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Magic Nails

+1 773-778-4866
3270 W 87th St, Chicago, IL 60652 United States of America
Open Today: 08:30 AM - 06:30 PM


  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Wheelchair accessible restroom
  • LGBTQ+ friendly

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

I went yesterday(Sunday) they place was nice as far as the environment. Billy did my nails, the design is exactly what I wanted it’s beautiful but the nails are garbage. I do believe he was being rushed to hurry and move to the next client but still no excuse, my nails look horrible around the cuticle he did not file them correctly or shape them correctly. I was in and out in 15-20mins. I will not return here ever.
I went yesterday (Sunday) and the service was terrible. Everything seemed rushed. I asked him for stilleto nails and he proceeded to do square. They try their hardest to talk you into getting powder instead of acrylic because powder is quicker. Then I had to ask him to scrub my feet a little more because he half way did them at first. I was letting my toes dry under the lil fan thing up front and the lady rushed me over to get my brows done, my toes weren’t dry. I don’t think I’ll be going back. Their attitudes were very blah. EDIT: it’s now WEDNESDAY and 2 of my nails have come off. Stop suggesting powder nails if they don’t hold up. I literally just pulled my pants up and my nails came off smh
They did my pedicure rushed and did not remove all the dead skin, the guy did a poor job on my manicure, he did not trim my cuticles well, also felt rushed, and when I examined my nails closely i saw many imperfections from the polish brush and some debris that was sealed under the topcoat. Also one of my nails chipped within 12 hours of me leaving there. I went back the next day to get them redone and the manager guy tried to give me the same nail tech guy that originally did my nails despite me requesting another person. Once I got my nails redone, they chipped again the next morning. Completely overpriced for the quality provided
My sister loves this place! Because of lee I’ve personally never had a good experience in this place if you would like to be disrespected, rushed gaslit or any negative emotion available. Head to this place this is no chip BTW
The experience was excellent but the pedicure was amazing. Henry did my nails very good
I stop going here about 7 years ago for the same reasons, I tried them again twice and it’s STILL the same thing and the same people THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT CUSTOMER SERVICE! They’re rude, they rust through your service, does a sloppy job, rough!! I WILL NOT RECOMMEND!! Do not spend your money where your not appreciated!!
My Nail tech is Don Won lol. He does well enough that I have been a customer of his for 8 yrs just about. Sometimes he moves a little fast and rushes, cause he may have plenty of customers waiting for him. Just let him know to slow down and take his time, you want your nail right too lol.
I had a terrible experience they don’t take they time the lady who did my feet rushed and she cut my nail to low it just look like a child did my feet.

Quick Facts About Magic Nails

Magic Nails place has received a mix of positive and negative comments, outlining both strengths and weaknesses of the establishment. In order to provide a comprehensive analysis, I will outline the strengths and weaknesses of Magic Nails place based on the comments provided.
1. Nice environment: One commenter mentioned that the place had a nice environment. This suggests that Magic Nails place has created a pleasant ambiance for customers.
2. Beautiful nail design: Another commenter mentioned that the design of their nails was exactly what they wanted and that it was beautiful. This indicates that Magic Nails place has skilled nail technicians who can create appealing and personalized designs for their customers.
3. Excellent pedicure: One customer praised the pedicure they received, describing it as amazing. This implies that Magic Nails place excels in providing high-quality pedicures.
4. Long-term customer: A customer mentioned that they have been a customer of a particular nail technician for 8 years, indicating that Magic Nails place has developed a loyal customer base.
1. Rushed service: Several comments mentioned that the service at Magic Nails place was rushed. Customers felt that they were being hurried through their appointments, resulting in poor quality results.
2. Poor nail quality: One customer commented that their nails looked horrible, with improper filing and shaping. This suggests that some nail technicians may lack attention to detail and fail to provide a high-quality finished product.
3. Improper cuticle trimming: Another commenter mentioned that their cuticles were not trimmed properly during the manicure. This indicates that some nail technicians may lack the necessary skills or training.
4. Imperfections in polish: A customer noted that they found imperfections in the polish and debris trapped under the topcoat. This suggests a lack of attention to detail and quality control in the application of polish.
5. Chipping nails: Multiple customers reported that their nails chipped shortly after leaving Magic Nails place, indicating that the durability and longevity of the nail services may be subpar.
6. Inconsistent experiences: Customers mentioned having inconsistent experiences, with some praising their nail technician while others had negative encounters. This suggests a lack of consistency in the skills and professionalism of the nail technicians at Magic Nails place.
7. Lack of customer service: Several comments highlighted the poor customer service at Magic Nails place, including rudeness and a lack of appreciation for customers. This indicates a weakness in the overall customer service approach of the establishment.
8. Overpriced for the quality: One customer mentioned that Magic Nails place is overpriced considering the quality of the services provided, suggesting that the value for money may not be satisfactory.
Based on the comments provided, Magic Nails place has a pleasant environment and can provide beautiful nail designs and excellent pedicures. However, there are significant weaknesses in terms of rushed service, poor nail quality, inconsistent experiences, and subpar customer service. These weaknesses may impact the overall reputation and customer satisfaction of the establishment.

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