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Quick Facts About M T Nails

M T Nails place has both strengths and weaknesses based on the comments provided. Here is an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of M T Nails place:
1. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere: Many customers mentioned that the atmosphere at M T Nails place was friendly and welcoming. This creates a positive experience for customers and makes them feel comfortable.
2. Experienced nail technicians: One customer commented on the proficiency and pace of the nail technician, indicating that they had plenty of experience. This shows that the staff at M T Nails place are skilled and knowledgeable, which is important in providing quality service.
3. Clean and well-kept establishment: Multiple comments mentioned that the place looked clean and well-kept. This is essential for maintaining hygiene standards and ensuring a safe environment for customers.
4. Reasonable pricing: The price was mentioned to be reasonable by a customer. This is a strength as it provides value for money and attracts customers who are conscious of their budget.
5. Positive reviews and loyal customer base: One customer mentioned being a patron of the business for many years without any problems. This indicates that M T Nails place has built a loyal customer base and has received positive reviews in the past.
1. Negative experience and injury: One customer had a negative experience where they suffered a significant injury during their visit. The customer mentioned that their nail was cut and bled, causing great pain and ultimately leading to an infection. This highlights a weakness in the nail technician's skills, potential lack of attention to detail, and potential issues with hygiene practices.
2. Inconsistent customer service: Another customer felt ignored and unwelcome during their visit. They mentioned that the staff did not acknowledge or assist them. This demonstrates a weakness in customer service and the need for improvement in staff attentiveness and responsiveness.
3. Lack of diversity in customers: A customer mentioned that all the customers receiving services were white, and they felt ignored and out of place. This suggests a potential lack of inclusivity and diversity in the establishment, which can make certain customers feel unwelcome.
4. Long waiting time for walk-ins: One customer advised against walking in during busy seasons as it may result in a long waiting time. This indicates a potential weakness in the capacity to accommodate walk-in customers promptly, which can negatively affect the customer experience.
In conclusion, M T Nails place has strengths such as a friendly atmosphere, experienced nail technicians, a clean establishment, reasonable pricing, and positive reviews from loyal customers. However, there are weaknesses to address, including negative customer experiences, inconsistent customer service, lack of diversity in customers, and long waiting times for walk-ins. By addressing these weaknesses, M T Nails place can strive to improve and provide a better overall experience for its customers.

Best PlaceJuice Reviews

Took my daughter there for a pedicure and to get her nails painted. She loved it. The atmosphere was friendly and welcoming. The nail tech clearly had plenty of experience with the way she managed my daughter doing her nails. I couldn't come close to her level of proficiency and pace. The place look clean and well kept and the price was reasonable.
I hate giving bad reviews because I loved coming here for my nails but this time my husband took me here for our anniversary and now I regret it. The Lady cut a chunk of my nail and bed if my nail off on both sides of the right big toe. It bled badly and hurts very very bad. Then having nail polish on top of it, it burned like crazy! This was all done on Friday 12, 2021. Now I have trouble walking on it. It is infected and will have to see my doctor. Now I'm wondering in back of my head was the tools even cleaned when they pull them out of the drawer. I won't be coming back to this place now and several of my family members go here and I'm going to warn them not to come back either. I paid $45 for the best pedicure and this is what I get. Update now on two antibiotics for infection.
I have been a patron of this business for many, many years. It is a busy and popular place for a reason and some times you will have to wait. Also remember that a lot of regular customers have appointments so just because someone is seen before you does not mean they are getting preferential treatment, it means that they have an appointment and you were a walk in. Not a good idea to try to walk in during busy season, especially on a Saturday. Considering I’ve probably been coming to them for more than a dozen years without any problems whatsoever with infections, I do not believe the negative reviews that say that they do not sanitize their equipment. The place is spotless.
I'm always hesitant of nail salons cause I dont get my nails done often but this place was really great! Establishment was clean and staff are really nice and the girl did an awesome job on my nails! I was getting my nails done for an Avril Lavigme concert so I wanted black glittery nails with pink polish and a black star on my middle fingers. She painted the stars and got them perfect and I got lots of compliments on them from other fans at the show!
Go see Yen! She is amazing!! Call to schedule an appointment with her if you do not want to wait. She will have your hands and toes looking amazing!
I would give no stars if I could!!! When I arrived I was told the usually, pick color and have a seat in any chair. I guess the one star is the the massage chair. Every customer receiving services was white, which doesn't really matter to me; however, I was ignored by staff the whole entire time I was in this building. I sat in the massage chair for I don't know how long before I decided I need to take my hard earned money elsewhere. Not to mention one customer looking at me like I was out of place! And when I left not one person offered to assist! Never again!
I’ve never had a bad experience here whatsoever. Friendly staff and wonderful atmosphere; their quality of work is amazing!
I got an SNS manicure with tips done for my engagement pictures, and Michael did an amazing job! He spent a lot of time making sure my nails were exactly how I wanted them. My nails and cuticles were in rough shape going in for my appointment, but Michael worked wonders! I have tried several other nail salons in Macon, and MT Nails is by far the best! The pricing is also very reasonable. Everyone was very nice, and the salon was super clean.

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