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New Lee Sing

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194 Monkmoor Rd, Shrewsbury SY2 5BH United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About New Lee Sing

New Lee Sing place, as can be seen from the comments, has both strengths and weaknesses. On the positive side, customers have praised the taste and quality of the food, describing it as good, tasty, and fantastic. This indicates that the restaurant excels in the culinary aspect, which is an important factor for a Chinese takeaway. Additionally, the friendly staff and good service have also been highlighted, showing that the restaurant values customer satisfaction and aims to provide a positive dining experience.
Moreover, some customers have mentioned that they have been loyal customers of New Lee Sing place for over 5 years, indicating that there is a level of consistency and trustworthiness associated with the establishment. This loyalty may also indicate that the restaurant has a strong customer base and a good reputation in the area.
On the other hand, several weaknesses have also been mentioned in the comments. One common complaint is the issue of late deliveries or missing items. Customers have expressed disappointment and frustration when their orders have been delayed or when items have been missing. This suggests that there might be inefficiencies or inconsistencies in the delivery process or the staff may need better communication and organization skills.
Another weakness mentioned is the pricing of the food. According to one comment, the prices have risen significantly, possibly due to financial reasons. This may deter some customers who find the prices to be too high or not affordable, especially during a time of economic uncertainty.
In addition, there have been complaints about the customer service provided over the phone. One customer mentioned that the employee taking the order was not attentive and did not address any questions or concerns. This lack of communication and customer service can be detrimental to the overall experience and may lead to frustration and dissatisfaction.
Furthermore, the mention of the restaurant getting busy at peak times implies that there might be long waiting times or delays in service during these periods. While it is understandable for a popular restaurant to have high demand, it is important for the establishment to manage this efficiently to avoid customer dissatisfaction.
In conclusion, New Lee Sing place has strengths in terms of the taste and quality of the food, as well as friendly staff and good service. However, there are also notable weaknesses such as issues with deliveries, higher prices, and subpar customer service. These weaknesses should be addressed in order to improve the overall dining experience and maintain customer satisfaction.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I will say once you get your delivery the food is good and very tasty
Disappointed on being told up to an hour and been 40 mins late called to ask where order was told oh didn't put through its on the way.
Or items missing, so decided to stop using but called this evening at 1750pm told again within the hour and yes still waiting, not called them yet but if they can't do what agreed then whats the point,
Disappointed service yet again
Also the girl that answers and takes the order. They need to listen and not be a robot only interested in order not any questions
Prices have risen a lot also but I suppose financial crisis.
Definitely last time I use this Chinese
Shame really.
One of the best Chinese in Shrewsbury
good quality food
friendly Staff & service ????
We’ve been going here for over 5 years now, best takeaway we’ve ever had. The staff are all lovely and will do their best to accommodate any allergies.
Nice food, good range of choices, friendly staff
Orderd food 530 asked for delivery for 7 turned up 730 happening every Saturday but if ordered with young girl from Clive green great service
1st January and things are looking up fantastic food great service sorry no pictures to busy eating it thanks for great meal
One of the best in Shrewsbury. Always do good quality food. Can get very busy at peak times but stick with it and they do their best. They also do amazing chips and gravy in a tray.
Our favourite Chinese by far with brilliant vegetarian options. Wont go to another Chinese in Shrewsbury now.

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