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10924 Stadium Dr, Kansas City, KS 66111 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I go to Calvin and he is Amazing! I’m very picky with nail shape and the color being to the edge of all my nails and he does it perfectly every time! A lot of times I’m lazy and wait 3wks and my nails have never even popped off, I also get them thinner than usual, if that tells you the quality of his work at all .
Everyone else there is really nice and out going too.
I had a gel manicure and a pedicure from Jenny. She did a great job on my nails and she was great to talk to. I will definitely be back!
I’m new to the area and decided to check this place out. The vibe was cool and they were friendly. However, my nails weren’t up to my standards. There was a discussion on how the nails were supposed to be done and the price. I guess certain people charged certain things. Rachel did my pedicure. She was good. Lynn was supposed to do my nails but I guess she didn’t know how to use colored acrylic powder. So, she was switched out with Juan (I think). He finished them. The shapes are not consistent and I felt like it was rushed. He tried to fix them, but by the end I was irritated and didn’t care. I doubt I’ll be back.
my friend and i went to nail envy. the front desk man was extremely rude. we were seated to get our nails done, and i showed what i wanted to be done to my nails, and was told this color was the closest they had and that it would lighten up as the matte top coat was applied. the shape of my nails he did was nothing like what i showed him. the color was way off. the whole experienced seemed rushed and the staff was rude. i was also charged $70 for a set of one color dip? i’ve never paid that much for such a simple service. i will not be coming back here again. they are overpriced and you don’t get what you pay for.
upsetting experience. I made an appointment to get a pedi & a fill. Pedi was fine, lady was friendly & precise. The other lady that did my nails seemed to be in a hurry and kept pulling & slapping my hand. Most of my
Nails are uneven, slanted and totally not squared as i had asked. Honestly, very high price for a unprofessional and sloppy job.
The nail tech Katie was great. She was gentle and professional. It was my first time and she made sure that I enjoyed the experience. It was a little pricy but got her service I would pay it again.
So great! Very good service. Super friendly guy did a great job on my nails and got them done quick!
The shop is very pretty and clean. The people were very friendly. Lena did my nails and did an amazing job!! She was so sweet and easy to talk to. Her artwork was beautiful too. She's my nail lady for life!!

Quick Facts About Nail Envy

Nail Envy place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, indicating that there are both strengths and weaknesses to the salon.
One of the major strengths of Nail Envy place is the skill and expertise of the nail technicians. Several customers mentioned that they were very satisfied with the quality of the work done on their nails. Calvin, in particular, was praised for his ability to shape nails perfectly and apply color to the edge of each nail. Customers also mentioned that their nails did not pop off, even after three weeks, which indicates that the technicians are able to provide durable and long-lasting manicures. Katie was also mentioned as a gentle and professional nail technician who ensured that the customer enjoyed their experience. Lena was praised for her artistic skills and ability to create beautiful nail designs.
The friendly and outgoing nature of the staff is another strength of Nail Envy place. Several customers mentioned that everyone else at the salon was nice and easy to talk to. The positive interactions with the staff created a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere for customers.
The cleanliness and appearance of the salon were also mentioned as strengths. Multiple customers commented on how pretty and clean the shop was, indicating that Nail Envy place takes pride in maintaining a visually appealing and hygienic environment for its customers.
However, there are also weaknesses that were pointed out by customers. One recurring issue mentioned was inconsistency in the quality of the work done on nails. One customer mentioned that their nails were not up to their standards and that the shapes were inconsistent. Another customer mentioned that their nails were uneven, slanted, and not squared as requested. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and inconsistency in the work done by the nail technicians.
Another weakness highlighted by customers is the pricing of services. One customer mentioned being charged $70 for a simple one-color dip, which they felt was overpriced. This raises concerns about the value for money that customers receive at Nail Envy place.
Rudeness and unprofessional behavior from some staff members were also mentioned as weaknesses. One customer commented on a rude front desk man, while another mentioned that the staff seemed rushed and the whole experience felt rushed. These negative interactions can impact the overall customer experience and may discourage customers from returning to Nail Envy place.
In conclusion, Nail Envy place has strengths in its skilled and talented nail technicians, friendly staff, and a clean and visually appealing salon. However, there are weaknesses in inconsistencies in the quality of work, pricing concerns, and instances of rudeness and unprofessionalism from some staff members. Addressing these weaknesses can help Nail Envy place improve and provide a better overall experience for its customers.

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