years highlights that the new owner has created a more professional atmosphere. This indicates that the salon has made efforts to improve and evolve, displaying adaptability and commitment to customer satisfaction.
In terms of variety, the salon offers services beyond just eyebrow threading, such as pedicures, manicures, and the sale of colored contacts and nose jewelry. This diverse range of offerings can attract a broader customer base and contribute to increased revenue.
Overall, Perfect Brows Beauty Salon has several strengths, such as cleanliness, great staff, and a comfortable waiting area. However, weaknesses can be found in the choice of adhesive for eyelash extensions and insufficient attention to detail during cleanup. By addressing these weaknesses and building on their strengths, the salon can continue to attract and retain customers, ultimately ensuring its success in the competitive beauty industry.


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Wednesday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
Thursday 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM
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