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I first came to get a retouch on my platinum color and finger wave style. The owner, had different stylists to do my hair, including color who she supervised, but the color was straw. Afterwards, she told me the color will lift more the next time. I found questionable as while washing at home the color was platinum with the exception of the new growth. The stylist who did the finger waves was treated as though she did not know what she's was doing. The owner was questioning her approach to doing the waves and I felt bad for her.
Four weeks later, I went back for a style thinking when washed the color will lift. Well, it didn't. The style lasted 3 days.
I went back today, spoke to the stylist and she asked me to wait to consult with the owner. The owner yelled at the stylist. I reminded her of what she told me but she's did not want to hear it. Instead shed told another stylist, "Give her what she wants. She wants platinum. Just give it to her." This was said while walking out. This was unprofessional, not only to me but her stylist. She should have discussed it with me instead of throwing her hands up in the air and walking out!!!!
Not only that she does not wear a mask nor requires one fire service.
I love visiting the Mo Hair Salon, you can always count on Extremely great service, friendly smiles and excellent music. Ms Joan is the best from a trim to a color. I am originally from Arkansas and will wait literally hours for the experience. I can’t say enough about the place. I love them all and highly recommend stopping by for all hair needs. Thanks again
Edited review:
Sew in extensions, then bleach from highlights damaged my hair. It was green and the texture completely changed when extensions were removed then hair bleached.
Had to cut it off at a different salon after 2 weeks of deep conditioning treatments not repairing the damage.
Please do extensive research on your hair type before requesting services at this salon.
Original review:
"Got extensions in due to thinning hair. I love it! Looks amazing!
Thanks Joan!
I cannot recommend them enough. ????????"
Don’t bother making an appointment. Either no one picks up or they tell you someone will call you by the end of the day to schedule something with you ( they never do ). I have been calling since Tuesday morning all the way to Wednesday afternoon just to schedule a hair appointment. No one picked up other than that one time ( after several phone calls ) when I left my name and number asking them for availability and the receptionist reassured me that someone by the name Latoya was going to call me by the end of the day. It never happened. I can’t even leave a voicemail because their voicemail box is full. Only option I had was to leave an automatic text with my phone number. Disappointed.
I am extremely happy with the staff. They are a lovely team. The owner was really nice and the wine was great! Japa was my stylist and she was absolutely stunning! Best cut and color I have ever gotten in the Baton Rouge area. She also does eyebrow threading and does an amazing job. I have definitely found my spot here.
I've been going to Mohair for over 20 years ,I loved the atmosphere in the beginning and still love it now.Ive seen young and upcoming stylist come and go , but leave with a lot of knowledge and professionalism ,Joan is a professional woman of color who is extremely good at what she does . I don't usually write reviews but I feel a need to do this because people and places sometimes change but going to Mohair is always like coming home for me thanks Joan have a great 2020 more to come
I called the owner, Miss Joan, who was very understanding and patient with me over the phone. I went in and got a keratin treatment with stylist Jappa, who was amazing and gives the best shampoo/scalp massages ever! My hair looks amazing. They educated me on hair care. They were very nice to me all around and this was my first time going to them. I will be going weekly from now on and look forward to a long-term relationship. :)
Horrible place. They took 5 hours to do a simple wash, condition, trim and style. They tried to put me in a sink with someone else's hair in it twice! They don't sweep or clean properly. And the owner had an attitude when my stylist had a question about trimming my hair. She basically told the woman to figure it out I'm busy (apparently the stylist was new). I guess she thought about it and came over all frustrated and gave me a hasty trim. Could have saved my self time and money and did a better job. I will not ever go there again. It's a very unprofessional place!

Quick Facts About Mo Hair

Mo Hair Place has received a mixture of positive and negative comments, which highlight both the strengths and weaknesses of the salon.
Starting with the strengths, many customers mentioned their positive experiences with the staff. Multiple reviews praised the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the salon. Customers specifically mentioned the owner, Ms. Joan, and stylist Japa as being particularly talented and providing excellent service. Some customers also appreciated the addition of complimentary wine during their visits, which added to the overall positive experience. Additionally, the salon was commended for playing great music, creating a pleasant and enjoyable environment for customers.
Customers also appreciated the range of services offered at Mo Hair Place. Reviewers mentioned getting a variety of services, such as color, trims, threading, and keratin treatments. The salon's ability to offer multiple services was seen as a strength by customers who appreciated the convenience and variety of options available.
However, the salon also received several negative comments, which expose some weaknesses. One recurring issue mentioned by customers was dissatisfaction with the quality of the services provided. Multiple customers experienced problems with the color treatments, with some stating that the color turned out to be straw-like in appearance. Inconsistent results and difficulty in achieving the desired look were frequently mentioned. Some customers had to go elsewhere to fix or repair the damage caused by the salon's services, indicating a lack of skill or attention to detail in the salon's stylists.
Another weakness highlighted in the comments was the lack of professionalism displayed by the owner. Customers mentioned occasions when the owner yelled at or spoke rudely to the stylists, which created a negative and uncomfortable atmosphere for both the employees and customers. This lack of professionalism extended to the owner's handling of customer concerns. In one instance, the owner dismissed a customer's complaint without listening or attempting to provide a resolution, which shows a lack of customer service skills and an unwillingness to address customer concerns.
Some customers also mentioned difficulties in scheduling appointments and communicating with the salon. Reviewers claimed that calls went unanswered, voicemail boxes were full, and promised callbacks were not received. This highlights a lack of organization and communication within the salon, which can lead to customer frustration and dissatisfaction.
Furthermore, hygiene concerns were mentioned by a customer who observed that the owner and staff do not wear masks, nor require customers to wear masks during their visits. This raises concerns about the salon's commitment to ensuring a clean and safe environment for both employees and customers, especially considering the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.
In conclusion, while Mo Hair Place has received positive comments commending their friendly staff, welcoming atmosphere, and range of services, there are also notable weaknesses that should be addressed. Issues such as inconsistent and unsatisfactory results, unprofessional behavior from the owner, difficulties in scheduling appointments, and possible hygiene concerns should be taken into account by potential customers when considering this salon. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to provide a better overall experience for their clients.

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