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4587 4000 W #2, West Valley City, UT 84120 United States of America
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Best PlaceJuice Reviews

This has been the absolute best nail salon I have ever been to. I loved the work so much and you could tell that the customers there enjoyed it to. It was my first time with MK Nails and a coworker of mine recommended them. I had the pleasure of having Brian do my nails, he was a riot. Great communication, made me feel at eased and welcomed. It was so much fun, I cannot recommend them enough now. I got this beautiful cat's eye done.
Got my nails done by Brian he made me laugh and I love that he is so honest.. I really loved how my nails came out!! This is going to be my spot from now on.. my daughter got her nails done by Ann and she did an Amazing job!! Would recommend both.. Everyone is friendly there and it’s clean and even when they’re busy they try to fit you in if they can. Over all Great experience. ????
Absolutely stunning work done by Brian on my nails and an amazing pedicure. I was a walk in and yet they attended to me quickly despite my time consuming requests. Brian did not blink twice when I requested a marble effect on my acrylics and he went above and beyond. Very kind service and high quality at a reasonable price.
iv gone to this place many times and every other time i loved my nails. this was my first time with the girl who did my nails. they are way shorter then what i asked for, i am bleeding in multiple places, they are not anywhere near the shape i asked for, i had cuticle oil dripping off my nails, she kept touching the bottle of nail polish on the bottom of my fingers and didn’t clean it off. i was charged 45$ for these. very very disappointed!
Brian did an exceptional job at following the picture I showed him. He was super attentive and listened to all my requests, and everyone was super friendly. Super good environment, and very professional staff. 100% recommend to anyone and everyone. Way better quality than I could have ever expected!! Sooo worth it!
I received my first mani and pedi at MK Nails and loved everything about it. They are all so friendly, efficient, professional and gentle (but effective). I have recommended this place to numerous people and will definitely be going back again.
You've got to check this place out.
I have being going to MK nails and specifically Brian for 20 years! He is by far the most amazing nail tech EVER! All the staff there are super friendly and awesome! They do great work and I’ve never been disappointed with my nails! I will always use Brain and his team for my nail needs! Highly highly recommend MK Nail!
Brian was amazing and took time to make sure my nails were even and beautiful. Super happy with my nails, staff is very friendly and kind. So glad I tried out this place today :)
Update*~ I went to get a fill today and Tran did a good job. She had wonderful customer service and my nails are gorgeous. Downside though, getting them done burned very bad this time, it felt like my nails were on fire. I thought it was because I left my last ones on too long but I think my real nail was filed when the old acrylic was filed down so when the primer was applied it made a terrible burning sensation. I tried just powering through it. I got some small comments about me jerking my hand back but it was because it was very painful. I don’t think it was her fault, I should have let her know how I was feeling.Tran was very kind, I should have let her know how much they hurt, because it damaged my nailbed. She was nice about it after I told her they burned a little and checked in with me throughout the session to make sure I was okay. I’m just going to be more upfront about my pain the next time I go in.
**another update:
Two weeks later and my nails feel injured at the base, I think they’re seriously damaged and need time to recover; hopefully they’ll heal soon. I honestly don’t think I can fill them again because of the damage, just a little disheartening and disappointing.

Quick Facts About MK Nails

MK Nails has received mostly positive reviews from customers, highlighting several strengths of the salon. Some of the strengths identified include excellent nail technicians, friendly staff, high-quality work, a clean environment, and accommodating service even during busy times. However, there are also a couple of negative comments that point out some weaknesses of the salon, such as inconsistent quality of service and potential issues with nail damage.
One of the most frequently praised aspects of MK Nails is the skill and professionalism of the nail technicians. Customers mention specific nail technicians, like Brian and Ann, who provided exceptional service and produced beautiful results. They appreciated the attention to detail and the ability of the technicians to follow specific requests, such as replicating a specific design or shape. This demonstrates that MK Nails has talented and capable staff who can meet and exceed customer expectations.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the friendly and welcoming atmosphere of the salon. Several individuals appreciated the pleasant and kind nature of the staff, noting that they felt comfortable and at ease during their visit. Additionally, customers commend the efficiency and professionalism displayed by the staff. This positive experience contributes to an overall enjoyable environment for customers and can contribute to customer loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.
Customers also appreciate the cleanliness of the salon. The comments highlight that the salon is well-maintained, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing. Cleanliness is an important factor for customers when choosing a salon, as it indicates a commitment to providing a safe and sanitary environment for treatments. This strength may attract customers who prioritize cleanliness and hygiene during their nail care routine.
Additionally, customers comment on the accommodating service provided at MK Nails. Even during busy periods, the staff tries their best to fit in walk-in customers, demonstrating a willingness to go above and beyond for their clients. This flexibility and dedication to customer satisfaction are important strengths that can enhance the overall customer experience.
However, there are a couple of negative comments that highlight potential weaknesses of MK Nails. One customer expressed disappointment with the service they received from a particular technician. They mentioned that their nails were shorter than expected, bleeding in multiple places, and not shaped according to their request. This suggests that there may be inconsistency in the quality of service provided by different technicians, which can negatively impact the salon's overall reputation.
There was also a comment regarding potential nail damage experienced during a fill appointment. The customer described a burning sensation and subsequent damage to their nailbed. While they acknowledged that it may not have been the technician's fault, it is still a concerning experience that may deter customers from returning or seeking similar services in the future.
In conclusion, MK Nails appears to have several strengths, including talented and professional nail technicians, a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, cleanliness, and accommodating service. However, there are a few weaknesses, such as potential inconsistency in service quality and the potential for nail damage. These weaknesses should be addressed by MK Nails in order to maintain and improve their reputation and customer satisfaction.

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