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Mr Cee's Caribbean Cafe

+44 20 7263 6676
358 Hornsey Rd, Finsbury Park, London N19 4HT United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
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Quick Facts About Mr Cee's Caribbean Cafe

Mr Cee's Caribbean Cafe has received several positive comments highlighting its strengths. One of its major strengths is the friendly and pleasant atmosphere of the restaurant. Customers have stated that the staff is welcoming and creates a warm environment, making it a great place to visit. This friendly atmosphere adds to the overall dining experience and makes customers feel comfortable.
Another strength of Mr Cee's is the delicious and well-cooked food. Several customers have specifically mentioned the fried fish, stating that it is cooked and seasoned beautifully. The food is consistently tasty and flavorsome, leaving customers satisfied and coming back for more. The traditional Caribbean cuisine is freshly prepared, further adding to the quality of the dishes.
The manager's personal touch is also praised by customers. One customer mentioned that the manager remembered their name and noticed their absence during a sabbatical. This attention to detail and personalized service enhances the overall experience and makes customers feel valued and appreciated.
The portions of food at Mr Cee's are also mentioned as a strength. Customers have commented on the perfect portion sizes, stating that they were left feeling satisfied after their meal. This ensures that customers get their money's worth and are satisfied with the quantity of food served.
On the other hand, there are a few weaknesses that were mentioned in the comments. One customer mentioned that the prices at Mr Cee's were a little high. This could deter potential customers who are looking for more affordable dining options. However, the majority of comments did not mention any concerns about the pricing.
Another weakness mentioned is a case of food poisoning from eating the chicken stew. This is a serious concern as it indicates a food safety issue within the restaurant. Food poisoning can greatly impact the reputation of a restaurant and deter customers from returning. It is important for Mr Cee's to address and resolve this issue promptly to ensure the safety of their customers.
There was also a comment about the lack of availability of fried chicken at 2pm. This suggests that the restaurant may have inconsistent availability of certain menu items, which can be disappointing for customers who have specific preferences. Availability issues may lead to customer dissatisfaction and a negative dining experience.
Lastly, a comment mentioned a negative experience with the portion size and presence of bones in the curry goat. This indicates that there might be inconsistencies in portion sizes and quality control in terms of removing bones from dishes. This can be a major issue for customers, as it affects the overall enjoyment and safety of their meal.
In conclusion, Mr Cee's Caribbean Cafe has several strengths including the friendly atmosphere, delicious food, personalized service, and appropriate portion sizes. However, there are a few weaknesses such as higher prices, a past food poisoning incident, inconsistent availability of menu items, and inconsistencies in portion sizes and quality control. It is important for Mr Cee's to address these weaknesses to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

A really friendly place to visit with a friendly pleasant atmosphere.
My friend introduced me to the place last year and I got a little bit addicted to the fried fish. It is cooked and seasoned beautifully every time I visit..
I recently took a 5 month sabbatical from take away foods.
April 2018 and I returned to Mr Cee’s and the manager greeted me by my name and actually noticed that I had not visited for a while. It is always a nice touch when the manager remembers your name.
Definitely glad to be back, the food still tastes amazing...
Traditional Caribbean cuisine that are freshly prepared. I've visited a few times and enjoyed their food. Great mains and delicious sides.
I only noticed them because i get the bus early in the morning before 7am and often see hem working away or taking delivery.
Really tasty food with perfect portions. And very welcoming people to make the food taste even better! I was left chewing even after I was done. Highly recommend anyone in the area to try it
Tasted good although a little pricey. Had mild food poisoning from eating their chicken stew. Their pineapple punch was great. Shame about not having fried chicken available at 2pm, will not be visiting again.
Well may I say that I was not au fais with Carribbean food but luckily happened upon this Mecca of taste and customer service. Colin, Lorraine and the rest of the team create such an ambience of welcoming delicious smells that your mouth waters upon entry, the rest is just taste bliss. Heavenly food
Me and my family absolutely love Mr Cee’s, since we discovered this place back in 2005ish we have always gone back whenever we are in the area and each time we have been fully sastified with the quality of food, service and hospitality of staff! Your consistent yummy food is on point! Will strongly recommend!
Ate from there a few times and ordered a large curry goat rice and peas, only to get home and find the curry goat i got was just a few measly pieces, id imagine you would get larger portions in concentration camps. The meal was contaminated with splinters of bones ( i guess from smashing the goat with the back end of a cleaver). I was forced to eat with hesitation that i would shatter my teeth if i tried to heartily eat. although having said that the meal itself was flavourful but only let down by the portion size and abundance of splinters of bone as opposed to meat.
Fantastic food , been buying from here for many many years and have has always delivered delicious food, fantastic ‼️

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