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Omega Barber Shop

+1 973-230-4040
713 Springfield Ave, Newark, NJ 07103 United States of America
Open Today: 08:00 AM - 08:00 PM


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Excellent hair cuts for children. This was very fast and convenient for a Sunday. Excellent customer service and pricing.The hair cuts look amazing.
Nice spot to cut hair. I’m from nyc n i had a hard hard time finding a good barber. I gave these guys a chance and they didn’t disappoint. I even say in different chairs. Very Good. Pocket friendly
Always a pleasant experience Hector is my regular never disappoints me.
I get my hair cut here when I’m in the area. No complaints however I only got cut here 2X. Both times resulted in me being satisfied! @iamajsupernova #ajsupernova
Papi in the back to the left is the truth???? he’s older and about his business. He always has my son looking sharp(no razor)
Ray is the truth been cutting my hair for years best barber in town
Nice barber shop but they need to be more professional. The first guy once you enter the shop gave me my hair cut. It was terrible cos he kept leaving my hair to speak to his wife or Girl friend on video call. 80% of the time, he had his phone in his hand talking to her. This was a conversation that began before I entered the shop. Lack of professionalism. If I got his name, I would have posted it here
Blessed my son! He was so happy and excited to get his hair cut hair! He don’t like his hair comes so he was like,”Mom they didn’t even comb my hair, I like them!” So every time we in tow this is where we are going!

Quick Facts About Omega Barber Shop

Omega Barber Shop has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, customers have praised the shop for the excellent haircuts provided, particularly for children. This indicates that the barbers at Omega Barber Shop have the skill and expertise to give precise and great-looking haircuts. Additionally, the convenience of being open on Sundays is highly appreciated by customers, as it provides a flexible option for getting a haircut.
Another strength highlighted by customers is the excellent customer service. The positive experience and satisfaction expressed by the customers show that the barbers at Omega Barber Shop are attentive to their clients' needs and provide a friendly and welcoming environment. Moreover, the pricing is considered to be pocket-friendly, suggesting that Omega Barber Shop offers competitive prices in comparison to other barber shops. This could be a significant advantage in attracting customers who are looking for value for their money.
Several customers have also mentioned specific barbers by name, such as Hector and Ray, who have consistently provided them with satisfactory haircuts. This indicates that Omega Barber Shop has talented and reliable barbers who have developed a loyal customer base.
Furthermore, the positive feedback regarding the barber Papi at Omega Barber Shop suggests that he is highly skilled and has a good rapport with children. This is a valuable strength as it can be challenging to find barbers who are experienced in cutting children's hair and making them feel comfortable during the process. Papi's ability to consistently give children sharp haircuts without using a razor is highly praised by customers. This could lead to increased word-of-mouth marketing as satisfied parents recommend Omega Barber Shop to other parents seeking a good place to get their children's hair cut.
Despite these strengths, there is a weakness mentioned in one of the comments that needs to be addressed by Omega Barber Shop. The lack of professionalism exhibited by one of the barbers is highlighted when the customer complains about the barber using his phone during the haircut and neglecting to provide a high-quality service. This behavior undermines the overall professionalism of Omega Barber Shop and could potentially deter customers who prioritize a professional and focused experience. It is crucial for Omega Barber Shop to address this issue by enforcing stricter policies regarding phone usage during work hours to ensure a consistent level of professionalism among their barbers.
In conclusion, Omega Barber Shop has several strengths based on the comments provided. The shop receives praise for excellent haircuts, particularly for children, and offers convenient Sunday openings. The customer service and pricing have also been commended, indicating a commitment to delivering a positive customer experience. Specific barbers, such as Hector, Ray, and Papi, have gained a loyal customer base due to their excellent skills and customer rapport. However, it is important for Omega Barber Shop to address the issue of professionalism mentioned in one comment to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction and attract more customers.

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